The Results!- More Giveaway Winners

I’ve been thinking of ways to keep myself occupied while I’m waiting for my September “baby makin'” goal to roll around, and I’m feeling a blog transformation coming on. Nothing too serious, but I think it will help.

You have no idea how many things I’ve been reading about fertility and getting ready to make a baby. I’ve also been getting quite a few products to help the process along, and I’m going to try to do a really good job of reviewing them so YOU know about it too! I figure this is where I am… I’m not a mommy blogger, I don’t have a baby to try baby stuff with, and I’m not a mother, so I can’t really try all that cool mommy stuff out there yet. At first it was a little frustrating and sometimes seemed lonely, but the more I’m online the more I realize I’m NOT alone, and there are a lot of people feeling how I’m feeling and asking the same questions I am. SO… I’m going to try to do a better job of reviewing things I’m trying. Don’t worry… I’ll be giving some stuff away to you to try too when I can!

I hope this will be fun. Don’t worry… Not every post will be a review. That’s not me. But every now and then I’ll tell you about something I’m trying and why it could be helpful for you. Sound good? What do you think? Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of review blogs, but I think trying these things has become a part of who I am and I’m hoping it’ll all flow naturally.

Anyway, on to other stuff… “Mothers Who Work” did an article about me. It was a fun interview, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. Some of you here have asked me what baby names I have picked out, and while I’ve posted an old list on here, the final girl name I leaked in that article! Let me know what you think of it!

I also am done playing Oprah for now. I know you’re probably DYING to know who won right? Well here are some more winners, including the first set of LIVE giveaway winners, and I’ll add the rest here as the other dates end. Winners, get me your info. Without further adieu here are the winners according to

Baby’s First Journal, the all encompassing journal to keep track of your baby’s schedule by Glow Baby goes to TWO winners: #76 Joanna and #60 Ashley (I read you’re having Twins, so I guess you’ll have to pick your favorite to use this on ;o) )But remember, everyone wins on this one.. Glow Baby is giving a discount to my readers 15% off until the end of July! Just use the discount code “BabyMakinMachin”.

The year subscription to JustAskBaby, a place to get a baby’s point-of-view and learn more about the way your baby things, as well as create your own baby profile for your family and friends to stay up to date on your baby’s progress. Winner: #25 Dyar Baby Momma and remember, you can get a free 15-day trial on their site too!

Winning the adorable bows for little girls from Georgia Blue is: #12 Little Nut Tree

Next is the winner of an adorable baby bandana bib from Hippo Baby… Oh I make cute bandanas for Snoop but these for kids… I can’t get enough! #67 Danielle

I’m not sure what’s up with all of these low numbers but the next winner for a cute giraffe rattle from Bundled Etsy is #40 Randi!

Not that I don’t love my commenters who were on the ball from the start but I’m happy to say the final winner of part 2 of my giveaway, winning some breast milk enhancing cookies from Harderlime’s Etsy Shop is: #222 Milftobe (love your name by the way).

And already on to Day 3 of the giveaway…
Winner of the beautiful custom necklace from Garden Goddess Mosaics: #188 CandG-Jill~W.

I’m jealous of this winner cause I REALLY need a business card holder for BlogHer, but winning not only that but also a checkbook cover from Meghan’s Designs: #11 Peterson Family!

Winning the BEAUTIFUL customizable photobook from Iris and Lily (can I steal it from you please?): Liz-Loving Mom of 2 Boys

The cute yoga mat case from Chella Bella Designs (which I also REALLY want to steal) sadly (for me) goes to: #157 Amy Lynn which is funny because she mentioned in that comment that that’s what she wanted! Congrats!

It’s not over yet… JK Vinyl Designs (which by the way was SO nice to send me a vinyl displace for my home, I’ll show you pics once I get it up) is giving away the choice vinyl display to: #17 Emmy (and her cute little family!).


#2 Courtney aka Mommy of Many wins the childrens games from Second Story Window.
Ok that’s all the winners up until now.

#10 Kimberly and Clay win a beautiful swaddle wrap from Loving Baby Inc. I know Kim IRL so I’m so happy she won something too! Woohoo!

#113 Goldibug wins the beautiful mentrual beads from Doulahara’s Shop.

#97 Slee won the teether from Discovery Toys… And good thing cause she said she already can see the teeth marks of where her snapdragon’s bites would be!

And finally, I forgot one of the winner’s from Part 3. The winner of the beautiful custom necklace from Garden Goddess Mosaics is #178 Steven and Wendy! –And they’re having a baby, woohoo!

If you KNOW you won a prize in my LIVE giveaway let me know so I can pair you up with the sponsor, email your information to babymakingmachine{at}gmail{dot}com. It’ll make it easier for me, cause I’m pretty sure you know if you won. I’m trying to get around to all of the winners so I can get your prizes out but I’m hosing a baby shower TOMORROW and am a little frazzled, so if I don’t get to you right away I will this weekend. I’ll give you a couple of weeks to get me your address before I pass it on to another winner.

I’m done playing Oprah but Danielle isn’t. Check out her giveaway here.

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