The Push Present


Have you heard about these? I hadn’t, but now that I know about it you’d better believe I’m signing up for this trick.

We were talking about our wedding rings at work when one of my friend’s said one of her friends got a brand new diamond ring as a “push present.” ‘WT eff is that?’ was my thought, so I asked. And like it sounds, it’s a present expected from the expectant father. A thank-you gift your husband will give to you while “pushing” through labor… A motivational gift I guess you can say, and it’s given to a new mother either before, during or right after delivering her new baby. Sounds sweet right?

Apparently this has been going on for a long time. In England it’s tradition for men to give their wives a diamond ring. In India they give their new mothers gold jewelry. I guess here in the US it’s just starting to pick up and it’s most spreading by word of mouth. So ladies are you with me? To all of my pregnant friends: Get your husbands to do this for you and by the time I have a child I’ll have enough evidence to convince mine to do the same. Have any of you heard of this before? Or practiced this brilliant custom?

You’d best believe I already told my husband about this. He may not think I’m serious about this right now but I’m expecting one of these when I have a baby. No, I’m not pregnant yet, so I have a while to convince him, decide what I want and save for it.

I’m not positive yet, but I’m thinking something like this would be just right:

(actual size)


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  1. Woohoo!! Thanks so much for hosting this contest. 🙂 I’m emailing you now.

    Sounds like you have given your hubby plenty of notice. He should start saving now. hehe

  2. My hubby got me flowers and a glider (although that was a “mother’s day gift” ’cause my Bug-a-boo was born just about a week before the real Mother’s Day.

  3. I’m scheduled for a c-section three days before our anniversary, so I told DH that I deserve an awesome anniversary gift this year 🙂 Of course, that following weekend is Father’s day too, so I’ll have to get him something as well, but it won’t be nearly as grand because he didn’t have to have the kid lol 🙂

  4. I had my daughter four days before my birthday and two weeks after our wedding anniversary so I got diamond earrings as an all-encompassing gift. I wasn’t expecting anything but it was a nice surprise!

  5. I have heard of these! I agree with you; it’s a great idea & very much deserved. I have a friend who was given a Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet by her husband after telling him she was pregnant. He then continued to give her individual charms to add to the bracelet for each phase/milestone of the pregnancy (after first ultrasound, once they found out the gender, one during each trimester) and of course she got a few more once she delivered the baby. So, now she has a complete charm bracelet honoring the pregnancy and she loves and cherishes that bracelet and has a story to tell with each charm.

  6. *lol* I told my husband that I wanted a push present, and he said no problem! He’s trying so hard to convience me have a baby that he’s saying he’ll buy me a “just-got-knocked-up-present” if I’ll do it, along with the “push present”.

  7. Hahaha I love that. (Actual Size) Perfect!! What a great idea.. I’m afraid most men might say the baby is their push present… they pushed, and there it is!

  8. Even though becoming a Mama has been difficult for me at times (each time), it’s been REALLY hard for my hubby to become a Daddy… more stress as a provider and all – especially since we live off a single income in a double income world. I think it would be nice to receive a small something after I give birth, but NOTHING could be a greater or more wonderful gift than the child in my arms. And if I can have quiet time and lots of sleep after the birth, THAT is THE best gift.

    For my DH I have prepared gifts for/after each birth. As I mentioned, he has a difficult time transitioning and since I believe we are meant to have a few more to add to our few, I want to keep him feeling good about future additions. After #1 I sent him to a bar with friends (he was drinking at the time, though isn’t any longer – YEAY!). Before and after #2 I specifically sent him out fishing a few times (mostly before). For #3, I prepared an area in the garage for him to hang out alone and/or with out girls. It’s his “guyrage” as he calls it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s where I send him when I’m sick of him. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s there just in case.

    He didn’t realize that I was doing this. (Guys can be SO dense!) After #3 I asked him if he realized I prepared something special for him around each of our daughters’ births. He didn’t. Then I told him about them and my thinking. He got misty! The transitions have been difficult for him (much more so than me, even though my life is the one totally turned topsy-turvy!)… but I do think the special area and the (now) knowledge of those past gifts makes a big difference.

    Perhaps guys give gifts for a similar reason – to keep their wives okay with more kiddos? My DH is not a member and, though sensitive to the Spirit at times, does’t understand how I KNOW things… like the fact that I know for sure there is still someone missing right after we have a baby. I think without my knowing, he would be done. Because I really want to fulfill Father’s plan for me and my family, I want to make sure we have all the children we’re meant to have. So, I sweeten the pot for DH! ^_^

  9. I TRIED my best to explain this to my husband, not even after expensive jewlery just a way to commemerate the occassion. My husband said no way. After 30 hours of labor that should have yielded at least a figurine or something 😉 Thanks for posting, I will be emailing him the link. hehe Maybe I can cash in now that I have *evidence* 😉

  10. I have heard of these and am totally on board with it. After my first I didn’t even get flowers from DH (can you tell I’m still a little grumpy?) I think I’ll promote this early on with the 2nd.

  11. Dude I totally got a birthstone ring with 3 purple diamonds AND purple birthstone earrings! My DH didn’t even know about this and still… lol

  12. Hmm, when I had a newborn, the last thing I was thinking about was new jewelry…

    I do have a mother’s ring (which DH got me for the first mother’s day after we were married, since there was already a son in the deal), and so after the next baby was born he took it down and had that son’s stone added…I do like that idea, but an entirely new piece of jewelry? No. I wouldn’t want it, and I wouldnt’ want him to spend the money on it. *shrug*
    BTW, here’s a picture of my mother’s ring

  13. We were completely and utterly broke when I had my daughter. It was hard enough to afford the basics, let alone a piece of expensive jewelry.

    What I would have LOVED as a push present: some money towards a new wardrobe. I couldn’t fit into any of my old stuff and my maternity stuff was out of season (I had baby in October and was wearing summer stuff, despite cold weather). I felt so dumpy and terrible those first 6 months post-partum. Don’t forget, I was in school then, and so it really took a toll on my self-esteem to be wearing ugly maternity jeans even though my baby was 3 months old. I’m telling you, ask for clothes. 🙂

  14. I got 3 sets of flowers, one for each child and one for me, plus the entire series of FRIENDS on DVD, which was a lifesaver since the hospital has like 5 tv channels.

  15. You are right!! Thank you for the lovely surprise and for leaving a comment I had a surprise waiting!!

    Thank you thank you thank you (zillion times!), you don’t know how thrilled I am now, I am jumping while typing!

    My baby girl is 8 months old now, she’ll look great with those clippies (no sign of thick hair, though, so I just clip it to what it seems to be hair on her head :D, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for hair :))…and no, I just knew about “push present” from this post! I should have asked my husband for one… mmmm At that time, I think a moral support and a little helping hand around the house are better than any diamonds, I don’t know, but when I went through all that baby blues and exhaustion, I wasn’t interested in diamond, even if it’s as big as my toe. But now, I’ll gladly accept if he’d buy me one ;).

    Thanks again!

  16. Never heard of it – but sounds great! Those studs you picked out are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a pair of basic sparkly studs – so classy and elegant!

  17. I sooo wish I got a push present but Hubby thought it was a ridiculous idea. I think they’re called ‘push’ presents because you have to push the husband to agree with it. Okay…I’m being sour but I think it would have been a sweet gesture.

  18. Hey like your new header (I know haven’t been over in a while, please forgive!). Anyway, push present. Yes, I’ve heard of those. I hinted madly for one with #3 and he informed me that I would definitely be getting one, if I actually pushed the kid out, which I did not. So, looks like I disqualified myself by having a c-section. Drat, the technicalities. I’ll be rooting for yours, though:)

  19. Hi, I just popped over from SITS. Love your blog! Yes, I got a ‘push present’ it was an eternity ring; I think they should be mandatory! ;o)

  20. Six babies and no “push present” for me…..I think its gonna take some reprogramming of some hubbys here for the whole “push present” idea to catch on.

    I enjoy reading your journey to motherhood.

    visiting from SITS

  21. Yes I am an aunt, not a mommy, not yet at least… not sure when we will start trying!

    No I am not a teacher, it would be nice to be one though (summers off, christmas and spring break…) I actually work for a credit union, I work in operations. We are off on Memorial Day and since Zach had a long weekend I decided to take a couple of extra days of to be with him… he is really homesick and I think the extra time together will be good for both of us.

    He has been gone since November of 2008 and will be able to come home in June of this year. He is still in training (not overseas thank goodness) with the Army Reserves…

    Anyways, I need to get back to work. I look forward to reading about your journey to parenthood! Have a fabulous day!!!

  22. HEllo, I just found you from SITS… you got my attention, I am due with #2 in Sep… I think my hubs needs to read this!
    I would love something… jewelry… maybe not a ring but something! **big eyes**

    The Buzz,

  23. LOL, I did a blog just like this on my site, because id never heard of it either until one of my classmates in grad school mentioned it casually…. like it was “old news.” What a great idea, right?!! I made sure to put the bug in DH’s ear during my first trimester, so that he’d know that i expected this once baby had come! I ended up getting 2! One from hubby, and a push present from my BFF too! 🙂

  24. What a fun idea! While a child should always be the ‘present’ a little something extra is always nice too 🙂 I would pick some Christian Laboutin pumps but that’s just me! Cute blog! Mine is currently in the works and my header has a vector like yours so you will have to stop by at the end of May to see it or sometime today to check it out. I found you on SITS and always see you are one of the first ones on there to comment so I thought I’d stop by 🙂 Happy Sits!! xo

  25. I’ve definitely already told my husband about this “tradition”. 🙂 He only thinks I’m half serious, but since I’m not pregnant yet I figure I have plenty of time to convince him. 🙂

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