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  1. It won’t be that bad I promise! If you are already fit or slender, you will shed the pounds faster than you think. Plus if you nurse, then that will help lose weight too.
    I wished I was as hot as that lady is tho… man you can see her abs!

  2. I am going to have to disagree with mzzmyrick… Just kidding. I just didn’t want you to think it would be that tough. breastfeeding reallllly helps. I am prego with fourth in four years, sadly, my ladies continue to shrink, but the rest of me doesn’t look that different from pre-babes!

    Cute blog, btw… I will come back.

  3. Haha, Mzzmyrick,

    That IS me (well, 2 years ago)! I used Photoshop to make it kind of a silhouette. so if someone does steal it, my face AND body aren’t all over the internet. I do already miss THAT figure though. Thank-you depo shot!

  4. Great blog !
    I’m the proud morther of 4 kids – the last 2 I got as twins only 22 mounths ago and still Im back to 51 kg looking better than ever so dont worry !
    With my first child, my now 9 year old son, I gained 42 kg (84 pounds) and still 2 years later I was slim again – its really all about breastfeeding and eating normally – If youre slim by nature you will most likely become slim again !

    Conserning how to get pregnant : A lot of women I know have succeded in getting pregnant by eating a lot of first quality fishoil up until the pregnancytest is positive – then you’ll have to stop eating it and start only eating fat from animals insted in the first and second trimester 😉

    I wish you the best of luck – and Ps : Enjoy the quiet in your house – its actually quite noisy at times to have 4 children + friends in the house (Big smile)

    Best wishes from a little dane who cares

  5. not everybody does. I gained 27lbs (totally healthy) but on christmas day–when I was 36wks pregnant–my belly only showed from the side. A photo from behind–still got the curves. A photo from the front, but sitting kinda slouched–can’t hardly tell.
    What I’m getting at is, your figure has a lot to do with genetics and personal habits, and very little to do with pregnancy. 🙂

  6. Dont worry girl, your figure will bounce back quickly! You’re young and plus you are starting off slender… so the odds are in your favor. 🙂 If you breastfeed, you’ll get that tummy back even quicker!

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