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It’s hard to find people who understand me. Especially people I normally associate myself with in day to day life.

Just last night I was downtown with a group of friends, listening to live music at a bar feeling like I was in a different world. I wasn’t drinking, (not that it’s THAT uncommon), and (no joke) really just thinking what I’d be doing right then if I had a kid.

It wasn’t that way the entire night. I had fun. But it really wasn’t ME. Not anymore at least. I’d had my spurts as a city girl, loving to be out all of the time. But really, I’m a homebody. And I think blogging has helped me find other homebodies like me who would sometimes prefer to be home watching a movie with their little family than spending a night out on the town.

For awhile I would browse the web and find adorable blogs I love with moms and their cute babies. Or women who were trying to have cute babies. And other stuff… I still do!

I’d also find websites geared towards moms, and keep hearing about all of this “mommy blogging” craze yea yea yea!! But what about women like ME?! Seriously, I know I’m not the only one out here who is THINKING about having a child but not TRYING to!

Maybe I’m one of the only ones who is very vocal about it. Hey… I don’t mind. But it’s nice to find information out there for us every now and then you know?

Well, a few months ago I found this website… and I fell in love. You may have seen their magazine, but their website is awesome too!

Finally a site for women preparing to be mothers, or trying to conceive. But what’s better?–They recently started a free community for everyone to join called My Conceive. Kind of like a Myspace for a network of women… But no drama! haha. I’ve already found lots of advice from women and had a great time “meeting” people in the same shoes as me! There’s a great forum with a plethora of advice, and a great place you can chat with other women about all things baby-makin.

If you’re looking to have a child in the near future… First second, third, whatever, or are experiencing infertility I HIGHLY recommend joining their group. Lots of great resources! And even in you’re private about your baby-makin’ business, you can join and just read the forums. There’s great words of advice and encouragement given to others and it helps!
I also have a blog there too called Ready or Not. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to believe there’s MORE I can write about on this topic but there is. It’s something I’ve really become passionate and excited about. Just recently they interviewed me on their Conceive on-air radio show, about my planning and blogging… And more planning. You can listen to it here. But I’m not the only blogger for the website. There are several others who blog about their struggles with infertility, or trying “organic fertility practices” also, there are a few women who have gotten pregnant since blogging for Conceive and they’re blogging about that experience too.

They were one of my sponsors for Blogher this year and I had so much fun going around and telling people about them and my blog. They even gave me goodies to share like pens and hand sanitizers and things like that with the Conceive logo on it and I saved some for you. Oh, there’s a back massager too (get your man to use that on you!) It also comes in a nice carrying bag I think is great for the pool or beach, or even as a makeup bag! I’ve also throw in some yummy Bellybars (I’ll be telling you more about them soon) and two baby headbands made by ME! The bonus is a pregnancy test!! Woohoo! Hopefully it’ll be the one to tell you good news (whatever you want that to be right now).

So let’s call this the Conceive Goodie bag!!

Here’s the list of what’s in the prize:

A carrying bag from Conceive
A Conceive pen
A Conceive hand sanitizer bottle (great to keep in your purse and use whenever)
A Conceive back massager
A pregnancy test- I hope you get the answer you’re looking for. I’m sending this with LUCK!
2 baby headbands made by ME!
2 Baby Needs Chocolate Bellybars (I eat these all the time, they’re great for folic acid! and yummy)
(cute baby not included, that’s an example of my headbands)

So if you’re interested just leave a comment! If you follow leave 2!
*NEW* Comment on a Conceive blog post of mine or any of the other Conceive Bloggers for another 2 entries (per comment)!
**And if you join MyConceive (it’s free) you get 3 extra entries!**

You get extra entries if you:
Follow me on Twitter
Vote for me in one of those contests to the right
Become a Facebook fan of my blog
Become a Facebook fan of Conceive

I’ll close the giveaway a week from today August 20th!

Josie says:

That is awesome! I am going over to join right now!

Josie says:

I dont want to leave all my comments right now…… but I follow you too! 🙂

Mallory says:

I never win anything, but I’m gonna try for this…because I’m trying to conceive, and I think it will be good luck for me! 😀

Mallory says:

I follow. (More luck!)

I am going to check it out.

Emily B says:

Wow, what a great prize for us TTC women. I think the most valuable thing in it is the LUCK included with the pg test!

Emily B says:

2nd entry for following! Hope I’m doing this right..

Emily B says:

I joined Conceive (username eisland). There goes my afternoon as I’ll be busy reading the site!

Emily B says:

a 2nd entry for joining Conceive

Emily B says:

…and a 3rd entry for joining Conceive 🙂

Jess says:

oh oh I already know im preggo but maybe possibly hopefully ill need your headbands & I so need the belly bars i dont have prenatals yet

Deanna says:

Great prize! Thankd for the chance.

Deanna says:

I follow your blog.

Alanna says:

Ooh, I am entering this!!!! I am very excited about these prizes. 🙂

Alanna says:

I follow your blog, by the way. 🙂

Alanna says:

And, I joined MyConceive the other day!!! Love it so far!

oh I joined… do you need 3 more comments for that?

beyondalice says:

What an awesome prize!!! I haven’t been able to find the BellyBars yet, but I really want to try them!

Eclipsed says:

You remind me of myself before I started trying to have a baby. I knew I was ready when I was out with my girlfriends dancing and all of a sudden it hit me that that lifestyle didn’t really “fit” me anymore.

{Katie Lane} says:

Cute giveaway!! You are always so generous. Thanks 🙂

I found myconceive thanks to you a few weeks ago. I drive my dh crazy b/c I’m always checking it at home on his iphone. He keeps saying he’s going to have to delete the history on it so that nobody picks it up and sees that he’s been looking at conceive websites…

I’m right there with ya girl on being able to enjoy and look forward to family time. I enjoy days where the fam would gather around and play scrabble and laugh it up with a bowl of popcorn by our side and a movie playing in the background. I also enjoy days out with the girls, because trust me, you’ll need YOU time.

I’m so excited to learn about the Conceive community. For the past few months, I’ve been a member of the BabyCenter community, but Conceive seems to be exactly up my alley since I’ve been TTC. I would love to win your goody bag…and hopefully it’ll give me the good news of a Big Fat Positive that I’ve been looking for!


thisfinemess says:

I follow you on Twitter {I’m @MissMope}, which is how I learned of your giveaway, lol! Will definitely consider joining My Conceive, I have always been very… selfish, I guess, with my TTC details. But maybe, this time, it would be nice to have others to share stories with. 🙂

I’m a subscriber to your blog! bonus entry

P.S. my email is mail at

I signed up with Conceive online community!

I signed up with Conceive online community! Comment 2

I signed up with Conceive online community! Comment 3

Nicole says:

I’m definitely interested in this!

Nicole says:

I follow you on Twitter too!!

Nicole says:

I just signed up for the community too, but have been on it before to read your other blog. Love it!

CageQueen says:

I am in the EXACT same boat as you.

CageQueen says:

Oh, and I am a follower so this is my second entry, LOL. 🙂 I will check out the new websites as well.

Alanna says:

I just became a fan of your blog on Facebook!

Alanna says:

Now I just became a Facebook fan of Conceive!

Alanna says:

I follow you on Twitter. 🙂

Chickie says:

i follow your blog

Chickie says:

I commented on your conceive post

Chickie says:

i commented on your conceive post

Amy Lynn says:

Oh fun!!! That sounds like a fabulous goodie bag!

Chickie says:

i joined conceive, babysisterskd is my name on there

Chickie says:

i joined conceive, babysisterskd is my name on there

Chickie says:

i joined conceive, babysisterskd is my name on there

Chickie says:

i follow on twitter!

I’m havin a baby and would love those headbands and belly bars!!

At some point i felt the same way when I was about 23, and I knew I was ready for that next step in life 🙂
I saw that site a while back looks so cool 🙂

I am right there with you on the whole wife/no kids homebody thing! I don’t have kids yet and hope to someday but right now I am content being a wife. I still experience times where I just want to go out and have fun but a lot of times I just want stay home and watch a movie and do “family” things. Thanks for your words and the resources! I am totally going to check it out! I feel like I can really relate to you 🙂 thanks!

Beth says:

I follow you here 🙂

Beth says:

I follow you on Twitter (I’m wildemoon there) 🙂

Beth says:

I joined the site (thanks for the link, btw!)

Beth says:

Sign-up entry 2

Beth says:

Sign-up entry 3 😛

Beth says:

And… commented over there as well 🙂

Goldibug says:

What a fun giveaway! I’d also love to know how you made the headbands (if you’re willing to share ;o)

Goldibug says:

I follow this blog and am not about to stop!

MG Cubs Fans says:

I follow your blog as well as follow you on Twitter. I also just signed up to be a part of the “My Conceive” community! I did vote for you on Top Baby Blogs as well. That should get me some decent votes!

Arya says:

So awesome…I am going to be trying to get preggers again in a few months since I lost mine last month. I think this would just be awesome to have to encourage me to keep trying.

I’m loving this awesome giveaway – count me in!

I also commented on one of your concieved blogs 🙂

And I’m subscribed to you!

Josie says:

I joined concive

Josie says:

Follow you on twitter!

Heidi says:

Thanks for the post on my blog! Those pics were taken in North Dakota (where I live), never been to Arizona before!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Love to win this for my special one.

buteeful1 says:

Love this. Looking forward to conceiving.

Not currently ttc, but I know a friend who would love this goodie bag!

Sam_I_am says:

I’ll probably jinx myself and end up a momma before my first wedding anniversary, but that’s some cute stuff, so i gotta enter!

Cheryl F says:

great giveaway…the concieve site is awesome

mverno says:

love to be your gracious winner

iggysaysno says:

Great idea for a giveaway….. I’m in the same boat but with 2 dogs!

kdkdkd says:

That is a great website for those of us trying to conceive. I would love a chance to win, thanks

Ms. Autumn says:

great giveaway – i have a son who will be 4 next week & we are trying for a second right now….i can’t wait for that positive pregnancy test!!

autumn398 @

What a great site! I would love to win! Thanks 🙂

Scaarlet says:

This is such a great idea. My husband and I are trying to conceive again (last one was a twin miscarriage :,( )

April says:

We’re trying to conceive right now. I love your blog. It’s funny about the crib incident because that sounds familiar! lol

Meredith says:

I would love to win this! I hope it is our ticket to a baby. We have been trying for so long.

Wow – what a great prize. We’re currently trying to conceive as well and this would be wonderful!


Michelle says:

hope this contest is still good.

Angela says:

Great giveaway! My husband and I are currently trying for our first and this would help lift my spirits too!

Sonya says:

I’d love to win this! thanks!

Terra H. says:

Please count me in to win. Thanks.

Terra H. says:

email subscriber

Terra H. says:

I follow your blog.

Leanna says:

Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to using ALL the products soon!

Hotsnotty2 says:

I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

Marianna says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

Marianna says:

I follow you on twitter @mannabsn

Marianna says:

I follow your blog

idahomom says:

Spoil this mom please.

Im interested!
Very interested!
I’d love to win this for my sister.

kristelh says:

This kit looks great… I would love to win!

kristelh says:

I joined MyConceive – thanks for the suggestion!

kristelh says:

I subscribed… glad I found your site!

Girly Remix says:

I’ve heard BellyBars are delicious, and that’s so awesome that you make headbands! I’m an artist living in Austin myself! 🙂

Girly Remix says:

I’m following your blog! 🙂

What a fun giveaway! We are TTC our second, and it’s taking quite a bit longer than expected!

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

New follower! shellbelle04

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

Just joined Conceive! Username shellbelly1229

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

Entry #2 for joining Conceive!

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

Entry #3 for joining Conceive! Thanks again, and good luck to everyone who’s trying for a little one!

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

Mishia says:

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Oh my goodness! So amazing! You are so great for doing this. I feel like your welcome quote should be on my page. Thanks for giving me a resourse to check when I may need an answer(once im ready to make my baby he he)I hope I can win this cute kit so I am all ready when my husband and I start trying!!!! I’m a follower, ill join myconcieve and I am going to post a comment!

tina says:

i would love to win looks like an amazing prize thanks for the chance to win

tina says:

i follow on twitter thanks for the chance to win

tina says:

i subscribe thanks for the chance to win

tina says:

im a fan of yours on facebook my id is lepaige thanks for the chance to win

tina says:

im a fan of concieve on facebook too thanks for the chance to win

Gianna says:

Sweet.. Please enter me 🙂

chazvgo says:

I would love to win, we are about to start trying for number 3 🙂

lilyk says:

Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

lilyk says:

I subscribed to your blog.

kathy pease says:

Thank you for the AWESOME GIVEAWAY.. Please count me in 🙂

lilyk says:

I became your Facebook fan.

kathy pease says:

following your blog as klp1965
kathy pease

lilyk says:

I became a Facebook fan of Conceive.

kathy pease says:

following on twitter klp1965

kathy pease says:

baby fan on facebook kathylpease

kathy pease says:

conceive fan on facebook kathylpease

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