The Shout outs!

Yesterday I did a bit of complaining but let me tell you, it was all in good fun. Do you know I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of things to put in here? I think “I’m not going to write that down, I won’t forget it!” Four hours later… “What was I thinking? It was so good!” Sounds like I need to go back to my dream journal. Dream journal, 3 blogs, regular journal, and a journal on my iPhone… My posterity is gonna know WAY more about me than they ever want to!… Poor guys.

Anyway, I really wanted to take a moment to give a shot out to some of my homies that have been spotlighting me lately. YALL ROCK!

First there was “The Healthy Moms” sounds tight right? That’s right! Cascia picked up my blog to be spotlighted on their website! With interview in all. Let me tell you that made me feel super special! I have the link to The Healthy Mom’s blog on my sidebar. You think I have good research, check hers out!

Next, there was my true homie from way back… Heather! Her blog is private but I have to tell you the funny story that goes with her spotlight. First off, she was one of my only roommates ever! We roomed together my first Summer at BYU. She heard me go off about how I thought my engaged 18-year-old friends were INSANE. I’m not exaggerating, I really did. I wrote in my journal about one of my friends who “I just couldn’t believe” would get married so young! I wanted to be done with school, have a career, make some money, take my time (sound familiar?)–One month later I was in love and three months after that, engaged, two more months–Married, just shy of my 19th birthday. HYPOCRITE–And Heather remembers it all (The amnesia potion I snuck in her food must not have worked). But she still loves me, even enough to write about it :o)

Finally, one of the coolest once because I didn’t even know about it!! I just started reading Mommy Bee’s blog within the last couple of weeks. Get this… SHE LIVES IN ALASKA! I’m really surprised I didn’t even notice the shout out she gave me because I’ve basically read ALL of them! I’ve only had time to go through a few of your blogs and I want to see all of them (I’m getting there! Post cruise I PROMISE!) She writes the most informative stuff about our religion, FOOD (lord knows I need help with) crafts (she’s an etsy store owner) and she’s sucked me in! Well, I missed the link one and saw she gave me the nicest little spotlight, and a great idea to try to do here. I don’t know if it’s a big deal to be mentioned on my blog, maybe one day, but for now you all know I think you’re special!!

Yea, let’s make this a tradition. I’ll call it Weekly Random Spotlights Shout outs!

If I missed you, don’t hate! Let me know cause I’d love to see. But from now on I’ll be givin little Random Shout Outs to my homies in the blog world! Tight right?

Unpremeditated thought from the new name: While I was doing a story yesterday I asked the little boy I was interviewing if he had anything else he wanted to say that I didn’t ask him about and he replied with the cutest thing: “I want to give a shout out to my mom and my sisters.” I think he was the first person to answer that question that way but I’m always secretly thinking I’d say that if it were me. He was such a cutie! ((Urge kicking back in))

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  1. Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa! Another minion to follow my blog!

    You’re so funny! I figured you had seen my link because I posted it the day after I found you here (when you came and left comments on a whole bunch of my posts). That’s hilarious that you missed it!
    And I figure it’s a big deal to be mentioned on anyone’s blog–so thank you! ♥

    RE–forgetting brilliant post ideas. Um, yeah, I have about 15 drafts sitting in my blogger right now…I get an idea, so I make a blank post with just a title, and then save it…I tend to think of 10 things at once, but that’s good because then I don’t think of anything for another week. Sometimes I just don’t have time to write them up, but a lot of times I have things scheduled one-per-day for a week or more in advance *blush* This kind of type-A personality/OCD is exactly why I have *coughFOURcough* blogs. ☺

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