The Words Aren’t Needed…

Oh the temptation! WARNING: Don’t bring your babies to work unless you want me to plot ways to steal them!!

Angela says:

See how natural you look here? It’s meant to be.

Oh that is so cute 🙂 you do look so natural with a baby, definitely a go 🙂

Jessica says:

You do look so natuaral, and happy! I know the feeling.

Randi says:

Oh, too cute! You look good with a baby in your arm. 😉

I shall be the 5th person to say it:

You look WAY GOOD with a baby in your arms!!

Cynthia says:

You look so cute holding that beautiful baby. I’ve been loving on other people’s babies lately too but in my case it’s because I know I’ll never have one of my own again. I have to enjoy oogling other people’s babies now.

tara @ kidz says:

Beautiful. I want one too!

Keya says:

Awww, so cute

Josie says:

Look what a natural you are! hahahahaha- that even makes ME want another one!

Awh, that is so cute, you will be the prettiest Mom!

Kathryn says:

You look like a natural 🙂

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