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Two summers ago I worked a long side a pregnant reporter in Atlanta, Georgia. She was very pregnant… And running around in high heels, I don’t know how she did it! She told me to avoid getting pregnant in the summer months… Or being super pregnant in the summer months I should say.

This memory struck me the other day and got me thinking about when the perfect time of year is to have a baby. What are things to consider? Weather? A tax write off? Are boys or girls more prone during a certain time of year? Zodiac signs for sure need to be considered.

I’m a Capricorn myself and some of my best friends are Cappis. Hubby is a Scorpio, they are great but a little shy sometimes and I’m hoping for an outgoing kid so I should probably stay away from a November baby.

The summers are hot in Austin, I’d prefer not to be super hot while I’m the size of a whale already, but I hate the cold too and I really don’t want to feel uncomfortable! Plus you can go swimming all summer… But I’m not sure who would want to see my pregnant belly at a pool!

Man, there’s so much to consider! Do you know of many superstitions or have opinions on the best time of year to be pregnant/have a baby?

And for my new readers, unbeknown to my sarcasm… I’m kidding (kind of).

Thanks to Mama Bee for this topic idea!!

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  1. I would say try to avoid being hugely pregnant in the summer. I’ve had 3 pregnancies. I got pregnant in early fall the first time, very late winter the second and the summer the last. I much prefer the first pregnancy timing. The very worst was my 2nd pregnancy where I was big in the summer. I heard from other friends who were due in November/December who said the same thing. The summers were awful.

  2. I loved my march baby! I planned that one very well. I like March-June, in Utah of course. Right before it gets hot. My October was pretty good. It was hot all summer, but I was able to swim which is WONDERFUL while pregnant! For the last month, it was nice which helped with my swelling.

    My July and I think this time around, being due the end of August will probably be my worst! I plan on buying a kiddie pool and sitting in the backyard with the kids. August is also going to suck because the kids will barely start school.

    I personally know nothing about signs, so I’m not help there.

  3. I planned my baby to be born in May, but it took awhile to get pregnant, so I ended up being due in AUgust, but she was born mid July. I tried to plan this next one, but nothing is working there so all I am hoping is to have one due before January 1st. A tax write off would be AWESOME

    And, if you are curious about genders and such, here is a site I absolutely love. All of my friends and family have used it and it hasn’t been wrong yet… kind of freaky actually. You should check it out!

  4. You should check out the chinese birth chart (just google it, you’ll get a million results). It was accurate for 4 out of 5 of us that were all preggers around the same time. I’m a Cappie too and my hubby is a Scorpio. My son’s a cappie and very sensitive. You should try for a Leo… very outgoing!

  5. I had my baby in October…in Utah…and I was still miserable in the summer! Two words: sweaty crotch. Seriously. Awful. I will never do that again if I have any say in the matter. I am planning for a late winter/early spring child next time around.

  6. I don’t know. I gave birth at the very end of August and the summer was not so bad. It was hot I guess but all in all it was not so bad. I don’t know that there is any way to make the last few weeks particularly enjoyable. You are so anxious to have the baby to meet them and hold them and that is what makes it hard – not the weather. 🙂

  7. Oh and if I were going to plan when my baby was born I would pay the most attention to when the cut off for school is. Do you want them to be younger or older when they start school? Both of my kids are going to be on the younger side and I am glad for that.

  8. We weren’t really lucky enough to be able to plan for seasons and such. Just getting pregnant was a HUGE ordeal for us. That said, all of our children have June birthdays and that’s just about perfect in my opinion. Halfway around the calendar from Christmas (yet another seasonal thing you could opt to consider!)

  9. I LOVED being due in January. It was cold, but you can always hole yourself up at home and when you do venture out, cover up. In the summer, you can’t seem to take enough off when you’re pregnant.

    I loved it enough that if/when I have another, I hope to be due in December or January.

  10. Juat a ditto to Cynthia that I was lucky to get pregnant and stay pregnant, so planning for a certain birthday or season was not on my mind. It’s fun to think of things like this, but it’s also important to remember that pregnancy is pretty much out of your hands in a lot of ways. Even when everything is perfectly timed with ovulation, conception only results in ~25% of cases. And of those, about ~25% end in miscarriage. Once you actually know all that needs to happen in order to get and stay pregnant, you’d wonder how anyone gets pregnant at all!

    But to answer your question, I was in my 3rd trimester in the late spring/early summer. I was awful swollen and terribly uncomfortable. If you can avoid that, do so!

  11. My first pregnancy I was so excited to be pregnant from July until March because I also live where its super super hot in the summer-Las Vegas! Unfortunately we miscarried and there went that beautiful winter pregnancy. 🙁 I don’t think its very easy to plan though but if I could I would definitely try not to be pregnant through a Vegas summer…but I’ve been trying since then so I think I would get over it if I was. I hope I would enjoy it no matter what season it is. 🙂

  12. I got pregnant during July and had my son in March. We didn’t even plan to get pregnant let alone the time, however when we do decided for the second baby I WILL be planning for another winter pregnancy. Ive seen toooo many people go through summer pregnancies and it is more than I want 🙂

  13. Darlin’, we live in Texas, aka. the sauna. From the minute you get pregnant your personal “oven” kicks on and it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in front of a snow blower, you’ll still be hot. Air conditioning helps in the summer, but yet you have to walk outside some time. But in the winter we have the heaters on in every house and location you’ll go to. So unless you plan on spending your winter with the windows open it won’t matter much either.

    Maybe talk to the hubby and find out if he would rather spend the money on electricity for air conditioning or the extra blankets he’ll need to live around you during that time.

    I would say tax write off is good but I wouldn’t worry much about that unless your baby is due close to the end of the year. (My parents induced my sister a week early so she would come before the end of the year. ) But unless the due date is iffy around new years an Oct. or Nov. baby is still a write off.

    I don’t think it really matters. When your as big as a house you won’t find any reason to like any of the seasons. Well, except maybe Halloween. Then you can paint your belly to look like a watermelon or a basketball.


  14. I found out I was pregnant in July, and give birth in March. Very easy pregnancy, and summer months weren’t so hard, well I was just a little pregnant in summer LOL…about signs, we are all over here LOL I’m a Taurus, Hubby is a Sagittarius and baby girl is a Pisces, so different but we kind of get along 🙂

  15. I would love to be big and pregnant during the summer so I could go swimming. I think the near zero gravity of floating in a pool would cancel out all other bad things about being preggo in summer. Really.

  16. Haa Haa! I delivered in July, tho I was due in August. Where I live is a very dry hot heat in California. I remember sweating like CRAZY during the last two months, having THREE fans on me while I slept, WHILE sleeping naked with no covers! My hubby however was bundled up like an Eskimo. I always had the AC cranked up and fans everywhere. My friend who is always hot was so excited to hear I was expecting another July baby, because she loved how cold I had the house the last time. What a way to be known.
    My son is a Leo, and I hear the best about Leos. It was weird, I think I heard more about that, than weird baby advice when I was preggers with him.

  17. The thing that I always think about is the school year for the kids. Will they be older or younger in their class? I think fall babies are nice for the school year. I also refuse to get pregnant in March (if I can help it) to avoid a Dec baby. What a hard month to have a birthday!

  18. The last thing I want is a Christmas baby, for their sake and mine. I make a huge deal out of holiday’s and I would hate for a child to feel like their birthday got lost in the shuffle of Christmas. As a summer baby, I love having two big gift giving holidays six months apart. It’s so perfect for giving and receiving gifts. I also don’t want to be hugely pregnant in the summer. So I’m thinking a spring baby would be nice.

  19. I think getting pregnant in the summer would be good. Then by the time you get big it is still cold outside and you wouldn’t be ridiculously hot all day long. I thought it was quite comfortable with my second. My first pregnancy had me large in the summer. I was pregnant in So. Utah so all I did was sweat! I was relieved when fall rolled around and the temperatures started cooling off. Being big in the winter is definitly my choice that is if I was able to plan it perfectly LOL!

  20. I always wanted a March baby. Like your friend I’ve been forewarned not to be “very” pregnant in the summer. Apparently you swell up like a tick and sleeping is next to impossible. So fingers crossed I’m aiming for a fall baby or a spring baby.

  21. Plan for May if at all possible. You avoid the summer months being pregnant and get to have a Spring/Summer baby. It’s nice my daughter was born May 30th, perfect. My son was October and I went through a VERY HOT HUGE summer.

  22. I had one summer baby and will never do it again. When you’re pregnant your thermostat is turned way up so it is really uncomfortable. The only other thing I would consider next time is not having a baby in December because in CA that’s the cut off for school. So I have a 4 year old who wont be going to school with all of this friends next year. I’m not sure this is going to be that big a deal but it makes me sad that he doesn’t get to go with them.

  23. I am a December baby and that is the only month I hope not to give birth! I’m lucky that I’m towards the beginning of the month but no matter what Christmas & the holiday season creeps in – the combo birthday/x-mas gift is so lame! I would imagine having your birthday near NYE is just as ruff. Only my thoughts – watch out when trying in the spring! 😉

  24. My first baby I got pregnant in October and had him in July- it was so wonderful but then we lived in Seattle (where the average summer temps were in the 60s- perfect!) Now that we are back in Texas I definitely planned for a spring pregnancy so if I would not have gotten pregnant in our window of May-August I would have waited just to avoid being hugely pregnant in the summer. I’m typically cold natured but winters being pregnant have been great because the baby heats me up so much the cold weather feels fabulous. This is my first spring baby and its also nice because we are no longer in cold/rsv season (my second son was born in January so I had to be very cautious) and they have so many cute springy/summery outfits. A baby is a blessing regardless of the time of year but I’m grateful to be having this one in spring!

  25. I was very pregnant all summer and actually didn’t think it was that bad. I got a Seven Peaks pass and parked it at the water park all summer long, when I wasn’t at my part-time job. People think you are the cutest thing, and pregnant swimsuits are actually adorable, in my opinion.

    I have been thinking a lot about this too, not because of the babies, but because of me. Post-partum + seasonal depression is not a happy thing, so I think springtime babies would be good. But, they’ll probably come whenever they want to.

    Plus, babies born in the spring/summer months have a better chance of no RSV or other scary sicknesses.

  26. Oh, another plus about being pregnant when it’s hot is swimming while you’re huge does WONDERS for your back because you are a lot lighter in the water!

  27. My baby was born at the end of June which happened to be the hottest weekend of the year for us,go figure…But I thought that was a good month to be done with pregnancy before summer really hit.
    I also wanted to say that any pregnant belly,yours included (in the future) is beautiful and you should show if off as much as you want (swimming during hot summer months)because you are caring a precious gift from God and will be glowing! 🙂

  28. Even though I live in Arizona, I didn’t plan for seasons so much as I planned for zodiac signs. I had my “definitelys”, my “maybes”, and my “definitely nots”. Turns out, I’m not in charge. And when you have problems like I’ve had, you’ll take a healthy pregnancy no matter how the birth falls in the zodiac calendar!

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