The Snip Snip

It has come to my attention that some women think after taking mass amounts of hormones for years, and/or mapping your cycle religiously, then pushing 8+ pound babies out of our whoohas, it’s not fair for us to ALSO have to get our Baby Makin’ organs tied or removed… HE should do it. Isn’t all that we do enough? And to just tie us up when we’re done just seems… Wrong.

A few friends at work were talking about it. “I don’t want to have to go under the knife again after all that.” They have a point. So does Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored. She broke it down plain and simple.

But I’m not sure what I think. I always thought on my third kid they can just tie me up while they’re down there, but I guess that’s only the case if you have a C-section. But really, women, are we just saying this out of spite? Is it because we can’t make them have babies, take birth control pills or defer our visits from Aunt Flow to them? Is sterilization our only chance for revenge therefore we jump at the opportunity? –I’m not saying one way or another, I’m just asking.

Yea, it’s fun to bring it up an see him squirm, I’m not gonna lie, that’s dang funny! Butmy birth control hasn’t given me horrible side effects and I haven’t been through pregnancy or labor. I’m sure after I’ve experienced an ounce of pain my mind will most likely lean in the direction of HIM getting the snippity snip. But for now, I think I’m open to being the one responsible. Besides… We do everything else anyway, why stop there?

Angela says:

Got my tubes tied about an hour after third child was born. I had my mind made up that that was what I wanted. If I waited on him I’d probably have 6 kids. Got forbid anything should happen to his precious element. Didn’t matter that my whoohaa got stretched beyond max, it was the best decision I made.

BTW, they go through your belly button and I was awake the whole time. But the two of you should come up with the right decision that benefits the both of you.

Sarah says:

Tying doesn’t always work! My little brother is proof of that! After my mom had me she had her’s tied because she was done having children!

Goldibug says:

I figure I’ll just wait for nature to take its course. You know…menopause. I don’t want to deal with another expensive procedure that might not even work. I don’t think it’s fair to expect our men to get the snippity either. If we don’t want to go under the knife why should we expect him to?

Mommy Bee says:

Well, for him it’s a brief outpatient procedure…cuz it’s more or less an external organ, you know what I mean?! 😉
For you it’s major abdominal surgery. If you’re already having a c-section, then sure, it’s no big deal. But trust me, a c/s is no little thing either…would you have elective open heart surgery? Cuz it’s kinda comparable in terms of how much they have to open you up…
A vasectomy is also MUCH cheaper.
It’s also reversible if you change your mind later.

I don’t think I would do any of it! I wouldn’t do it and I wouldn’t make my hubby! There are other ways of prevention so why go so extreme!

Juls says:

Your blog is the cutiest I’ve seen in awhile.. 🙂 Love it. Stopping by from Sits to show some comment ♥

AndreaLeigh says:

Just stopping by from SITS to show some comment love. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Becky says:

Hi, I’ve come here from SITS.
I have told Hubs that he has to get ‘done’ since I have to carry his children for 9 months (or almost 10 in the case of our first daughter). I argue that I have to go through c-section after c-section (okay, so only two so far, but they’ve only been 15 months apart…) and it’s his turn.
I do mean it, kinda. But, I will probably end up getting my tubes tied. I just worry that we will want another and if he gets a vasectomy then we can get it reversed..

San says:

Hiya from SITS!

Wow… Havent thought of this biggie for myself yet. Hmm, it does provide good food for thought! Thanks! Enjoyed my stay here! 🙂

{Katie Lane} says:

I think it’s our blessing as women to be in control of such things. But I have not had a baby or been pregnant either. Maybe we are just naive 🙂

Kathy says:

I’m dropping by from SITS.
My husband had agreed to get the snip when the time came. But after three children, circumstances changed and I had a hysterectomy for health reasons (not cancer.)
His father, though, was suggesting hubby should get snipped pretty much after the second baby (we had three over 13 years, for Pete’s sake!) He told my hubby that it was easy and you could play golf the same afternoon. I talked to my gyno and he said, “It’s a more simple operation for a man, as long as he doesn’t do something stupid like play golf the same day.”

sandy says:

Hi! I’m stopping by from SITS!
I too have heard a lot of women who would like nothing more than to torture their husbands with the snip, snip. Not me, I have five children and my husband nor I have decided to get “snipped”. Besides, I know that my hubbby would be such a baby about it that I would be the one tortured by all of his whining. It’s just not worth it;0)

Stopping by from SITS… 🙂

I think if there is any chance of possibly wanting more children down the road, and if there is a problem with ‘standard’ birth control, having the hubby get snipped is the better way to go because a reversal is much better/easier/successful than tube tying. 🙂

Tiff says:

I’m one of those C-section mommas that got snipped when my third was born. I don’t regret the decision. Granted it was a matter of convenience at the time. It was a hard decision but in the end we talked long and hard about it. I have no regrets. Honestly my body can not take another pregnancy. Although my husband was more than willing to succumb to the knife. I figured it was simpler for me since I was already in the OR.

Jessica says:

We have both agreed that when the time comes, it will be him getting the snippity snip. It’s a much easier procedure for a man, out patient! He was actually the one to offer.

heather says:

Oh man, this was such a good post. My hubby and I were just talking about this and he totally squirmed when I brought it up. It was so funny. But you know, I do think they should get it done. Once we do that procedure to us…isn’t it permenant? That sounds scary to me. I know of someone that had her tubes tied and later they felt as though they should have had another baby. If that were to happen to me…I would feel horrible…so I think the guy should get the snippity snip.

Amanda says:

Stopping by from SITS.

I agree that it is A LOT easier to have the man get snipped than it is for the woman to have surgery to get fixed.

For men it takes about 2 days to recover from, woman more like 4 to 6 weeks. ugghhh.

The all do get a little green in the face when it is brought up though!

{leah} says:

{Thanks for stopping by my blog}

We had three kids in less than three years. funny how that happens… We are thinking of adding another and because it will have to be a c-section I’ll just get everything tied up then. If not my IUD has been working great… why mes with a good thing?

Jenna says:

We’re of the “no surgery if at all possible” school of thought. Neither hubby nor I will be getting the snip-snip unless it becomes medically necessary. IUD’s are actually more effective at preventing pregnancy, anyway, but I had a bad experience with that. So who knows what I’ll do? I just know it shall not involve sharp instruments of any kind.

Yaya says:

Yup, I’m one of those loaded on hormones just to have a baby ppl…blah…

ok, i thought since i was having a c-section with sofie i could maybe just do the tying thing…but alas, nope! first,preeclamptic and premature birth nixed it. second, a catholic hospital will not do it as one procedure. hmmm…who knew? so, off we went with all 4 girlies in hand for taking hubs to snip.

did i mention we were officially “infertile”…oh yeah…then after 2 kids who we adopted, boom. sofia was born, in my body. yep. snip snip is something we thought we’d never have to do.

ok, i’m done…sorry. to much info!

Jennifer says:

Personally I can’t wait to be done with birth control. My boobs are bigger (yes, I just complained about that!) and it makes me a little crazy sometimes. And some studies suggest birth control may increase risk for some cancers (like breast cancer). I don’t see why HE can’t make a sacrifice for a change.

Cascia says:

Very interesting post, Jennifer. I know most women prefer that their husband gets “snipped.” The recovery process for men is a lot faster and the surgery is less invasive.

But as a devout Catholic I am against all forms of birth control including surgical sterilization. Maybe that’s why I am expecting my fourth child.

I always think Dave should have to be the one, and he actually agrees, for me it is not out of spite at all. More along the terms of what Mamma Bee was saying for them it is a quick procedure for us it is major surgery that requires a lot of recovery time. It is especially hard if you have small children you can not lift anything for ten pounds for weeks, which means you cannot lift your child, or children until you are healed. You would be surprised how many things you can not lift actually. My mom had a c-section with my youngest brother and the Doctor instructed her to not even lift a full gallon of milk. It is just much harder on our bodies than it is theirs

Emma says:

I’ve had 2 babies & now thinking of the snip or tie!! I’ve heard the man’s thingy is never the same again! Why fix if it’s not broke, i’m already messed up down there so whats anotha procedure???

Marly says:

I know this is a month old, but I have been reading all your posts 🙂
I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’m pregnant with our 4th and I think I’m done. He agrees. Honestly, the pill has done horrible things to me. I get really mean and have no sex drive. I had horrible post partum depression after my second. I’ve done the mini pill, IUD and condoms. I’ve also done charting while nursing. I’ve realized I need my body to just do its regular thing. Have a period every month, and just have nothing hindering it. We’re really starting to research the big V because for our sake, we need my body to be normal. For me it has nothing to do with being mean or having vengeance for him not having babies.

Tori says:

I know this is a while back and I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but just for your information, in case you didn’t know (probably do): a vasectomy for a man is an out patient procedure. Tubal ligation for a woman is a full-on surgery. WAY more possible problems for the latter over the former. Just saying….

Kathy says:

I’m dropping by from SITS.
My husband had agreed to get the snip when the time came. But after three children, circumstances changed and I had a hysterectomy for health reasons (not cancer.)
His father, though, was suggesting hubby should get snipped pretty much after the second baby (we had three over 13 years, for Pete’s sake!) He told my hubby that it was easy and you could play golf the same afternoon. I talked to my gyno and he said, “It’s a more simple operation for a man, as long as he doesn’t do something stupid like play golf the same day.”

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