The Twilight Theory

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I fell in love with Twilight after my sister-in-law introduced me to the book not long after New Moon was released. Two years, two midnight release book parties, and one movie watched multiple times later I’m still in love with the series, and pretty much one of the addicts.

Pondering over my life, and how I’ve been approaching becoming a parent made me think about some similarities. Let me put a little disclaimer in here: If you haven’t read the entire series… As in not completed Breaking Dawn, you may not want to read any further as my analysis contains some spoilers. Skip to the bottom and enter the giveaway! Bookmark and come back to read the rest when you’re done reading!

So, if you’re a Twilight fanatic like myself and read Breaking Dawn you may also remember how interesting it was that Bella didn’t go after and eat those humans, or her dad. The Cullens guessed that perhaps it’s because she had known it would be hard going into it, so she was more prepared for the challenges.

Thinking about this made me wonder if my situation questioning and learning about conception, pregnancy, labor and motherhood will be similar. I am sure I know more about conception than the average Jane. I have friends who are TTC and don’t anything about cervical mucus, basal body temperature, or ovulation. It’s not that I want to… It’s just that I like learning about it.

I’ve learned conception may not happen as quickly or as easy as I’d like it to, and I think because of what I’ve learned I’m somewhat prepared for the worst.–Down to knowing what kind of coverage my insurance offers for fertility treatments.

I know pregnancy and labor isn’t easy for everyone–But I also know how hard it is for some to achieve I’ll be grateful for every minute.

I know not to expect your delivery to go exactly as you plan, because chances are, your plans will change. I’ve learned epidurals aren’t always what they’re chalked up to be. –And natural labor may not be that bad.

I’ve learned parenting isn’t always pretty. But I’ve learned even with the lack of sleep, lack of free time, loosing your privacy (and sometimes dignity) …it’s all worth it to have a child who loves and adores you.

So… Knowing all this, I wonder if it will give me a leg up–An advantage. Sure, I don’t know everything, and there will always be surprises, no matter how much research and preparation I do. But I wonder if even knowing that will make challenges easier for me. Maybe I’ll be like Bella.

What do you think?

Ok, so for those of you who are twilight fans like myself, I have a treat for you!

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  1. I don’t want to be entered, I just want to comment.

    I think it is true that you are more prepared than most women. You know tons more than I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think it is really cool that you are so proactive about it

  2. I like the “be safe” one. I have to make a comment about the actor who portrays Edward–not feeling the love with him at all. He just looks…weird. And kind of strained all the time. I wasn’t convinced in the film; their relationship seemed really cliche and forced. Anyway, onto something a bit more serious: I’m really happy to see you preparing so much. I think knowledge is power, especially in the realm of pregnancy & birth where there are so many different ways of doing things.

  3. Rixa is awesome – her reading list is where I got most of my info – I’m a birth junkie too! I have The Business of Being Born on my DVR and I’m going for a natural birth. My girlfriend had one and she says ‘It’s just one day’ when I think about the pain.

    I totally admire your dedication to preparation. Being informed will calm your fears and anxieties – when something happens, you’ll be like, ‘oh I know what that is’ and it won’t freak you out. I have an e-book of positive birth stories that I got from Rixa’s blog – can’t remember the links.

    If you’re interested, let me know!

  4. I don’t want to be entered. I have some pretty strong feelings about Twilight…and the fact that it is totally inappropriate. (Ok, I admit, I liked the first books, and I like the story. But the last book was a romance novel. No escaping it. It is pornographic. And I am severely disappointed that it came from an LDS author.)

    ANYWAY…I really like that you study everything so much. That is part of my personality, too. It is amazing how much information is out there. It is so nice to actually know your options! A lot of women don’t study, and they don’t know about the choices they can make. They just do what they think is normal and expected and they don’t think twice. I give you a high five for learning!

  5. I follow you…I had to skip to the bottom because I am half way through Eclipse:) My brother’s girlfriend got me addicted to these books. I watched the movie…it was OK…BUT I LOVE the books! I can’t wait for New Moon to come out I think it looks a ton better than the Twilight movie. So, Yes I jumped the Twilight boat VERY late, but I am really liking them so far:)

  6. Fellow Twilight nutter here. I’d say this. Bella knew alot about the process going in, but even so, her conversion was incredibly painful and hard for her. (About 10 pages worth of detailed description as I recall!) And the truth is. You are VERY well prepared, awesomely so. But the theory, ain’t nothing like the practical. Trust me! Cos i read alot too and thought I was prepared! Can I suggest a book(s)? Vicki Iovine writes some fantastic books on parenthood, to the point where as a sleep deprived mother of a newborn I was reduced to hysterical howls of laughter. This is a mother who “gets” motherhood and with four kids, she ought to know. xxxx

  7. i agree with your twilight theory πŸ™‚ and good gracious i am obsessed with those books. and would looooooove those necklaces! i follow your blog, of course! thanks for the giveaway love!

  8. I just wanted to say I’m going to be cheering you on when you start TTC. It’s good to be prepared for the worst but don’t psych yourself out by thinking there will be a problem before you get there!

  9. Oh, I love twilight! I agree with your theory, but also think that Bella should have had some type of struggle. I mean, life isn’t always easy. You can’t always get everything you have ever wanted at the same time. Then how are you going to appreciate things when they come later?

    Anyway, I think you will be fine when it’s time to have the baby. I had no idea what I was doing and wish I had been prepared.

    Oh, and I love all the twilight necklaces. My favorite is the new moon one. Just the flower as the design.

  10. hi girlie:) i’m not really a twilight fan, but i wanted to leave you some comment love…..i think you are gonna be a greta mommy whenever the time is right:)

  11. I think you are right. Preparing yourself does help. At least it did with me. I did a ton of research and had an idea of how hard it could be. I actually prepared for a lot of worse case scenarios just in case so I wouldn’t go ballistic. Ex: when the Dr.’s talked about doing a C-section because my little man’s heart rate kept dropping, I did not freak out. I laid there calmly and just kept the breathing going, knowing that Doctors almost always talk about a C-section even if it isn’t necessary. Sure enough, a couple hours later I had him naturally.

    All that babbling to say, the more research, the better prepared. And while there will be things you don’t anticipate, I think you will have a better mindset for the whole process!

    Oh- and I like the first pic that you posted. I am a huge twilight fan. Love, love, love the books!

  12. Interesting question. Knowledge is half the battle, knowing more for some makes it easier to accept the outcomes or the bumps along the way.

    but if parenting has taught me ANYTHING it has taught me that it’s when you think you have an understanding of it that the game and the rules get changed. Interestingly enough being married to a military man has also taught me this, parenting and military life are much the same. Prepare yourself but yet expect the unexpected.

  13. I seriously made fun of my friends at first for being so in love with the ‘Twilight’ series…then I watched it. I am sooooo hooked. I was upset when the movie ended! I wanted it to keep going!

  14. I have been following your blog for about 3 months now! I got addicted to Twilight around Easter and have read the series 4 (!) times! Wasn’t a big fan of the first movie, but I’ve still watched it a lot. I am OBSESSED with the New Moon movie. I have gotten a group of at least 5 of us over 30 together to go to opening night in November. My favorite pendant is the one that says “Bite Me”. That used to be my answer for a lot of things in High School, so now it has double meanings. ~~;-)

  15. I love the Cullen crest!! And don’t worry, when and if you decide to jump into the whole mommy thing, you can email me. I am a mom of three and a former doula!

    BTW, I voted for your blog and I am a follower and a subscriber!

    I love your necklaces! These are going to be some awesome presents to buy for some friends!

  16. I love the necklace that says twilight over and over in a pink heart shape. this is such a fun giveaway thank you for taking the time to host it.

  17. I agree, the more you know, the less nervous you are. For me, going into labor with my first was easier than some say. I even have friends who have their fourth and freak out about it. What if their epidural doesn’t work. What if this, what if that. I think educating yourself as much as you can helps ease your mind and you know what you’re getting yourself into even if you don’t end up doing what you planned, you’re at least aware of what can happen and the process of everything.

  18. I would have to say teh BITE ME and The definition of twilight are my favorites.

    Hey, I live right near the Dell Diamond. I love finding bloggers in my area.

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