The Winners…

Thanks so much to all of your who participated in my first giveaway! Unfortunately I’m not the craftiest person right now as far as kiddo things go, and I have nothing really cool for little boys yet but I hope these bows will find a fun place in your home or make a good gift! Plus there’s lots of fun stuff for mommy!

I did a video drawing since only 18 people entered and it wasn’t necessary to use or anything like that. Please excuse my looks… I Don’t feel a need to get all done up my last few days of vacation… I’m enjoying the non-makeup days. Oh and excuse my reporterish nod at the end… Habit I guess.

If you can’t see it: Congrats Randi, mother of Hudson and Jenna mother of Audrey! Email me your info and I’ll mail your basket off this week!

I’m sorry if you didn’t win. I never win these things either so don’t feel bad! I’m planning on having a fun contest once I get to my 100th post, so in about a month or so… I’m thinking picture contest but we’ll see. I have a month to think of something cool and develop another craft. Any ideas?

In other news… I’ll post part 2 and 3 of my trip over the next couple of days. Oh yea, get excited.

Your nod is wonderful.

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