The Train (Wreck) of Thought


I remember when I was in high school someone telling me men think about sex every seven seconds. I never really understood how that could be possible. I mean, what exactly would that thought process be like?

Dude example #1: “Hi! nice to meet you, my name is Jeff…” ‘And girl, you are looking SO FLY in those jeans, if we weren’t in public I’d…’

Or maybe it’s not always as blatant, but just triggered by things. I mean, women aren’t around ALL the time!
Dude example #2: ‘Now the mathematic equation of Y over SEX… X…’

Or perhaps it’s an obvious word that triggers it the most.
Dude example #3: “Sure mom, I’ll run to the store and pick up some chicken breasts”…‘Breasts, oooh, boobs boobs boobs!!’

Who knows?

Maybe they (who? I don’t know, the people who take the time to calculate this stuff) averaged it out and came to the conclusion of seven seconds. Because I can’t imagine a guy at a strip club, then a priest thinking about sex the same about of time.

…Either here nor there, I think I’m starting to get it. No… Really understand where they’re coming from. That having your train of thought jolted every few moments to one particular subject over and over isn’t exactly fun. But for me, the process goes more like this:

Example #1: At the mall
“Ooh, these jeans look good on me, and they’re on SALE!” ‘YESSSS! …But will I be able to still fit in them after I have a baby? …Baby, I want one!’

Example #2: At home, when random pregnancy facts strike!
‘Ok, so I’ve gotta get ready for work. Alright, first I’ll hurry and brush my teeth again… And floss, that’ll help prevent gum diseases… Diseases like Periodontal disease… Periodontal disease can cause premature birth…. Better floss extra good’

Example #3: At work when I get the fever.
“I love your outfit!” ‘Oooh and her shoes are cute too. But I hate shoes, they never have my size.. Are my feet seriously going to get bigger when I’m pregnant?!?… Pregnant, aww!’

So needless to say, babies are almost always on my mind right now. I started this blog to help diffuse the baby steam in my brain. Little did I know after posting nearly every day for eight months I’d still have lots to talk about. Baby Makin(g) Machine has always been my place to dump that all out. But I didn’t know that even here, it could become overload… At least for the 5/11 people who have responded so far on my poll. So, when I’m thinking about other interesting things besides babies, pregnancy and getting pregnant. I’ll consider writing about it. Maybe getting my new DSLR will help.

How does that sound?

Photo by NY Times

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  1. wait until you actually become pregnant! babies/being pregnant are on your mind constantly–like every 3 seconds!!! It’s an overwhelming new part of your life (in a good way, of course) 🙂

    best wishes!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  2. sorry I had to vote that ….. you have the perfect balance cuz really i think you do 🙂 I got my test that you so much I squeeled at the hairbow 🙂

  3. This made me laugh out loud!!! I remember that fact from high school, too. I also relate to having frequent thoughts at different points in my life (i.e. “when will he ever propose” or “a baby would be so much fun”)…I hear you on this one!

  4. Very funny and very true lol! As far as the baby stuff goes, I went awhile without thinking about it much. Years even, but now that my 30….uuhhhm 2nd birthday is looming around the corner I have been thinking about it a lot. And I swear everyone is preggers right now! Even my daughters Cheer Coach lol! So I know where your coming from….my problem is I gotta get the right guy first…that usually helps 🙂

    I love reading your blog, btw.


  5. Hmm, I seem to have the same train of thought about food.

    “Ooh, that baby is so cute and sweet, like chocolate, where did I put those damn Oreos?!”

    Winks & Smiles,

  6. very cute post!

    I always worry about huge pregnancy feet! Mine are already too big. I agree… shoes aren’t fun when you have to buy such a large size! (or you can’t even find your size)

  7. I think this every time I put anything in my mouth (i.e. pain relievers, food, etc) since I don’t know if I could be pregnant or not right now. (ITS TOO EARLY TO TEST…GAAAH!!). We just went “back to school” shopping (work clothes shopping for me) and everything I tried on I thought “will I be able to wear this if I get pregnant?”. It’s stressful!

  8. Haha, so true! I just found your blog and I’m glad I did! I have been having baby fever lately too, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there feeling this way. 🙂

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