Things They Don’t Tell You Pt2.

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Thanks to The Oprah Show and you as well as a lot of my Twitter friends my list has grown so much I’ve made a second list of “The Things They Don’t Tell You”. These things aren’t meant to scare me, or any other Future Mamas out there who are thinking of having kids, yet beware… They may. My commentary is in color.

Hemroids- Pregnancy can give them to ya. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were but I googled it and ew.

You’ll get use to feeling your boob on the side of your stomach… I’m not looking forward to loosing the perkiness πŸ™

Little boys get woodies too– Saw this one on Oprah… TMI if you ask me.

Lice is hard to get to go away.–I’m not sure I’ll have to deal with this one cause I’ve never had lice and I hear black people don’t get it. I hope that’s the case for half-black kids too!

I’ll hate my husband for knocking me up– This one I also saw on Oprah, it’s believable, but I REALLY hope we can make it an enjoyable experience for all of us.

I may not like my baby right away– This is a sad one for me. But I guess it’s good to know that may happen. But I love everyone elses baby so I can’t imagine not liking my own!

A woman on Oprah said she felt like she had made a bad mistake– Once again, possible, however I’m thinking I’ll not let myself feel that way (I try to live life without regret).

Pump, or explode

You loose your choices- This is another complain from a mom on Oprah. I suppose if you go into motherhood expecting things to be easy and the same as before plus having a child on your hip you’re going to have a rude awakening. I’m not afraid to make sacrifices and giving up “me time” when the time is right.

Some women say you “loose yourself”– but I’m assuming that’s a problem you run into if you don’t already know yourself. I don’t think it’s “Loosing yourself” but gaining another part of yourself…But I’m not a mom so what do I know?

It’s “Freaking’ hard work”- (no commentary needed)

Days where I would hate my kids– If my kids are anything like some of the kids I see screaming and acting wild out at the store I guess I can believe this, however I don’t like to use the work “hate.”

You can be constantly constipated while pregnant?! —Waaah?

…And going with that : Milk of magnesia will help you poop (thanks for the tip)

The term “Letdown” is exactly what it says.

Labor stinks… LITERALLY… eew.

Your period is gone for your entire period but then you have it for like a MONTH after the baby is born… Boo!

You can have contractions weeks before you’re really in labor… Good to know now so I don’t freak out too bad if that happens to me!

And what freaked me out the most and came as the biggest surprise to me: In labor doctors have to cut that piece of skin between where the baby is coming out and your butt hole to keep it from tearing…. OUCH!

And I’m always excited to learn more, so let me know if I’ve left anything out! Anything you wish you had known before getting pregnant/ becoming a parent?

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  1. I can understand most of those, but I don’t agree with many of them. I loved my husband for getting me pregnant. I actually loved being pregnant a lot! (My pregnancy story is on my blog too).

    And when they cut you to get the baby out, it’s called an episiotomy, and they are completely ridiculous. Natural tears heal faster, and if you are prepared and have good positions and feel comfortable during labor, you won’t tear as much and won’t need an episiotomy. They are completely not necessary like doctors think they are.

    Let down does hurt. But it is nice knowing your milk i s coming out. And it feels SOOOO good when it happens. It is like a release of pressure. It was fantastic!

    I was never constipated in pregnancy. I hear it happens though.

    And no hemmorhoids either…

    And your boobs do sag, but they are still perky. At least mine are ;). They aren’t as full as they were before I nursed, but I figure it is a good trade. And I figure only my husband will see them, and that’s fine with me! Oh, and that’s why they make underwire on bras!

    The contractions before labor are customary. I had mine for 7 months. They never hurt though. Some people say they do, but all it did to me was made it a little harder to breath and I could feel everything get really tight. Never any pain though.

    And I agree with your other post about how this episode scared you from having kids. I think if they had had women from our religion on that show, it would have been a completely different perspective. I have never seen anyone in church, or any of my friends that have had this many bad things to say about motherhood. There are ups and downs, sure, but they’re part of you and that makes them more special than words.

  2. The cutting you part is called an apeaseotomy (sp) and they don’t have to do it, but they do it sometimes so that you won’t tear.

    I think you are so smart to read and research all about this…and have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself in to.

    No regrets here, just a new normal…

    ps…the 1st 3 months are the hardest.

  3. Why do you even bother listening to the negative? There are people who think life is too much work, or that it’s a “let down” or that they hate it…yet you don’t, do you? You don’t regret living?

    Being a mother is hard work…yes. But if you truly feel that you WANT to be a mother, you will relish in it, even when it’s hard. Even when you feel like your kids have crawled up your butt to set up permanent residence.

    My son drives me bonkers some days…but there is nothing – nothing! – as precious as seeing him grin at me and say “mama!” with a hug.

    If you want the positives AND the uncertainty about motherhood, read a few of my blog entries. I don’t hold back. =P

  4. You are sooooo stinking funny! Not all of it is true. It’s different for everybody. My kids have frustrated me beyond anything I have ever experienced, but they also have provided me with the most exciting, loving, happy moments in my life. It’s kinda like falling in love. :+)

  5. I won’t get into all of these, but the last one is definitely not true. Episiotomy used to be done universally to all/most moms, but it turns out that there is no scientific basis for doing it except in extremely rare situations. Episiotomies do no prevent tearing; in fact, they are connected with WORSE tearing than just leaving things alone. Some women will get minor tears, and they’re easily repaired and heal quickly. However, episiotomies take longer to heal and are more painful. They are also connected with the really bad, deep tearing into the rectum, which is quite rare without an episiotomy. Some docs still do them a lot, some never do them at all. It’s good to ask your doctor or midwife about their episiotomy rate (get an actual number, not just “it’s average”). Run away from any that are above the low single digits. One midwife I worked with did one in her entire career for a very exceptional circumstances. I know others who have never done one in over 1,000 births. So don’t fret about this one–just choose a care provider who doesn’t do them, and of course do things like give birth in something other than the “stranded beetle” position which makes tearing more likely since it puts a lot of extra pressure on the perineum (the tissue between the vagina and rectum, where you usually tear if it happens).

    I never had hemorrhoids or constipation. I don’t remember labor smelling particularly like anything. Nothing that made me go “eew, stinky!” for sure. Letdown feels warm and tingly–kind of like when you smell something really delicious and you can feel your cheeks pucker up and you start salivating; it’s that same kind of feeling but in your chest. And yeah, I am definitely more droopy than before–wasn’t used to it, being an A cup before I had my first. Now I’m a C. But I also have cleavage now so that’s kind of fun.

  6. Pregnancy, nursing, and motherhood is a YMMV sort of thing.

    I have four children 9, 7, 2, and 9 months.
    hemorrhoids – never had them
    my boobs were huge before I got pregnant
    little boys and woodies – it just means they are healthy (3 of mine are boys)
    lice – none of my kids have ever had lice
    never hated my husband, liked all four immediately, never regretted getting pregnant (all four were planned)
    I’ve never pumped, just nursed to help with the early engorgement
    you do lose certain choices, that’s a given
    never “lost” myself, been careful not to
    definitely it’s hard work
    I never hate my kids, but do get frustrated with them now and then for sure
    never was constipated when pregnant
    I’ve never felt a letdown before my baby and have never leaked
    I don’t know about labor stinking, but I spent a lot of one in the shower and the fourth was born in water
    lochia after the baby is annoying, but I’ve still not returned to menstruating since my youngest was born
    runs of non-productive contractions are awful
    Doctors do not HAVE to do episiotomies. You may tear, but they heal stronger than episiotomy wounds. I have never had an episiotomy. I tore with Ani and afterwards the doctor said she would have cut me in a place I didn’t tear. Cameron I barely tore, just a tiny skin flap. Fritz I had an abrasion (think minor rug burn). Adrian I didn’t tear or anything and he was a big boy – 8 lbs 9 oz with a 15″ head.

  7. I’m adopting. I really think it’s ridiculous with all our scientific discoveries and advancement, that labor and delivery is still such a nightmare.

  8. I can understand many of those some I really don’t agree with and some really are not as bad as it sounds…

    I had episiotomie but that was the option in the end because I really didn’t want to have a c-section! I healed well, it did hurt in the beginning when I would go to the bathroom, but not as bad as I expected it.

    I didn’t hate my Hubby, I loved being pregnant, and it was a joke in the hospital the day/night I was giving birth they couldn’t believe I didn’t even once yell or curse at my Hubby πŸ™‚

    I don’t remember labor as a stinky one LOL

    After my daughter was borne I had bleeding for about a week or so. Than it stopped, and it returned when she was 6 months…they told me I wouldn’t get it back till after I stop breastfeeding, I was breastfeeding for a full year, but that thing showed it’s red face after 6 months LOL

    No constipation or Hemroids during or after pregnancy…I also didn’t have any morning (or all day) sickness…I told you I loved my pregnancy!

    As for breasts…they really didn’t hit my stomach LOL they did go several sizes up (LOL I liked it I think Hubby did too) and they had lots of milk LOL

    Never had lice, my daughter never had them!

    I never really pumped, well ok maybe once or twice in the beginning.

    Loved and connected (I think thats what they mean connecting to your baby) with my daughter right away…

    Never was lost, so can’t say more about it.

    I wouldn’t say you lose choices it’s more like you make new ones. You prioritize what is more important in life!

    Hope I answered it all!

  9. I’m 30 weeks pregnant right now and the only things I wish someone had told me is a) that not everyone gets pregnant right away, and b) how uncomfortable I’d be. Breathing is tough, eating is tough, moving is tough, and I ended up with an extremely rare condition called PUPPP (google it) where I’m basically allergic to my unborn son. Not fun. But I’m told that no matter how awful pregnancy is, it’s all worth it the minute you see that tiny face πŸ™‚ Pregnancy is different for everyone, and you won’t know what you get from it until you do it yourself. Don’t let Oprah scare you out of it!

  10. So, Rixa in particular covered the details of episiotomies. They are outdated and if your doctor does them routinely then GET A NEW DOCTOR because he is in the dark ages. Somtimes tears happen, but often they do not. If you get cut, you will have to be stitched, and if you don’t get cut, well, you might not. It seems a pretty obvious logical conclusion to me. πŸ™‚ (By the way, my kiddo had a 36cm head–on the big side–and I had just a teeny little tear–stitching was optional). That part of your body is MADE to stretch. Think about this…your vagina is small enough to hold a tampon, yet big enough for your husband…give it a little time to stretch and it can accommodate a baby too.

    During labor, I think the ‘stink’ you were referring to may have been that some women have bowel movements while pushing? All the muscles down there are pretty connected, and while one of the early effects of labor tends to be loose bowels (so that everything is cleaned out and it’s no big deal), some women do poop a little while pushing. I was pretty freaked out about that myself and guess what, I was one of the ‘lucky’ few who did it. Trust me that the doctor/nurse/midwife will think *nothing* of it. In the pushing stage of labor my mind was not in any state to be embarrassed–I just wanted the baby out and to heck with whatever else happens in the process. There is a bit of blood and amniotic fluid and whatnot down there anyway, and the nurse just wipes it all way every so often and it is no big deal.

    A lot of women get constipated in pregnancy because of the high iron content in their prenatal vitamins. I have never had that problem, probably because I get my iron from vegetables instead of vitamins (and vegetables are neatly packaged with fiber too!)

    Hemorrhoids are a common side-effect of pushing too hard when constipated…so yeah, a lot of women get them when pregnant. I did not. I did get them a little after the birth (from pushing hard when in labor!) but I learned a few tricks to help ease the discomfort and let them heal quickly. They’re not fun, but neither are UTIs or yeast infections…just part of the territory sometimes.

    So, in my experience, my milk letting down was sortof tingly and intense and a little bit weird, but not painful most of the time…if I had to try to describe it, I’d say “boob orgasm” is a lot closer than “letdown”…but maybe that’s just me. πŸ˜‰

    Postpartum lochia (the bleeding) should only be heavy for a couple of days. If it is heavy for more than a week (ie, longer/more than a regular period) then you need to get back in bed woman! Your body has just gone through a tremendous amount of work and needs to rest and recover. After that first week or so it should be pretty light spotting…
    Then, if you breastfeed, you will probably get another 4-20 months with no periods!

    Typically the women who don’t love their baby immediately are the ones who have had traumatic births. Now this doesn’t mean (per se) that they had complications or whatever, but more that *they* felt traumatized by what happened in the process. It’s not about natural vs medicated, or even vaginal vs cesarean…it’s about being comfortable with what happens during the birth vs not. If you feel traumatized, it’s likely that you’ll retreat into yourself, and yeah, that’s going to affect bonding to your baby. On the other hand, birth and early breastfeeding release hormones that tend to make you terribly lovey-dovey, so as long as you have a care provider and birth location where you feel comfortable and supported, then you probably won’t have those connection issues.

    AND the kiddo stuff…

    Boys get a stiffy when there is extra blood in the region…and yeah, it happens to them no matter what age they are. When they are very small, it typically means that they have a full bladder that’s putting pressure in the region (‘morning wood’ a lot of adults get it too). It also happens totally randomly. It’s entirely normal and nothing to worry about. Also, either boys OR girls may get a little bit of pinkish something in their diaper in the early days (sometimes called a ‘mini-period’ but yes boys can have it too). It basically their system flushing out your hormones left over from the pregnancy. It freaked me out when I saw pink in my baby boy’s diaper, but I looked it up and it’s nothing to worry over. So there, I’ve set your mind at ease about something you didn’t even know you needed to worry about, right?!

    Lice, um, I had them once as a kid. Seriously, they are not that common…keep dirty kids out of your kids’ hair. and if they DO get lice, they are NOT that hard to get rid of. My sister and I both had waist-length hair when we got them, and we didnt’ have to chop it off, just use some really stinky shampoo to kill all the eggs and then wash it out really well. *shrug*

  11. Have to say- episiotomy- not necessary in most cases. Think of a piece of fabric being pulled, stretched almost to the breaking point. It may eventually tear. Now take the same fabric and make a small cut in it. Now pull it with the same force as before. Big tear likely. Episiotomy is the same but with not just skin- muscle. In fact it is the muscle that is partly responsible for female orgasm so consider talking to your midwife or ob way in advance about using this practice as routine.

    “Some women say you “loose yourself”– but I’m assuming that’s a problem you run into if you don’t already know yourself. I don’t think it’s “Loosing yourself” but gaining another part of yourself…But I’m not a mom so what do I know?”

    I think this part is hard to explain- it’s not that we get lost. It’s that we evolve. We become part of a new paradigm for our lives. Our priorities shift toward our kids, our families. And it is definitely possible for this to happen without feeling like anything is lost. But many women occasionally miss parts of our pre-kid lives. Not because we would exchange what we found, just because we liked who we were then too.

    I had 2 great pregnancies, medication free labor and birth and a very empowering labor the second time. I’m excited for you on this journey, planning your family.

    One last thing- lice is easily treated (altho I’ve not had to deal with this personally yet). Lice need to breath to live. Just coat hair/scalp with olive oil, cover in towel overnight, shampoo in the morning. Messy but Done. And without chemicals.

    Motherhood is where we become resourceful (in a new way) and hopefully find others who help us along the way.

  12. eek, I’ve had hemorroids — and I’m way scared of getting them when I’m pregnant because they are so painful.

    And the epistomotomy and poo thing are true. I think a good doc helps, but its hard to find a good doc.

    I think its worth it for the baby. Once you get the baby.

  13. So yes you get constipated when pregnant and that resulted to hemorroids for me. TMI, but it is true.
    Also about losing yourself, for me it’s always what I should be doing for the kids. Sometimes I don’t take enough time for myself and I think that is what they mean. You are always thinking about your kids and what you can do for them, how you can be better; your just sucked into their world. Which is great, but every now and then a girls night out or something that you enjoy to do to get away helps you not to lose yourself. For example, I still take a ballet class once a week and that really helps me. I think when moms don’t take time, then life can be hard as a mom.
    I mean, you are supposed to learn to be more selfless but I think that when you are not taking the time to do the little thinks for yourself then you can’t be a good mother. You have to do take care of yourself in order to help those around you.
    When I was a new mother it was really hard. Yes, it was hard for me to not be instantly in love with my son. WHy? Not because i’m a bad person, but for me it was all new. I didn’t know what to expect and plus my hormones were still all jacked up.
    After spending time with my new baby I started to love him more and more. Every hour it seemed like, but then I realized what it was about and I really did enjoy it.
    I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard, but that is what makes it more fun. You can see yourself growing and becoming a better person everday and at the same time you get to hang out with some of the coolest little people ever.
    Those are my two cents. Oh yes, I’ve had to be cut when my babies were born, but I would perfer that then tear everywhere and have it hurt more. Also, it if they sew you up a little tighter then it makes it better for….you know what later.

  14. oh yes, I didn’t read the rest of the comments, but I agree with Mommybee about not loving your baby right away. The birth of my son was very tramatic for me. I was pushing for 3 hours straight! I could tell that the doctor, my mom, and my hubby were thinking I could die. Very hard birth for me. Also I had no idea that the epidural was placed wrong so I felt everything! I wasn’t even numb because when I was done I got up and walked to the bathroom. The nurses were shocked. Maybe too much info but just wanted to say that I think that was one of the reasons I felt the way I did with my son.
    My daughter on the other hand loved right away. Birthing was cake and my hormones weren’t messed up.

  15. For the record, almost none of those things happened to me, and I have two babies. Hon, at the end of the day, you may have 9 months of off and on feelings ranging between blessed and cursed, but IT ENDS, and you get to be with a little piece of heaven and a physical representation of the love you and your husband share.

  16. I was unprepared that after my water broke-it continued to leak until baby was born-so didn’t know that…would have liked to have had the heads up.

  17. Well, you already got a lot of info from the other commenters, BUT…I just wanted to say, labor did stink for me! I mean, there was a smell. It was really just after the baby was born. I think it is just all the fluids and stuff. It wasn’t terribly offensive, but there was a strange smell to it all. And then I got to hold my baby and sniff his head, and I forgot all about any other smell! πŸ˜€

  18. I still cringe at the wore “episiotomy” and I’ve had 3 of those.

    Oh, and by the way…the whole “cracked, bleeding nipples” thing was left off of your list…and then those rotten babies get teeth and think it’s funny to bite when they’re nursing…my gosh. But then you find a really cute outfit at the mall for your baby and that makes it all worth while πŸ˜€ .

    Honestly, all the good things far outweigh the bad stuff…you’ll forget all about that list when you see your beautiful baby for the first time. If you don’t, I’ll let you kick me. As hard as you want.

  19. Okay..I’m going to give my opinion on alot of the topics mentioned so bear with me! πŸ˜‰

    I never had hemorroids. Although I have heard that they can develop after a vaginal birth, I never had one of those so I dont know.

    Boobs, yeah..the definitely aren’t so perky after they are stretched to 4x their normal size! Make sure after your milk comes in, even if you breastfeed, you may have to pump some extra the first few weeks to keep yourself from getting engorged and possibly getting mastitis(I had it, it’s painful and miserable!!). After a few weeks your body will regulate how much milk it makes to feed the baby without you have so much excess! I promise!

    The little boy thing is true, and very disturbing!

    You wont hate you husband, I never did!! Yes you’ll be uncomfortable, miserable even, but you’ll still love that wonderful man you have!

    Hmm, not liking the baby right away. I will admit, that when I had my 3rd child, I had trouble feeling a connection with her at first. But I didn’t not like her. It just took a few extra days to really have that beautiful bond that I felt with the other 2 right away. I blame the fact that I had a rough time during that c-section and was not feeling well for a couple of days. All I wanted to do was sleep and be left alone. I dont think it had anything to to with her..just me feeling crappy.

    You wont lose your choices, you’ll just have to find ways to be creative to include your baby.

    You also wont lose yourself. You actually become a more amazing person because of becoming a mother.

    I have never felt like I hate my kids, sure there are some days I dont like them very much, or rather dont like how their acting, but never have I hated them!

    Yep, the constipation sucks, especially if you are low on iron and your OB puts you on iron pills..ugh.

    You wont always have to be cut during labor. Again, I didn’t have a natural birth, but I do know that that doesn’t always happen!

    One more thing I wanted to add that you may or may not know already. When I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I was severely nauseaus ALL DAY LONG. It was debilitating because I couldn’t move without this incredible sense of misery overwheliming me. I never had morning sickness with my 2nd baby, and I had it in the afternoon’s with my 1st. But with my 3rd, it was an all day thing. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t take care of my other 2 kids, I was miserable. But after breaking down and calling my doctor, I found out that I could take a medication that would ease the nausea and make me be able to function again. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL YOUR DOCTOR IF SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS TO YOU!! You do not have to suffer though extreme nausea or sickness just because you’re pregnant! You CAN take this medicine safely.

  20. I am not afraid. For generations and generations this is what women have done. If my grandmother and mother could do it, hell ya I can. I will use drugs, I will not hate my husband, and I will love the kids to death. : )

  21. I don’t know about labor, but C-sections stink…literally! I could smell my flesh being cauterized as they operated. Delicious.

    I only got constipated one time during pregnancy. It was bad. I think I went a whole week without going. I finally gave in and ate an Ex-Lax. After that…let’s just say I forced myself to eat a handful of prunes a day.

  22. I agree with Kayce Pearson and can relate on basically everything. Except, I had NO contractions until the day I went into labor. No hemroids for me and no constipation.

    I LOVED my baby from the moment I got pregnant. Mostly I was just realizing that she was MINE and that I got to take her home. Labor itself was really surreal for me in that I looked down and thought, “Oh, that’s not that bad!” about the size of her head.

    And, like so many other women, I think episitomies are TOTALLY unnecessary.

  23. Lice live off the blood from the scalp, so they don’t care if the hair is clean or dirty. It’s nothing to do with that. They don’t fly, but they transfer from head to head by direct contact and by sharing hats, combs, brushes, etc. Anyone can get lice- it’s not racially specific:-), but kids with long hair tend to get them more easily because the hair flies around more and touches other heads. Keep your girls’ hair tied up and your boys’ hair short and don’t let them share hats, and you won’t usually have a problem.

    Episiotomies aren’t usually necessary. (I had 2 vaginal births without it) Get a midwife- they use perineal massage to prevent having to do this.

    Eating a high fiber diet, lost of fluids and being active will help prevent constipation. Hemmorroids are sometimes unavoidabkle-especially after delivery (lots of pressure with pushing can cause them)

    I could go on and on… becoming a Mom changes nearly EVERYTHING about your life. For me, that was the biggest news. You’re never the same again, but not always in bad ways. Being a Mom has taught me so much.

  24. Two items on your list are totally false.

    “Pump or explode” and “they have to cut the skin between your vagina and your rectum so you don’t rip” (Okay, so the words may not be exact on the second, but they are on the first.)

    I have to say that pumping to relieve any over-fulness will cause the problem to continue and EVEN exacerbate it! If you feel full, your baby probably needs to nurse!!!! If baby won’t because s/he is sleeping (I’ve NEVER had this problem, my babies will take the nippy even when sleeping), then wait until s/he wakes up!

    My brain has failed me in remembering the name for this procedure…. but allowing Docs to cut your perineum is rarely ever (almost never) a good idea. You see, allowing the cut creates, in essence, a third degree tear right off the bat. Not all women tear! Why would you want to go from a possibility to a FOR SURE thing in such a negative experience??? The incision (if you allow them to cut you) HAS to be sewed up and takes quite a long time to heal because it’s an unnatural separation of the sensitive tissues (read: definitely no sex for 6 weeks after the birth of your baby! I prefer to wait that long regardless, but at least it’s possible prior to 6 weeks if you end up with no rippage and/or very minor). IF you tear badly enough you may need stitches (you may want them even if it’s not a bad tear just so you don’t have to worry about sitting prim and proper with legs together – big deal to me because tailor sitting is very helpful for nursing). The only reason Docs cut is to make their own professional life easier… it takes more time and effort to carefully put the sides together when a woman rips. They don’t want to take more time (even though they are being paid a high price for being present for only a few minutes to “officially” birth a baby if you have an actual Doc there). A GOOD reason to allow rippage (IF you end up having any at all ANYWAY! Not everyone does!!!) is because the skin heals more quickly and with less possibility of infection because you’ve kept things NATURAL.

    Sorry for the blog response. But I had to clear that muddiness from your list.

  25. Nice Blog! I found you on Twitter. I’m in Austin too. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and am now mom to a one year-old. You should join our Mocha Moms chapter! It’s a beautiful group of moms/families. We’d love to have you.

  26. Have you read “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy”? I think the author’s name is Vicki Iovine. (not sure of the spelling). I thought it was a really great book for learning about all of these types of things.

  27. Here is something funny… Not only will you be able know your kid by her cry… you’ll also be able to tell is she is the one that needs the diaper change by the smell of the poop. I can always tell if it’s my kid or not with out even checking.

    I read a few pregnacy books but then I threw them all out. I really liked doing my pregnacy with out it. I felt that if I looked to the “experts” then that is what I would be expecting. Taking it one day at a time I got to really enjoy my pregnancies {and now my kids} for what it is, and not what what the books say it should be.

  28. lol, yep, i had pregnancy hemmrhoids and it was NOT fun.

    i didnt read thru all the responses, so not sure if this one has already been said but… contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is NOT 9 months. Its actually 10 MONTHS! Yep, full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks. And if u dont go into labor naturally, most doctors wont induce you until week 41-42. So there is a chance u could be preggers for close to 10 1/2 months.

  29. Oh yes…. one more not so glamorous pregnancy thing (lol): The flatulence. You are so much more gaseous while pregnant… so this is def. something that u and DH will have to get used to. lol

  30. I was just changing a poopy diaper and I thought of you! Did you kow that poop is also projectile…(I ready your vomit post) Imagine a projectile poop contained in a diaper. Do you know where it goes? Not in the diaper that’s for sure. It goes up babies back, soaking the onesie and sleeper. Wait! It doesn’t stop there! It travels upward at speeds unknown to man and lands in babies armpits, neckrolls and hair. It also gets all over the pack and play sheet. The funny things is she’s laying there laughing. She likes the feel of the smooshy, stinky poo! If you would like to know how to deal with this problem, let me know. I’ll give you my expert step by step instructions!

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