More things I want my children to know


My daughter keeps sneaking in my room night after night, and when I wake up with dead legs (because she doesn’t lay beside me on my kind-sized bed, but right on top of me) I can’t get angry because I know some day I’ll miss it. she’ll be too big to want to sleep in my bed and I’ll wonder what happened to my baby girl.

I took a little break from sharing more of these words from the heart/ love letters/ things I want my children to know (I’m having an identity crisis with what to call it). If you’re new to my blog (or not) I have to tell you, I updated my 365 love letters section, and messing around with those posts I realized WOW my photography has made an improvement. Check it out.

But first, a quick photo tip… Catchlights. I love them. I think they’re best when you’re standing near a window, with your child looking toward you, yourself positioned in front of the window (yet not blocking the light) is that confusing? Hope not. I did the opposite with the fridge shot below to create a deep shadow.

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  2. Moo prefers to sleep on top of me instead of beside me as well. Next week she’ll have her own room and I’m wondering if she’ll actually sleep in it or get up and climb in bed with me. Love the baby pics of Lil J!

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