The Removal

I called the doctor’s office of where I’m getting my checkup and asked if they did Mirena removals. They didn’t, so I called my “female doctor” right away, knowing it normally takes awhile for me to get in for an appointment. Needless to say I was quite surprised when they asked “How does next Tuesday sound?” It sounded… Soon. I was expecting at least a month, not seven days.

The week went by quickly, my mental countdown was ticking all week, but it wasn’t until the day before and morning of that I really began to think of excuses. 24 hours, 10 hours, 2 hours… The closer it got to my appointment time the more I thought of canceling–Especially since it was the same day of Oprah’s show on “motherhood” which was making me rethink it all. I was moments away, debating my decision on Twitter when I finally got the courage to just go!

The whole way there I watched for signs to turn around, to cancel. I didn’t get lost–That was a good sign. I was almost on time-An OK sign. I found a parking spot–Good sign. But when I went upstairs to my doctor’s office, and the lady gave me weird looks about my insurance, I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

I am blessed with good insurance. It covers 100% of my health care fees so long as I visit a place that’s “in network” (which most places are). So when the woman verifying my insurance told me they didn’t cover IUD removals, and that I’d have to pay the $300 I figured that was the sign I was waiting for… A sign that I shouldn’t go through with it. She told me today I was in luck, if I did it then I’d get 25% off an only have to pay $200 something. What? To pull a string? No thank-you!

I got up to leave but on my way out (in near tears) I decided to call my insurance myself. Why would they pay for the device and insertion but leave me to live with it the rest of my life?

My gut instinct was right–That lady, and whoever she talked to were wrong. The man on the phone told me I’d only have to pay a $30 copay. I kept him on the phone, marched back into the office of snooty people and handed her my phone. After she and him discussed the matter they came to the conclusion that I’d actually have to pay my $150 deductible. And she made it clear that it needed to be paid up front. Who did she think I was and why was she acting like I couldn’t pay my bill? What? Whatever. An hour had passed since my appointment time and after going over the cost with my husband I decided if they could get me in right then, I’d do it, if not, I’d wait, and possibly find a new doctor. The woman told me she could get me in right away so I went ahead and proceeded.

My wait time in the waiting room was seconds, that made me happy. But the time I spent waiting in the patient room was ridiculous. I was in a hurry to undress before the doctor arrived but then waited another half hour (no joke) before she even came in… Then she was in and our in less than 2 minutes… And I/my insurance paid $300 for that? I should be a GYNO!

Since my “operation” (I’m going to call it that because of the cost) I’ve been a little moody. And I think it’s a little ironic that just days after getting it out I decide to change my mind. I haven’t been able to diagnose myself yet (I’m a hypochondriac so I do that kinda stuff) but I’m thinking it’s a combination of a couple of things: 1. Stress. I try not to stress often, but lately I feel like a ticking time bomb. 2. Pregnant friends. How can I swoon over my best friends’ bellies and babies if I have my own? and 3. Hormones, I think that’s causing my stress, and hyperactive jealousy. Can I blame my hormones for everything? I think I may try.

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  1. I blame my hormones for EVERYTHING. It’s amazing what you can get away with when you just blame the hormones! (I’m wondering how long my husband will take it as an excuse!)

  2. Starting or stopping birth control, especially an IUD will make you SOoooooooooooooooooooo moody! Are you taking a low-dosage birth control now? That might help with the out of control hormones.

  3. So wait…. did I just miss something really really important– you’re OFF all forms of BC??? Wowza! That’s amazing! I think I will just live vicariously through you right now because if one more person tells me right now is the perfect time for me to have a baby, I may kick them in the nuts.

  4. I have a friend who pulled hers out herself. I was going to suggest that to you but I forgot. Sorry it was so pricey and such a long wait! That’s usually how it was for me for my OB appointments.

  5. So how was the actual removal? I don’t need tons of details, but did it hurt? Was it difficult for the OBGYN to get it out? I have one and will likely be getting it out within the next 6 months to ttc. It went in fine, but I’m worried about removal.

  6. I wondered why you didn’t blog this — I wanted more details than twitter provides, hehe!! Sorry for saying that I wanted so many details about your uterus!

    Man, I swear, health insurance probs can come up no matter what!

    This is exciting babe, intense!

  7. Blame the hormones! LOL! That’s what I’d do anyways. You’ll still love everyone’s pregnant belly and their babies but you’ll learn that your belly and baby is a whole different type of love. )))HUGS((( Whatever you decide is the best decision for you!

  8. Health insurance is rediculous. Glad to hear that you were able to reach someone who knew more about your insurance and it didn’t cost too much. But I still believe that there needs to be some reform with the health insurance in the US.

    I understand completely about being moody. Stress does that to me as well. Just think of it this way, you got the darn thing out, it is over and done with now leave the rest up to God.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. It’s always nerve racking when you’re making a huge decision. You know having a baby is probably one of the biggest choices a woman has to make. So, all of your stress and moodiness is totally justified. You just have to remember to not let the negative things cloud your vision.

    If having a baby is what you want then stick to your guns and not worry about the rest. Keep your eyes on the prize.

  10. Congrats on taking your next step. Can’t wait to hear the news that you are expecting :). Stopping in from SITS with bloggy love.

  11. I though I posted something earlier but it didnt take. So here are my thoughts:
    First, if what I conclude from this post is correct and you are officially trying, I am happy for you! (and jealous…). Second, you need a new OB. Dont let them treat you like that. Just like any business, they need patients. Go to a better OB and tell this one that their staff member was rude. Remember, if/when you do get preggo, you want to stick with an office you will be comfortable seeing every month for 9 months plus your delivery.
    Third, as your cousin, you’d better tell me if/when you are with child. Sonny and I were driving back from Savannah today and I said that you are going to have a girl first. I have a friend who is black and her husband is white and their girls are ADORABLE!!!
    I am green with jealousy… 🙂

  12. You see, the thing is… our hormones REALLY DO effect us HUGELY. It’s not an excuse… exactly. The other side of the coin is that our time here is to work on getting our body under the control of our spirit. Since our spirit is made of finer matter… well, that chose is HUGE. Anyway… it’s not JUST an excuse.

    Congratulations. I believe you will get preggie when it is best for you in the long run and according to Father’s Plan – assuming you will trust in it with an eye single to His Glory.

  13. Its so nice to see our insurance is educated on their own policy’s. How ridiculous! I just had the copper one, so I didn’t have the hormonal issues, but I’m sorry you’re having to deal with those! Hormone issues are the main reason I won’t use hormone bc. I went through 4 moods on our way to get our marriage license. It wasn’t pretty!

  14. Don’t fret too much. I just had my Mirena removed in January and much to my surprise I’m already 8 weeks pregnant!!

    Keep your head up girl! I’m right there with you, and it will all be worth it in the end!!

  15. WOW! I can’t even believe that. You see I live in Canada. And when I walk into my Dr’s office, I tell them I’m there, I sit, I wait, I see my Dr. and then I leave. No fee. Not ever. Thank god! $150 just to remove that tiny thing? Insane! But… YAY FOR YOU!

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