A few things about my pregnancies…

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It’s funny how things change from your first child to the second, or last. After about five years of marriage, we decided we were ready to try to have a baby (that story in case you missed it). I hoped it would happen right away. It only took a couple of months (thankfully), but I wanted to take a pregnancy test every day.

pregnancy test addiction (This was my stash about 5 years ago.)

In fact, I had stocked up during random pregnancy scares. I had never known what it felt like to be pregnant so every strange cramp, sore boob, or tickle in my belly sent me rushing to the bathroom to pee on a stick. I had a pregnancy test addiction even before we were trying to have a baby. Once we were, I took a test almost daily just to see how quickly I’d get two lines.

Negative after negative I got discouraged. I stopped testing until I knew I was late. The day I got a positive I was so excited I took two more tests, including one that said “Pregnant” clear as day. I used that one specifically so when I showed my husband he could read the results. (Funny enough, when I showed it it him he still said ‘what?’)

My first pregnancy (read about it here if you missed it) was so exciting, everything was new. I loved getting huge, every little kick and tickle. I was amused by my cankles (I’m never going to let those down). I was dying to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I even took an intelligender test to try to find out early. Listen to the subtle disappointment in my voice when I found out I was having a “boy” HA!

After I found out she was a girl at the ultrasound, I prepared every bit of the nursery, and counted down the days to my due date (and beyond because she was 10 days “late”).


The second time around (read about it here if you missed it) some symptoms were different, I felt more prepared, while also nervous to know how going from one child to two would be. I was equally excited to have a boy or girl, so we waited to find out. There were some things that were still the same.

1. I was just as excited as I was the first time.

2. I wanted to document my pregnancy every week.

3. I got HUGE cankles.

4. I puked once a 13 weeks, but was nauseous up until then.

5. I wanted to find out I was pregnant as soon as possible.

One month I had even considered going to the doctors office for a blood test to see if they could tell me if I was like three weeks pregnant. My friends talked me out of it.

The unknown can be so hard, and that’s how it was waiting for each of my babies.

40 weeks pregnant

Now it’s unknown whether or not we’ll have another but I still find myself occasionally wondering if my IUD has failed me and try to dig up an old pregnancy test.

If we do ever try for a third (and probably last), I think it would be so much different than my first pregnancy, similar to my second, cherished like it’s the last. I think I’d skip the big announcements and tell everyone when we’re about halfway through. I’m not alluding to anything (seriously), just saying.

Do you go crazy with pregnancy tests when you’re waiting to find out? Were your pregnancies different? I’m so excited for all of my friends having and trying to have babies! One commenter will win a Clearblue Easy Weeks Estimator which can detect hCG levels as early as 5 days before your missed period. You can see how it works here.

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Kathy C says:

With my first pregnancy I only took one test. We are currently ttc baby #2 and I am testing like crazy and want to find out as soon as possible. I honestly don’t think I could stop at just one test this time!

marie says:

Dollar tree tests work great… seriously LOL

Jennifer Jean says:

Honestly, no. I’d prefer not to test eaely because it’s extremely disappointing. Lately(a year+) it’s always negative. Unfortunately, I have to test to know when to stop my progesterone supplements.

How does the sweepstake work for a baby moon of you are not pregnant yet?

I lost my #3 @ 16 weeks and have now been ttc over a year. So…I honestly have no idea if it will ever happen again for us even though I really want another (living ) child. 🙁

James Oliver says:

That first pic with all the pregnancy tests cracks me up.

Kira says:

Yeah, I remembering wanting to get pregnant really bad and I bought a whole bunch of ovulation kits (not so much pregnancy tests), but then when I got pregnant and saw the two lines, I couldn’t believe it and got several to just to be positive. Pun intended. I also read everything about health and how to conceive faster. It took me a week. ha.
I loved your little video. I love that you have all this stuff documented! Funny story. Well NOW it is anyway. For me all the wives tales predicted girl, but I just thought since boys run strong in the Borget family and on the Morris side I was BOUND to have a boy.
In fact when we went in and got a early ultrasound they were 90% sure it was a girl, but she wouldn’t open her legs. Even with that-I thought in the back my mind it was a boy. Then at week 20 they did another official ultrasound and said it was looking like a girl, but they never really said they were 100% sure. The day I went into labor and baby was delivered the first thing that I said was “Is it a girl or a boy?” hahaha. I’m not sure why that stressed me out so much. I think probably just because I had bought so much girl stuff and I had read about doctors being wrong!
You’re such a good mom. If you do have another one, they would be blessed to have you.

AmyRyb says:

My first time around, my period was irregular which led to a bunch of negatives. I had to force myself to stop because it got depressing. I ended up having to take one, months later, after a round of Clomid (taken to help get me regulated) because my body didn’t seem to respond and I was feeling crappy, and I wanted to be sure before I called the doctor…and it was an immediate positive. I was shocked! The second time around I was irregular again and this time I had a ton of negative ovulation tests. We eventually figured out I had borderline PCOS and had to get some assistance to make things work. So…since I knew the schedule down to the day, I was crazy pregnancy test lady for a few days, and then crazy blood test lady for another few days. But it all worked out in the end! And that is all she wrote 🙂

AprilD says:

Your post is again perfect timing!!! I think I responded to your previous post as well. Hubby & I took a break last cycle and now we’re on 5th cycle/ month TTC. I used a ton of the New Choice because I can’t afford to keep spending money on the expensive kind. I’ve since reined in the crazy and only test when my app tells me to. I’d love to win this because I’m looking forward to the day I can show hubby that we’re pregnant and it is finally going to happen.

Amber says:

We’ve been TTC for the last six years, so I’ve been ordering the ovulation tests on Amazon and usually get the ones that come with 20 pregnancy tests. So I don’t feel bad wasting a few every cycle. I figure at some point they’re going to expire so I may as well us them.

Em Ma says:

I love how early this Clearblue test can give you results. I’m also really excited that it can give you a time-frame for how far along you are.

Michelle says:

I have never used one, but can’t wait to start checking if I am prego or not. After a 5 year wait, I guess I am getting very impatient to wait a few more weeks to find out. But Clearblue is the only brand I would trust. The week estimator is a very nice feature.

Kirstie says:

I was really bitchy for like two weeks straight so after work one day I took a test. After screaming at my fiance I told him to check the pregnancy test. When he came out from the bathroom he said what does two lines mean? My jaw dropped and I was like stop it. He’s like no seriously. I cried he cried and we took 3 more tests and went to get a blood test lol. Now I always think I’m pregnant again and my fiance ALWAYS replies that he’s not ready to kill me yet lmao! Guess I was really bitchy!

Mrsjbsauer says:

I was testing all the time and when I finally got pregnant we were not expecting it at all because we had stopped trying for a month to get ready for our wedding. Five days after the wedding I felt sick and was a week late (thought it was stress) so I tested and was so excited that I practically threw the test at my husband when he got home from work!

Ariel says:

Waiting to find out now actually. Period is due in 5 days. I’m going nuts to find out, but know that waiting is probably for the best. I already have one kiddo and am anxiously awaiting my (hopefully) missed period! 🙂

I am not as addicted to pregnancy tests as you said you were, but I was still bad enough to warrant these sideways looks from my husband every month. You see, it was a slight struggle for us to get pregnant in the beginning. I spent my whole life before my wedding day imagining what it would be like to be a mother and what it would be like to try for a baby. I also spent my reproductive years preventing getting pregnant. Now it was the day after my wedding and, for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to be careful anymore. I threw my birth control away and obviously expected a post I’ve on the pregnancy test the next month. I mean, c’mon, my girlfriend missed taking a pill and boom! She was pregnant instantly.

The first month passed and I anxiously counted the days until I could take a test. The first minute I thought I was late, I took one. Negative. Sigh.. This process repeated for 8 months. Every month is got more disappointing and I cried a little more. Finally, I was sure I was infertile, so I went to see my doctor. She said everything was fine, but she put me on a 3-month supply of Clomid to help us out.

I knew with Clomid my chances were stronger of a positive test every month. Now my obsession with taking tests for every cramp or sign of nausea. The first month on Clomid came and went. Nothing happened except me wasting another couple tests for negative results.

The second month on Clomid came and went. Two more negative tests. More tears.

The third month came and my doctor told me she wanted me to come in a couple days after my expected period date so we could discuss further options. I dreaded that day. I didn’t want something to he wrong with me. Also, it was the day before my expected period. I felt crampy and bloated. My boobs hurt. Yup. Aunt Flo was surely coming to visit again. I told my husband not to hold his breath for tomorrow. I was pretty sure my period would start.

I had 2 pregnancy tests left in the closet. I wasn’t itching to take them this time. I decided I should anyway because I knew my doctor would ask what the result was. Reluctantly, I took the test. I waited the 3 minutes that seemed like an hour and, sure enough, it said negative. I tossed the test in the trash with a sigh. I also decided I should head to the lab and have my blood drawn for my doctor. I knew she’d want to have those results, too.

A couple hours later when I was home, something took me back into the bathroom and told me to look at the test again. I pulled it out of the trash and, this time, it had a slight line that said positive. I was perplexed. That faint line was not there before. I was sure it was faulty because I had it laying upside down in the trash for hours. I had to be sure though. I grabbed my last test out of the closet and took it. I waited…It was also negative ay first. I waited longer. Now this one, too, had a very faint positive line. I still didn’t know what to think. I had quit buying the “good” pregnancy tests a long time ago because it cost too much money to be using them as often as I was. These ones were from the dollar store, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were wrong. I didn’t think much of the tests and decided to just talk with the doctor about what my next steps were.

It came time for the doctor appointment. They called me back behind the glass window at the counter without my husbabd to just talk about my blood work. They said, “Well, your blood results sat your HcG is 35.” I had no idea what HcG was. I asked the nurse what that meant. “Anything over 25 means positive for pregnancy.” Immediately I started sobbing. The nurse tried consoling me and asked if I was trying to get pregnant. I said that I was and that these were happy tears. My poor husband was on the other side of the glass, not knowing if I was crying because I was sad or happy. When I came back around the counter and hugged him, he knew what the answer was. He was also so glad that we didn’t have to buy any more pregnancy tests (for 9 months at least)!

Niki says:

Yes! I was that way until my first appointment. I was almost on a first name basis with the people at Walgreens!

To this day I get phantom kicks and secretly hope that my IUD fails me. *shame face*. My husband thinks I’m nuts haha

Amy Koch says:

TTC for 17 months now. Will be baby #4 when and if it happens. My oldest is my dear daughter at 15 years old, my dear son at 2 years old and a miscarriage in Sept of 2014. We are now on our 2nd cycle of clomid which will be our last. My son was also conceived with the help of clomid but we were seeing a fertility specialist at the time and this time around we are not prepared to do that. Due to my age my ob will only do 2 cycles of the clomid. Since the first cycle was a bust this is it for us. I have become a pregnancy test junkie. Would love to try these as I usually just use the +- types. Good luck to everyone trying. What is meant to be will be

Amy Koch says:

TTC for 17 months now. Will be baby #4 when and if it happens. My oldest is my dear daughter at 15 years old, my dear son at 2 years old and a miscarriage in Sept of 2014. We are now on our 2nd cycle of clomid which will be our last. My son was also conceived with the help of clomid but we were seeing a fertility specialist at the time and this time around we are not prepared to do that. Due to my age my ob will only do 2 cycles of the clomid. Since the first cycle was a bust this is it for us. I have become a pregnancy test junkie. Would love to try these as I usually just use the +- types. Good luck to everyone trying. What is meant to be will be

Rebecca says:

With my first pregnancy, I took 3 tests because we were in a bit of shock. I was on the pill at the time so we were quite shocked when we got a positive.
With our second, I think I only took 2. We were trying for the second, but had only been doing so for a month. My husband actually talked me into taking the first test because I wasn’t officially late yet and wanted to wait a few more days. Apparently he knew more than me at the moment because with a minute we got 2 bright lines 🙂 I took a second the the next morning just because u couldn’t believe it.

Jen says:

I tested 2-3 times every month when we were ttc our first. We’re currently ttc our second, and I’ve waited until I’m actually late to think about testing.

Laura V says:

I feel these tests are expensive, to use them to test if you’re pregnant so often . I would wait until I miss my period , an then use these to be sure. Otherwise, I might hurt my budget. But I can see how you would want to do this over and over. I myself feel the wait is killing me, but I feel pregnant already. Would love to try clearblue, as my first choice, to find out for sure.

Emiley says:

It sounds like you ladies should check out pregnancytests.com. It took almost 3 years ttc our first. They have combo kits that come with opks too. Much, much cheaper and same kinds Dr. offices use. They are so cheap I would use them with no guilt about price. I prefer the dipstick and had faint bfp with both my kids 4-8 days before Af due. Had so many left with my last because I thought it would take at least half as long as our first. That I took 1-2 tests everyday from 8 days before until Dr. appt 3 weeks later. At first just to make sure it wasn’t a shadow or a faulty test. Then I loved seeing the line get darker and darker everyday, sometimes just in same day. 🙂 I have to say we are awful lucky that we don’t have to wait for the rabbit to die. Imagine….it must have been awful for those having trouble ttc.

Ally M says:

We are ttc number 1. We had been trying for four cycles when we got pregnant in Nov 2014, but it ended in a miscarriage at 7 wks. We are back in the game hoping for an easy time and healthy baby.

ify says:

am not sure I was even ready, but I liked it when I didn’t have to see my period and I thought it was fun at first but when the morning sickness, loss of appetite, swelling feet, back aches, waist pain took turns until I had the labor pains and finally he was out, i had a relief but it was short-lived as I had a tear and had to be stitched. but seeing him grow up was tedious and exciting as well. the no.2 was not too different but I was prepared more emotionally than financially as she came when the first was barely a year old(I conceived when he was 3months)but delivery was easier, labor too was short and 2 days break but on delivery day it was a flush. I liked it. no.3 gave me a year to rest and so I had new symptoms like itching skin and rash on face, loss of appetite too. But at delivery she was breeched but I had her successfully.

chiapanecas says:

Nope not addicted to the stick.at.all.

Only used digis, never tested before I was late, and never wanted to. I had a few negative tests that made me never want to test again early so I still do as few as possible and I wait until there is no way it could be wrong.

#1 – I had no clue. I tested at 18 dpo and only because my chart stalkers said to do so.

#2 – I tested a day late, but my chart clearly said I was pregnant. The BFP was no surprise

#3 – docs had said we couldn’t have any more kids so when my period went late, I ignored it. I didn’t test until I was 6 weeks along and I didn’t tell DH until I was 11 weeks (because of previous miscarriages) and had had my first ultrasound.

#4 – DH came to me a week after I was late and asked me if I was pregnant. How could I not test at that point? 😀

Tameka says:

I have two and they were both very exciting. I too remember taking a few too many tests, thinking what is happening. My husband and I (mostly I) go back and forth about a third child, everyone else around us doesn’t, we have two boys and they are demanding a girl!

Heather says:

I’m 26 weeks and used the 88 cent tests from Walmart 2 days past my missed period because I didn’t believe I could be pregnant as we had tried for 5 years!

Nora N. says:

With my 1st (a boy) a was the same, excited, super nervous, afraid..I had 3 pregnancy books and subscribed to 2 different pregnancy websites. I eagerly waited for the gender reveal and just had all these dreams and visions of life with a baby and was pleasantly surprised when I realized I had no major pregnancy symptoms and labor/delivery went smoothly. I’m currently 14 wks, and I really wanted to be pregnant so I bought the ovulation test and of course a week before my period was due I took a pregnancy test (negative), waited 3 more days and took another (faint positive), and then 2 more days and another test (full on positive). I remember being so excited and since I knew when I had ovulated I knew I was only 3 weeks pregnant. The past few wks I’ve just been (impatiently) waiting to find out the gender before doing any shopping. Symptoms are slightly different, but this time around I’m not so concerned with the actual pregnancy as I am to have 2 kids to raise. That’s what scares me the most this time around

Holly says:

I don’t think I’ve ever had a negative pregnancy test. My periods are pretty regular and I keep track. I’ve always just known somehow.

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