The Questions, Questions Anyone?

I almost didn’t post today because my internet was getting transfered ahhhh! But alas! My computer is connected to Ethernet at the moment and I will soon find and unpack my wireless modem. Anywho…

Lately I’ve been noticing a few questions in the comments section. Usually I’ll answer them directly in an email but then I was thinking “Hey, maybe someone else has the same question!” So, the next day or two… (Or forever until I get a bunch to answer), I’ll open it up to questions??. If there’s something you want to know about me, ask away! I don’t believe in TMI, but others out there may, so maybe I’ll leave the “possibly TMI” ones at the end or something as a warning to those who may not want to know that detail. So from my favorite color to my magic number of children, I’m game! I’ll compile all of the questions into a post like this one but hopefully there will be more questions :o)

I’ll start with a few questions I’ve already gotten so I don’t forget:
1. Don’t Be a Slut and Jaime have a similar question: What does your hubby think about your baby obsession?/ I’m just wondering how your husband feels about all of this baby talk?

Answer: As far as baby talk pertaining to the blog: He’s happy I have a ventilation system. He knows I love to write, and he’s glad that I’m excited to have a new avenue to write in. However he’s a VERY private person so he does often say “Why did you write about that? Who cares?” As far as baby talk in general: It has toned down a lot since I started blogging about it. He knows I’m excited to have kids and that I like to blab about it a lot. He sometimes teases me about it but I think he thinks it’s cute 🙂

2. From Anonymous commented on my Trip Part 3 post.: I’m certainly not trying to judge – but I got a little confused by seeing your wardrobe choices on your vacation. You did get married in the temple, right?
I just didn’t notice any garments in several pictures. I am curious as to your opinion on this matter since you seem to be so open minded and willing to answer questions honestly.
I really hope this doesn’t bother you, I am just curious!

Answer: I am very open (hopefully not too much) :o) Well, 90%… No, more like 99% of the trip I was wearing a bathing suit. I usually don’t wear my Gs while I’m wearing bikinis. I wore cover-ups over my bathing suits which, while it made me look covered up for beach wear, it still is technically “immodest.” The other 1% of the time I was either 1. Naked or 2. Throwing a dress and shrug over my bathing suit. Not much underwear wearing on my trip! …I never said I was perfect.

As far as my opinion on the subject matter in general, I of course believe you should wear them all the time, I love mine! And that’s really all I can say. I’m the LAST person to ask someone else about their garment-wearing situation. I don’t really feel like it’s any of my business. If I happen to notice someone isn’t wearing them I can honestly say I don’t assume the situation, I just really don’t care.

3. And a few were wondering how my husband didn’t know about this Blog.

Answer: He just joined Facebook, doesn’t really understand blogging, and I’m just getting into it myself. I know he’s private and he was already teasing me about things I’d write in our family blog so I just didn’t tell him for awhile. I thought I’d tell him about it one day, maybe when we were expecting… But I guess he knew more about Facebook than I thought cause one day I mentioned something about a “baby bucket list” and he mentioned seeing it already here! I was a little embarrassed at first but now I’m so glad he knows cause I tell him all about what I’m writing and what yall say and write about!


Ok so that’s all of the questions I can remember for now! I may or may not be as elaborate in other questions you may have. Ask anything, really! And if you want you can ask anonymously. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of some questions I have for you all as well, to answer for me in another post!

Kristina P. says:

My husband could care less about my blog. Sort of. I do have another post about him tomorrow, but he only reads it occasionally, and I do get permission to post about him.

Keya says:

What in the world is a garment???

LOL on the top two comments 🙂 me too with Hubby’s “permission” can blog away about him…he occasionally reads 🙂 and about second LOL that whole question confused me LOL BTW awesome answers 😉

Cynthia says:

My hubs is also much more private than I am. I try to keep my blog light because people we know read it and hubs does too. I did a post on my struggles with Adult ADHD the other day and he sorta freaked about me talking about stuff that’s ‘private’ so openly. Sigh. We have such different boundaries. I did pull the post though. I guess I should have gone more annonymous with my blog like you have.

Jaime says:

Thanks for answering my question! Loved the Q&A post…keep it coming!

Mommy Bee says:

What excites you the most about pregnancy/birth/parenthood?
What scares you the most (or makes you nervous) about those things?
I know you’ve spent a lot of time contemplating getting pregnant and having kids…have you thought much about what kind of pregnancy/birth you want?
How big a family do you think you want?

Goldibug says:

Just answering the garments question. Garments are a type of underwear worn by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after they are married/sealed in the Temple.

tara @ kidz says:

I have friends ask about my g-wearing on cruises as well. Yeah, g’s don’t go so well with bikinis. ;o)

TheGleeds says:

Jen! I LOVE this blog and check it all the time 🙂 You are awesome. I do, however, think it is kind of hilarious how judgmental some people are. Who CARES that you are not wearing your g’s?? I figure the Lord will be the judge and let’s all give others the benefit of the doubt. Isn’t that part of womanhood? Anyway, I’ve heard there is a 4 S rule to g’s. Don’t wear them during SHOWER SEX SWIMMING or SPORTS. XX 🙂

Angela says:

My husband has given me the golden glove on blogging about him. He figures if he’s my inspiration what the heck. I just give ya’ll the clean version.

Nope, no questions for you. I just go with the flow and enjoy reading your blog.

Quiskaeya says:

The Hubster (my hubby) isn’t much for blogging, fb and all that as well. He doesn’t always understand my obsession with certain things and that why I blog about it! lol

Your comments on my blog are so sweet! You are gorgeous, yourself, girlie! Are you originally from the US? My blog was done for me by another blogger. In my right sidebar is the name and link to the designer. I was actually thinking of creating one of my own to start off 2009, but obviously that didn’t happen. lol

Happy baby making. I know you will have beautiful children. 🙂

Cascia says:

Very nice answers. That’s good that you have a very understanding husband. Mine is pretty good about me blogging and all too. But I’ve been blogging for so long now that it has turned into a business.

I love your blog and enjoy reading all your blabbing about having kids someday. Keep it up!

I understand the garment thing, sometimes I get that with modeling pictures, I think I have joked with you about that before actually. I love the loyal comment thing I think that is a great idea!

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