Things to do Before Baby #2

I know I want more children, but I’m not exactly sure when. I do know I’m loving spending time with my only daughter, and my husband as the three of us (and Snoop). One happy family.

For now, I want to cherish these moments and live them to the fullest before we become a family of four. Which by the way, if you happened to pop over to BabyCenter today you may have read my guest post on convincing him it’s time for #2. No, I’m not doing any convincing right now, we are both happy and content with just one for now. But I wrote about this here before Lil’ J was conceived and y’all were able to laugh with me so I thought I’d spruce it up and share it with the rest of the world.

Now, see you here who read my blog get me and my sense of humor. I’m not exactly sure what’s up with these BabyCenter moms but they can’t take a joke. I can’t bare to read any more of them comments because I keep smacking my forehead and shacking my head in disappointment. I hope they aren’t that serious all the time.

My dress: eShakti (use code “BMM0811” for $20 off); Her dress: Tea Collection

Anyway, the first baby bucket list I made was a pretty bad fail. I didn’t accomplish most of the things as my baby fever overtook me. So no GRE, no graduate school, no traveling the world, and I can’t even remember what else I wanted. This time I’m going for more realistic, and mostly aiming for things I’d like to work on and go do with my family. If I do it all, cool. If not, it’s ok too. But this will be a way to keep my mind on my growing little girl without thinking too much about the future.

Comparing my two lists I can’t help but laugh. Boy, how things change!

I’ll cross these off as I accomplish them.

To do together as mother/daughter, or family:
1. Go on a bike ride.
2. Take swimming lessons.
3. Take a dance class with hubby.
4. Feed ducks.
5. Visit a pumpkin patch.
6. Take a trip to the zoo.
7. Get a mother/daughter pedicure.
8. Go kayaking as a family (with Snoop too).
9. Go to the circus.
10. Go to a concert.
11. Shop at the farmers market.
12. Take a stroller strides class.
13. Visit our state capitol.
14. Visit our local black history museum.
15. Complete a sewing class.

My dress: Ruffle Cascade Dress via eShakti (use code “BMM0811” for $20 off); Her dress: Tea Collection

Other to do:
1. Establish a regular date night with the hubs for AT LEAST once a month.
2. Teach my daughter how to fold her arms when we pray.
3. Make my will (I know, it’s horrible I haven’t done this yet).
4. Open Lil’ J’s savings/bond/college account.
5. Open our 401K.
6. Be cooking dinner (non-frozen meals) at least 3 nights a week.

7. Take a creative writing course.

8. Get a 50mm 1.4 lens (for new newborn pics!)

Anything else I should add? What have you enjoyed doing with your families?

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  1. Love these 2 shots of you and J! We had a blast having P as an only child for five years! We both have a different relationship with him since he was the first child – the one who “made us parents” and then having it be the 3 of us against the world for quite a while was really a special thing for us. : ) Then, we jumped in and having D @ N just 18 months apart took us from 1 child to 3 very quickly! Life has been crazy busy managing a bigger fam ever since!!! LY!

  2. Seriously, I was in one of Baby Center’s internet birth clubs, and those ladies could be SO catty and vindictive. Though many of them were sweet and supportive, the haters kind of drove me away…

  3. I know you’re not sweating the small stuff. The post was cute and funny (very you).

    We need to keep the mood light sometimes.

    The proof of your awesome writing is in the numbers. You have way more supporters than haters and THAT’S all that matters.

    And hey, I don’t care what scheme you cook up to get baby number two. As long as your hubby is happy that he’s having another baby!!!

    Tonia (@TheChattyMomma)

  4. I like your list.. it’s very realistic and easily doable with Baby #2 too! My favorite is your #6 of Other to do. hahaha
    I wish I could take a break from cooking but no Italian man would EVER allow frozen meals in their house.

  5. I LOVE Baby Center. But I hate about half of Baby Center commenters. Can you say “lowest common denominator”? Any idiot can have kids. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be on Baby Center. ;0)

  6. Our three kids are all 4 years apart. That´s how we wanted it. Many people (also in our ward)started putting a little pressure on us by asking when we are planning to have our next child… Even though many people say that kids get along better if they are only 2 years apart, I have to say that our son (11yr) and our 2 daughters (7 & 3yrs) get along so well even though they are all 4 years apart. They are best friends! For my husband and me it was the best decision to wait and have enough time for each child until the next one was born.
    I´m sure you will know when it´s the best time for you and your family. You look very beautiful in your dress! And your daughter is just a cutie!

  7. Very cute pictures!!

    I think your bucket list is very do-able. Make sure you let us know how the mother/daughter pedicure goes. I can just imagine the stories you’d have trying to bring her in with you (if she’s anything like baby Lou, who is about the same age.) 🙂

  8. Join for $15 every three or four months it gives you a weekly printable grocery/meal list (so many plans to choose from ~ there are literally meal plans for every diet/taste/budget/family size I swear!) We vowed to try every meal at least once, and haven’t been disappointed yet! We put off one meal for the entire week because it sounded odd, and then because we had nothing else to prepare we just went ahead and made it, and holy moly it is a favorite now! All I do is print the list, take it to the store, buy everything on the list, then prepare one fresh meal daily (and I was a HORRID cook before these meal plans!) it is seriously so easy. I don’t get any incentive for sharing this other than to help you out! I seriously have people stop me in the grocery store asking where I got the plans. They are SOOOO easy! 😀

  9. Oh my word, those moms over on Baby Center do not have any sense of humor at all. Not to mention the fact, there was nothing wrong with any of the suggestions you wrote even if you would have been serious. My motto is that it takes two to tango. And when you tango, you know that there’s always that 5-50% chance you could get preggers.

    Anyways, getting back to the Bucket List, I think that you should add grad school and traveling the world back to the list. They are realistic goals you can still accomplish. Will they take some hard work and extreme planning? Yes, but I think it will well worth it.

  10. I think the new list is very doable! Some great stuff on there!

    LegalZoom for your will- seriously s.i.m.p.l.e.

    spellcheck- Lil’ J’s “college” account. =]

  11. Jenn,

    I stumbled upon your blog and have loved looking through your archives. My husband and I have recently decided to switch our baby-making machine on and I have gotten a lot of laughs reading through your old posts leading up to Lil’ J’s conception and arrival. It has made me feel slightly less crazy and less alone to read someone else who had similar thoughts/apprehensions/excitement leading up to parenthood.

    Baby bucket lists are such a great idea. I need to spend some time brainstorming realistic items to put on mine. I’m a recent transplant to Austin and love seeing the familiar parks/scenery in your pictures.

    Thanks for making me not feel so crazy as I embark on this journey!


  12. Hello! I found your blog through some channel of blog stalking (insert sheepish grin) I LOVE this list!
    We have one little boy and are trying to adopt a second baby and somedays I think “are we REALLY ready?” I’m trying to soak up every second with our funny little guy!
    And your post inspired me to make a list of things I want to accomplish before baby #2~ Cute, cute blog! I’m definitely a new follower! 🙂

  13. I frequent the Debate Team and the June 2010 boards on baby center..the birth board is pretty chill but the Debate Team…If you can make your way out of those hormonal ill tempered judgement can do anything lol.

  14. Also in regards to your list, I have found that doing those things as a family of 4 has been 10x more fun. My youngest was born on the 23rd of June (i think we had the same due days, the 25th?) and he is now able to play with my 4 year old so its a lot more fun for him.

  15. Maybe you should add a disclaimer to the BC post! I just read it (thought it was SO funny, btw). I’m not sure which is worse, people taking is seriously and hating you for it or people taking it seriously and using the advice lol. I’m convinced some people just can’t take a joke. Don’t read the comments, lady! They are nuts!!

  16. OMG! You look absolutely stunning! Cute baby, hot mama! hehe. Don’t worry about those Baby Center moms. Your post was all in fun, we need that sometimes 🙂

    Btw, what is a stroller strides class? Sounds interesting.

  17. Oh my gosh her hair is to die for. My baby would be jealous if she could see it. Also, I am stealing your idea of making a baby bucket list before baby #2. Love this!

  18. Love your to do list… your other Other to do list let’s just say I have done pretty much nothing on it lol. I am currently pregnant with our 4th (his 5th) Ages 8 (his daughter from another relationship) and our daughters 4.5, 3.5 and 18 months, with #4 due in May. My husband and I have gone on maybe 4 dates since we got together in April 2006. We keep saying we are going to make a will since our oldest was born, but some how it always gets pushed back. We’ve yet to open any of the kids a savings account, though we still plan on it…. eventually. The one thing we do actually do is cook, but because I really enjoy doing it and the girls love being able to have their input on what we have for dinner.
    The way I look at it is this, as long as a family you are all happy all the little things don’t matter and can be done as time permits. Having another baby, whether #2 or #10 it is just a matter of sitting down and really discussing what is holding you back. If it is something you would really need to get done before having another then hold off, it is something that can be done while pregnant/with a new baby why wait? I have seen so many wait and then come to find out it is too late.

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