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A little while ago I posted about the best season to have a baby. Seems like people HATE being majorly pregnant in the summer months… But the upside is swimming. I am cold all the time so I feel like I’d like being pregnant in the wintertime and having a spring baby… So when does that mean I’ll have to get knocked up? (Counting backwards on my fingers)… I think that means June or so… Around there. I know I want to try NOT to have a baby towards the end of the year cause like some people pointed out… Having a birthday near Christmas isn’t so fun. Plus, my birthday is in January and Hubby’s is in November… Our anniversary is in December, there’s just too much going on that time of year. June seems sooo far though! And what if it doesn’t work right, right away? Ugh! Decisions decisions.

Kayce also gave me a great website that seems to have a 77% accuracy rating for gender prediction. I looked it up and mapped out when my mom had all of us four girls… The system was correct! Same for some of my friends and their moms… So according to this calender if I conceive in June, August, or December I should have a girl (which is my first choice). June would be perfect cause then I should have her in April… Perfect, no? Spring baby!!

My friend also looked up some other stuff you can do to try to have a girl: Avoid salty foods, eat lots of dairy, mineral water and certain vegetables… Oh and my favorite: Put a wooden spoon under my bed and a pink ribbon under my pillow. Worth a try right?

Of course I don’t mind what I have… We’ll have more than one but it would be fun to try to choose before and see if that’s what I end up with. Hubby wants a boy first so one of us will be happy. I know I’ll be fine and happy either way though with a healthy happy baby. I wouldn’t mind a mommy’s boy.

Did you try any crazy techniques to choose the gender?

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  1. The only thing I can tell you about gender selection is timing. Supposedly boys sperm swim faster and die sooner. Girl sperm swim slower and live longer, so your odds of getting a girl are that you should dtd 3 days before ovulation. Boy do it on the day or the day before. For me, this has been true.

  2. We didn’t try anything to predict the gender, we were happy with healthy and happy baby, but I think Hubby secretly hoped for a boy, but he is so close to our daughter that really I don’t think he minded one bit.

    The first comment is so true, and that could help you knowing your ovulation (there are tests you can get in every store right where pregnancy tests are) 🙂
    And the Chinese calendar kind of was right for my first, we’ll see in the future LOL

  3. I’ve looked up several of those chinese calendars (yes, they are different from one to the other) and I’ve never seen one that was always right for me. And i only have 2 kids to go from!!! (One of my miscarriages was late enough that we knew the baby’s sex.)
    I’ve had gut feelings about all my pregnancies, and they’ve been right (both times that we could tell) so I trust them on the other two times as well. i have not had a gut vibe about this one yet, but hey, there’s time…I think I may be thinking about too many other things right now and once things calm down a little (ie, once we know where we’re moving to!) then i’ll be able to tune in to the baby better.

    As for trying for one or the other, um, well, I’ve heard that certain positions encourage one or the other, and also that certain days of your cycle are better for conceiving one or the other…unfortunately the two scheduling methods I read were directly in conflict with each other, so that’s not much help, LOL!!!

    What it’s really come down to for me though is that i just want a healthy baby. I’ve lost too many to get too picky about whether it’s a pink baby or a blue baby. Yes, I confess, that with two boys I am hoping for a girl right now…but what I want most is a healthy baby, and either flavor is ok for that. 🙂

  4. Very funny! After having 3 cats and 2 dogs, we just wanted a human. Anyway….we went to the ultrasound with “K” and yes, it was a Boy, just what we wanted. Good luck to you!

  5. I actually like to be big pregnant in the summer-because of the light clothing to wear-I hated to wear layers over my big belly..and loved wearing capris and light dresses all summer being pregnant. Plus I didn’t worry too much about colds during the summer for baby..I love having my babies in the summer-two daughters born in august and june and one born in dec.

  6. I didn’t try anything, I just got lucky with one of each. Although I do love girls, I think boys are more fun. They are so energetic it’s just so much fun. Girls are more sassy…

    Okay So I’ve been pregnant during both seasons and to tell you the truth I actually liked having the spring baby. I was always hot and in the winter time it was nice because I never had a problem. Sometimes I would even sleep with the window open and my poor husband was always freezing. But I did notice that I gained more weight with the spring baby. I think it was because it was cold and during the winter time I tend to eat more and do less.
    Anyway, can’t wait to know when it happens.

  7. Haha, I love how that gender-predicting website is labeled Chinese Lunar Calendar.

    The Chinese have all these old wives’ tales that always make me laugh.

    My mom has always said you can predict a baby’s gender by the mother’s looks during pregnancy. For example, a woman who’s carrying a girl will have this pregnancy glow, and she’ll be really pretty with great complexion, etc etc.

    On the other hand, a woman pregnant with a boy will get ugly. Bad skin, acne, no glow, etc.

    Haha, I love my mom. And she claims that it applied to her when she was pregnant with my brother and me.

  8. Hey! I just found your blog on Blog Stalkers Unite and wanted to stop by to say hello. What a fun blog you have here!

    I have no insightful advice on the baby-makin’ since I am still waiting for my bf to propose… But hopefully soon…

  9. HAHAHA You are silly. The fun part was not knowing until halfway through my pregnancy what we were having and some couples choose to never find out until the baby is born. Also, anything that claims it can predict the gender is a joke! It’s a product made by a company that feeds on the neurocies of pregnant women.

  10. How great! According to this, I can get pregnany anytime from this August to January and have a girl! 🙂 We are planning on trying again late this year and would love Cooper to have a sister. I really enjoy your blog!

  11. We got pregnant in November and had a girl. I didn’t even know there were certain months that upped your chances.

    I am totally with you on the Spring baby deal!

  12. I am a mom of 4! I’ll tell you its not always easy. Staying up all night, changing daipers, worring about their education, hoping what your doing is right. But if I had the chance to go back and start over, I would not change a thing. I love my kids! They are a blessing to me in so many ways. I learn from them everyday. You will love being a Mom!

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