The Trip That Could Change My Life

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Ok maybe I’m being a little mellow dramatic. Did I say next week in my previous post? My bad! Cause I meant this Saturday!! I’m going on a cruise with my husband. We’re going to the Caribbean. I’ve been looking forward to this for years! It’s a 7 night cruise. The reason I say it could change my life is because I think this could be a determining moment where I decide whether I’m loving the life without kids and want to travel and focus on my career for a little longer… Or that I love seeing all the cute families together on the ship and yearn for that “family completeness.”

I’ve completed my shopping, including a different bikini (oh scandalous I know, but might as well enjoy my hot body while it lasts) for each day, and a nice dress for dinner each night. Saying I’m excited would be an understatement. My bags are already packed and I am so ready for this, I’m just really interested in knowing how I’ll feel about a family when I come back.

Right now I’m really in a complacent mood. I’m feeling “what’s the rush?” I mean really, I’ve met a lot of great women who waited until they were in their 30s to start having children and their kids are healthy, and they have more time to spend with them. Lord knows I’ve had my money struggles, but most of all I want to have the time to spend with my kids and sometimes time = money. And for the record, I love my career but not enough to put in before my family. I know I’ll never have “enough money” either but it’s not about career or money as much as it is about me feeling young and not quite mentally stable ready (which you may be grasping from some of my earlier posts).

But we’ll see what happens. I really don’t feel compelled one way or another right now. I still love browsing through the baby section but I don’t feel the urge I normally feel. I just feel… Fine.

I’m finding it’s really nice being able to express my feelings about the matter here. Being open and honest about it has really given me a chance to stop and think things through.

I’m excited for this trip, and I’m excited to see how I feel about this whole child situation when I get back!

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  1. Frankly, for all the comments that people might make (or have in their heads) I think that a wrinkly post-baby belly is nothing to be ashamed of–we should be proud of them! I sometimes look at my stretch marks and think wow, I grew a baby in there, that’s SO COOL!! I never was comfortable in a bikini, but I don’t have a problem with someone who shows their baby belly. I think showing them when pregnant is quite beautiful. 🙂

    In regards to having babies in your 20s vs in your 30s…one thing to add to the mix is not just the age of birthing, but also the age when they will be in high school, or college, or having kids of their own… I know that I want to live long enough to see grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren–that’s not gonna happen if I wait till I’m 30 and then my kids wait that long too! Also if you want a big family, ya gotta start earlier. LOL!

  2. Well, maybe you’ll be like me and get stretchmarks everywhere EXCEPT for your belly. LOL! We’re talking butt, thighs (to my knees), love handles, boobs…but not my stomach, ironically enough. But hey, my body came back eventually.

    Enjoy your trip!!! I am so jealous. One of these days…

  3. ahhhhhhhh we were in Cancun for our honeymoon so I have a special spot in my heart for those clear blue waters and white sandy beaches!! Enjoy yourself and hopefully those sexy bikinis might help “push” your motherhood journey along quicker than you thought! Heeeee Heeeee!

  4. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! I’ve never gone on a cruise. And believe me if you have kids you probably wouldn’t want to take them on a vacation like that. I don’t think I’d be able to take my kids on a cruise. Unless maybe it’s Disney. Don’t worry about having children right away. My sister waited until she was 34 before she had her first child. You have plenty of time. Enjoy life while you are still young. I wish I was still young and childless sometimes.

  5. Having been an young mom, having my first when I was 18 and now being an old mom, my youngest is 5 and I am 47 I find it is a toss up as to what is better. Good things about being a young mom, good things about being an older mom. Just have fun on your cruise the weather is great right now down here!

  6. You double-blogger, you! Love your insights and questions on this blog…give me quite the pause for thought. Can’t believe you used to be one of my little Laurels…quit growing up!
    Have a great trip!

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