The Vivid Dreams

I woke up from a crazy one Sunday morning thinking it was real. I had two dreams that I could remember that night. Both very vivid, and while not as strange as this one, still quite strange.

The first one, was a little gross. I know is because I’ve been thinking so much about my friend. As I have been the last few days, I kept running to the bathroom to check and see if she had arrived. Every time she hadn’t. I started to think less about it and that’s when my friend caught me by surprise like a flood! No really, I couldn’t contain it, it was embarrassing. I tried to run to the shower to get cleaned up, and tried not to slip on the way.

Luckily, I don’t remember any more of that dream.

In my second dream, once again I was confused because my friend had not shown up, but I felt confidant that I wasn’t pregnant. I took a pregnancy test, it came back negative, and I felt relieved but still confused.

One of my friends was getting a really weird–Only in a strange dream– Kind of ultrasound, and while I was next to the technician I told her what my problem was and asked if she could check me out.

As she was examining my insides she said, “Yep, you’re pregnant, I can hear their heart beats.”

“Their?” I asked confused.

“Yes, you’re pregnant with twins!”

And that’s when my attitude, even in my dreams took a 180. I was SO excited that I was pregnant with twins. I tried to call my husband to tell him the good news but he was on the phone talking to someone else.

I was so excited and paranoid at the same time. I had to drive home from wherever I was and it was raining and I was lost. The only thing I could think about was that I needed to be safe and keep the babies safe.

In my dream I kept thinking to myself ‘I can’t believe I’m pregnant, I can’t believe I’m having twins’ and I started to wake up from the dream still thinking that. It wasn’t until I was completely awake and about to get out of bed I realized I had dreamt it all… And I was really sad. I’m still surprised by my reaction.

Is my subconscious telling me something? Do you ever have crazy dreams like this?

Randi says:

“A dream is a wish you heart makes when you’re fast asleep…” Cinderella 🙂

Emmy says:

Yep it probably is: it is probably telling you you have been worried/excited/wondering about this a lot lately and you would love twins 🙂
Not what you wanted to hear I know.
Most dreams are just dreams but sometimes there are things that are a bit more than just a dream that mean something. I have had a couple of very special dreams in my lifetime.
So good luck and time will tell.

Merrianne says:

i have crazy dreams all the time!
wait til you DO get pregnant…. Now THOSE DREAMS will freak you out!!!!! lol
i have the Craziest & Funkiest Dreams when i was pregnant!!!!!

I have crazy dreams while I am pregnant… I wonder if this is a symptom?!?!?

Jennifer says:

My dreams are always crazy. When I was pregnant, I used to dream about horses all the time… 😉

Yaya says:

If you’re pregnant with twins that will be so crazy!

Congrats-first sits commenter!

Margaret says:

Each time my husband and I have discussed getting pregnant I have a dream about being pregnant. It has happened each time. Then within 3 months I have gotten pregnant. It has happened 3 times now. We have 2 and I’m pregnant with our 3rd.

Jessica says:

I’m thinkin’ it’s a sign!

You think maybe your dream was preparing you? You could also have been venting out your true emotions.

I’m going to get that #1 slot at SITS one day! LOL.
See you in Vegas!

Nope, no crazy dreams here except the one about me being trapped in a house all day with seven kids and mountains of laundry while suffering from chronic attacks of insomnia and amnesia. . . no, wait a minute, that’s no dream!

I had crazy wacky dreams when I was pregnant. Once I dreamed that my husband was a shark coming to eat my child out of my womb…. ya….

Lolly says:

When I was pregnant I kept having dreams that my baby was a boy – until the sonogram confirmed that I was actually having a girl 😉

Jennifer says:

I’m a firm believer that dreams always mean SOMETHING. You just have to figure out WHAT it means!

Marly says:

I have weird dreams pregnant or not. I have even more weird when I’m pregnant. Most of my kids have been twins in my dreams. One even came a month later. It’s just really weird. I also dream the sex and am always wrong. My boys were always girls in my dreams and my girl was always a boy.

ellabella says:

i had a dream this morning. felt like i had it the whole time i was sleeping.. i dreamt i was pregnant. did not know it until the end. so my friend was there and helping. and she held this beutifull girl with dark curly hair and blue eyes and rose pink lips. and as i looked at her she opened her eyes and had a small smile on her face.. i started crying with happiness thinking that i finally got a beutiful girl after trying for so long… and thats when i woke up… with actual tears in my eyes. when i realised it was just n dream i closed my eyes fast and wished i could just go back to sleep..but instead i got more tears in my eyes. lying in my husband’s arms ~ i said to him~ i just had a dream of what our baby would look like. and i describe her.. and said her name would be wendy.

this has been bugging me the whole day.. its as if everything was real..

can anybody tell me what they would do or think. its been bugging me the whole day and i cant think straight. i think im just wishing it would mean something..

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