The Vintage Body Spa Giveaway

One of the perks of riding with The Blogrollers to Blogher this year was some of the great sponsors they had! When they said we’d get to try natural body spa products from Vintage Body Spa I was pretty excited. One, because hello… What woman doesn’t like pampering herself and smelling nice? And Two… I’m all about trying the “natural” things nowadays! I haven’t gone all crazy with it yet, but I am trying still trying it.

I checked out her site and was excited to see a few things. One, I LOVE body scrubs. I don’t use them often, but every now and then when I’m feelin’ a hot bath, I love to bust out some scrub and exfoliate my skin. I got that in the chocolate scent (thinking my husband would like me smelling like chocolate) But after smelling one of the other women’s containers of Lemon Lavender, or something citrus like that I was totally jealous!

Ok, the other thing I got I’m so excited to tell you about! I recently had a friend ask if there was some kind of product you could use before pregnancy, or during that could prevent stretch marks before they start. Well, I’ve heard of coco butter and things like that but then I read this description about my Shea butter lotion and was SOLD: “Rich in vitamins and nutrients, this lotion can be used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and used pre-pregnancy to help aid in skin elasticity.”

So I’ve been trying it, and I’ll keep using it, hoping it’ll keep my belly from getting the stretch marks my booty has (yes, it had a growth spurt post-birth control… But I’m not complaining about that!).

But guess what?! I’ve got the hook up for you! One lucky winner will receive a gift bag from Vintage Body Spa. Here’s what you’ll win:

Butter Beans (moisturizing bath fizzies)
Suga Lips Lip Balm
Wherever Body Cream (rich body lotion)
Whipped Shea Butter
A few extra goodies from The BlogRollers
All you have to do is leave me a comment! If you follow me or subscribe leave two comments!
Easy, right? I will give you extra entries if you friend Vintage Body Spa on Facebook and/or follow her on Twitter. Don’t forget to come back here and let me know you did it. For even more entries visit the rest of my road trip buddies, Christie at My Life … A Work in Progress, Denene at My Brown Baby and Lorraine at Ask Wifey and comment on their posts, too. The winner will be announced on Christie’s Blog Talk Radio show, The ChatterBox Show on FRIDAY AUGUST 7th at 10:00 AM EST. Good luck and be sure to tune in!

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  1. So I’m a lotion and smell good freak! I mix a minimum of three different lotions every morning, so I can stretch my most expensive lotion, while still getting a whiff of it. I’ll do a base of something inexpensive, then add a bit more with a one that’s mid-price range and a bit more substantive, and I’ll top off my mixture with a few squirts of a luxurious over-over-the top lotion if I’m going to wear it all day.

    If I shower during the day because I’m going to the gym at lunch, then I only do the two lesser expensive lotions. And if I’m hooking up with my sweetie, I go all luxurious – gotta smell good and feel good to the touch. You feel me!!?!?!

    I’m similarly anal about my fragrances, although I don’t mix them. But they are organized by strength of scent and expense on my dresser. I have a time every morning and evening trying to decide between the 15 or so lotions I keep on hand and the dozen or so fragrances.

    And don’t get me started on other body products?!?! It really gets complicated when I’m doing a day of beauty for myself with the foot scrubs and body scrubs and facial masks.

    I just love treating my body beautifully and I think every woman should! So I’d love to win the Vintage Body Spa gift bag and I’d blog about “vintage” experience at my blog, Enjoyceinglife. I follow you on your blog and on Twitter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Hi!
    I left posts at Christie at My Life … A Work in Progress, Denene at My Brown Baby and Lorraine at Ask Wifey. So you know I really want this Vintage Body Gift!! Plus I follow them all and love them too.

  3. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and could use something to prevent stretch marks as I enter the phase during which (I’ve heard) will will grow VERY rapidly!

    kfilkins at gmail dot com

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