The Spontaneous Decision

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I’m normally a homebody. So when I heard that Schlitterbahn aka “The World’s Best Water park” was having a media day, so me and my husband could go for free, it sounded fun, but a little bit of a hassle.

I had woken up at 3am yesterday to get ready for work. Normally I’m the evening anchor on weekends, but since the morning anchor was out of town, we switched shifts this weekend. Friday afternoon one of my friends told me she and her husband were going to the water park Saturday afternoon and that we should come too. “Yea, yea” was kind of my thought, I wasn’t planning on going after an eight-hour work shift that started in the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday rolled around and though I was having a rough morning the thought of having fun after work was seeming more and more appealing. I told me husband about media day and he, like me was slightly intrigued, but the idea of lounging around the house watching movies always seems like a fun option to both of us too. My hair is also something to consider as once it gets wet it’s a fro and I’ll have to schedule a hair appointment shortly after so I can wear it straight to work etc. etc.

Then, somewhere between 11 and noon I felt a spark of energy and had a change in emotions. You know what? How often after having kids will I get the chance to just up and decide I want to go do something alone with my husband all afternoon? Sure– It’ll be fun to do as a family, but it’ll be more expensive, and way more of a hassle. “We’re going” I thought.

I called, got us on the VIP list and told hubby I wanted to go. He heard the excitement and finality in my voice and was totally with me.

It was cold rainy for part of the day but we didn’t care, it was fun and it was free. We met up with my friends and visited most of the park. The lines were short and we were having a blast. I felt like a kid again as we raced off one slide and ran right back up the stairs to go down another. We ate pizza and funnel cake and went on so many rides. In fact, we stayed until the park closed at 8am.

I was feeling the pain this morning before work, once again at 3am, but I’m smiling and knowing it was worth it. It’s nice to get out of our shells every once in awhile and do something sporadic… Especially since once our two becomes three, we probably won’t be able to do things like that for awhile.

We saw cute families there with small kids but we know it’s not the same. It won’t ever be the same–Not necessarily a bad thing but something to remember as we enjoy the now.

We only took the one picture. Yep, the trip was so spontaneous I didn’t even take lots of pictures… Sad, but I did get this one to remember the fun time!

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  1. Oh I am with you on this one! We think about this ALL the time. Also EVERYONE in my family reminds me that when we have a baby we can’t just up and leave town like we do now. Then there is my mom who says “Of course you can up and leave town I will watch your babies for you!” She’s silly. I am glad you guys had a good time at the waterpark!

  2. I thought you went to Brushy Creek park. lol We went to S’bahn pre-baby. You’re only stuck for a few months. Zack took his first trip to the West Indies when he was 6 months old and LOVED the beach. We took him back again @ 10 months and he’s been to several other states already too. You’ll be surprised how much people will roll out the red carpet for you during air travel with a baby.

    Going out is different and better in some ways when you have a baby. Like, I get so excited now when I drive past a 18-wheeler or construction vehicles when Zack is in the car because HE gets so excited. I have more fun on a regular basis now with him.

    Kids definitely change things, but they only slow you down if you let them.

  3. Your site is beautiful! I love your writing style. (For real, not spam lol)

    Great thinking – do everything you can now, because after you have kids spontaneity has to hit the road for a while.

  4. I have wanted to go there ever since I saw it on the Travel Channel lol. Sounds like you guys had a great time and I think since you guys are doing the fun things and getting things together now, when you do have kids you will enjoy and appreciate them so much more 🙂


  5. Absolutely! You can’t now imagine just how much planning is required to go ANYWHERE when you have a baby. You’ll need to look back on your early married years and remember how much fun you had together. Make sure to make enough memories to sustain you for the times when you have no choice BUT to be at home.

  6. You are stinkin’ cute and I loved your page. My advice…..take advantage of the time you have alone with hubby and solidify your marriage. And then the contradiction – have kids while you’re young so you’re not to tired to go to the amusement park with them after you have them. 🙂

  7. oh, do i ever relate to what you’re saying. i keep thinking these very same things to myself about realizing that life just won’t be like this ever again, once i have kids!

  8. Yes post baby the only spontaneous thing doesn’t really happen, in fact everything takes 20 minutes longer than you thought it was going to.
    Great blog!!

  9. I’m soooo envious! My husband and I have been talking about taking a trip to TX just to go to Schlitterbahn because it looks so awesome. I’m glad you took advantage of the opportunity to be spontaneous because as you and others have mentioned, it’s definitely not something you can do once you have children. Maybe one day, we’ll make it out as a family vacation. Now that would be fun!

  10. Your site is beautiful! I love your writing style. (For real, not spam lol)

    Great thinking – do everything you can now, because after you have kids spontaneity has to hit the road for a while.

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