The Projectile Vomit- Plus Giveaway!


I love kids, I really do. And I love babysitting my friend’s kids, which is one reason I did this a few months back. My husband and I were deemed worthy to watch an adorable little 4-month-old baby boy twice a week. It’s fun pretending he’s our for eight hours a week and watching his little eyes light up while we act silly trying to entertain him. The only bad thing about this adorable baby is the fact that he’s so good. He hardly veer cries, and he’ll usually fall right asleep after eating dinner. His parents tell us he usually sleeps through the night after that–Sometimes up to 12 hours. This little guy is basically setting us up with high expectations and we’re pretty much doomed for failure with our own.

Recently though, I did have an eye-opening experience with my little friend… A personal peek in the trenches of motherhood.

Hubby just had his wisdom teeth taken out and it would be my first time watching baby alone. I arrived early because I was bored at home without my husband. I took baby from his mom as we talked and she got ready to leave for work. I was bouncing and patting him, and talking about my future baby when he heard me… And must have been disgusted because he then proceeded to throw up all over my arm and shirt.

His mom and I laughed because it was a funny little reaction to our conversation. I don’t think he wanted to hear about other babies right then. We cleaned me and him up, and his mom kissed him goodbye.

The next couple of hours were fun as usual, I put him in his new jumper and watched as he bounced and laugh at the sounds and my faces. When he got tired of it I pulled him out and we watched a little TV. When he started trying to suck on my finger, and got a little fussy I knew it was about time for dinner. I made him a bottle and sat down to feed him.

He didn’t seem to eat much faster than normal. It was maybe a little quicker but I figured he must have been really hungry. He finished the whole 8oz without a break!

He looked tired at the end of the bottle, I was noticing him starting to doze off a little, but I didn’t want him to fall asleep before I got a chance to burp him. I put the little burp cloth across my shoulder, sat him up on top of it and began to pat. After patting for a couple of minutes and not really getting much gas out of him I began to pat slightly harder. Nothing but a tiny burp came out… Which is nothing compared to what he normally does, so I kept burping, waiting for the loud *BURP*. Just a moment later he started to burp, I turned me head to see how much spit-up came out with it, and it was still coming… A LOT—Projectile vomit.

I jumped up as I began to see it spewing from his mouth. I couldn’t move quick enough. I jumped up, felt it gush down my back, all over the couch, and parts of the carpet as we ran to the kitchen, the dog even became a victim of the vomit. Sadly the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘I hope it didn’t get in my hair!’ I had just gotten my hair straightened and was so worried about having to get it washed and pressed all over again.

I picked baby up off my shoulder and checked to make sure he was ok… he smiled at me. I guess he felt better now.

I grabbed the burp cloth to wipe what I could off of myself and baby but it was dripping with puke. ‘That did a lot of good’ I thought. ‘Why don’t they make burp cloths bigger? In fact, why not make a Burp Snuggy?’

I examined the couch, the floor and the dog to see how they were doing. The couch… Well it looked beyond repair to me, and honestly I wish I would have taken a picture of the damage. I couldn’t understand how that much milk could come out of something so small.. Where did he put it all, and is he hungry again?

The carpet wasn’t so bad, and the dog… Well I just had to keep her away from re-eating what was lost. Besides the couch I think I suffered the most damage. I could still feel that which was regurgitated running down my legs.

I decided I’d bounce–No, rock him to sleep then clean up what I could. I had him in one arm, my iPhone in the other, and I Tweeted away to get help.

“OMG. Baby just projectile vomited all over me, couch, carpet and dog! Did I feed him too much? Burp him to hard? HELP!” Was my cry on Twitter.

Flood of response came in. To my surprise most of them said things like “Oh they just do that…” or “Welcome to mommyhood!” …Great. Encouraging.

“Is he hungry again?” I asked the world… And got a lot of helpful advice from Twitter moms.

He didn’t seem hungry, in fact after getting changed and laughing at my new upchuck-covered attire, he fell right asleep. I texted his mom to let her know what happened and that he was ok.

After cleaning the couch, and the carpet and making sure the dog was ok I had to laugh at it all. I’ve worked in daycare, and have several younger siblings… I even called my mom and told her about it all, and reminisced about all of the times my younger sisters threw-up all over me. I’ve had my share of baby-vomit experiences, but this one had to be one of the funniest. And somehow, I get the inkling this is only the beginning.

****Yay Giveaway!****

My good blog friend Mommy Bee read this post, and I guess she felt a little bad for me, and all the other women who experience projectile vomit and burp cloths that are just too dang small!

Well she makes some cute stuff in her Etsy shop, and one of those things is these adorable, super-strength, puke absorbent, burp cloths! There are three flannel burp cloths:A. One is a 2-layer burp cloth (crayons print/white back)
B. ‘Super Spitter’ with the layer of terrycloth inside (crayons/blue)
C. ‘Super Spitter’ (sports/blue)
All are nice and big (8″ x 16″), and should be able to handle whatever your little one can dish out! Man, do I wish I had one of those last week!

Want one for your super spitter? Well here’s what you’ve gotta do to win! Leave a comment here telling me if you’d prefer A, B, or C. if you won! That’s all! She’s moving right now but don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop Lil Bees, which has all sorts of things from adorable cloth diapers to wet bags, to (crunchy/green ladies listen up)…cloth pads!!

You get extra entries if you comment letting me know:
-You follow my blog
-You have my blog button (now two entries)
-You subscribe to my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest
-You post about this contest (now two entries)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 3 entries!)

Good Luck! I’ll use to choose 3 winners! Contest ends midnight May 31st!

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  1. Too funny. Ah, the joy and adventures that come with things that leak, pour and ooze out of babies. 🙂 You’re really good to keep a baby so young! Before Zack, I couldn’t imagine doing babies. Once my husband and I had to keep a one-month old in his home while his parents went to a wedding. Billy did everything–he was a natural. I was afraid that if I held the baby he’d break.

  2. lol what a cute story!!!! and an absolutely adorable baby!!!!

    sounds like he may have overeaten… since he gobbled 8 oz. down so rapidly and without a break. usually spit up (from a burp) is only a small amount. but when it comes out in that quantity it means they’ve overeaten. i sometimes give chase too much (cuz he’s so greedy, he’ll keep taking it! 🙂 and he throws it up. surprisingly, he’s not hungry again immedietely afterward, even though it seems he must have emptied out his little belly. he usually falls asleep shortly afterward as well.

    sounds like you’ve had lots of experience with babies and you’re gonna be a natural when the time comes! thats awesome!

  3. Hahaha, that’s funny. My nephew did that to me once. My daughter never threw up much, so I didn’t have to worry about it, so I had no idea what to do when my nephew did. But your story is a lot better than mine haha.

  4. This is why one must be careful about holding baby in the air over one’s face after feedings…not sayin I have personal experience with baby barf in the face, but I have seen it. Several times. 😉

    Some kids are more spitty than others, but yeah, I used to carry around either one of those prefold (square) diapers, or else I had a few big burp cloths that I made which had a layer of towel on the inside. LOL! (Hmm, speaking of which, I’ve got a couple sitting around that I always meant to sell but never did…wanna give them away here for me? drop me an email!)

  5. Oh my! So disgusting and yet so funny! You’re quite a trooper; I’d probably still be crying about getting puked on! I can only imagine how gross it must have felt to have warm puke running down your back!

  6. Mmmmm…baby puke! Oh, and don’t worry about how you thought of your hair immediately afterwards. I am usually worrying about something other than the baby, (unless he really isn’t feeling well, of course).

  7. LOL the joys of Mommyhood LOL and babysitting 🙂 sorry I’ve been MIA had so much to do and didn’t get a chance to stop by more often, but I’m back 🙂

    wow I’ve missed sooo much on your blog LOVE your new look BTW so cute 🙂

  8. LOL…You may tired of me saying this, but I have to say it again, welcome to mommyhood/babysisterhood/whatever. You are so lucky you have the chance to “test-drive” before you have your own.. such experience will make you more calm and confident when someday dealing with your baby. And it’s just vomit projectile, you haven’t suffered the worst.. the ummm… “the other side” projectile. I have, 5 times with my baby.

    And never worry about the dogs..they might smell funny but never hurt them.

  9. Okay, that was funny. When my baby was a newborn, I decided I could just change his diaper in my lap. He didn’t move and he was tiny. Plus, I had a c-section, so I didn’t really want to get up. I opened that sucker up, and it was like a scene out of Princess Bride when they are walking through the fire swamp. I could hear it revving up, and then BOOM, full-force squirtidge straight into my face and neck. It came out like a fire hose. At that age, BM’s are very liquidy, so it was just one of those moments I tried very hard to learn how to treasure. I guess better me than the babysitter, right?

  10. My kid was quite the puker! He projectile vomited EVERY time he spit up. He had acid reflux and had to be medicated for it. The medicine helped him feel better but the sheer volume of the puke never lessened. I learned to deal with it by packing multiple burp cloths with me wherever I went. I ended up using cloth diapers as burp clothes because they were the most absorbent. It was inconvenient at times, but I got used to it pretty fast. It lasted until he was about 6 or 7 months old.

  11. Some babies never spit up, others do it constantly. Audrey did it constantly. It began as projectile vomiting 3-4 times daily, which is when I stopped breastfeeding. Then, I switched her to soy formula and it was only spit-up 7-10 times a day (spit up is much better than a projective volcano, no?). I got used to always having her in a bib and probably could have kept Oxyclean in business single-handedly. I had burp clothes in strategic places around the house — always close access. I never left home without one (or three) either.

    Eventually, she turned 8 months and started eating solid foods, and the puke stopped.

    Maybe you’ll be lucky and yours won’t ever puke! 🙂

  12. Wow, that must have been fun! I don’t do well with puke so I’m sorry you had it all over you.
    Maybe he wasn’t hungry and he was actually tired. Really, who knows. He may have just eaten too fast. Sometimes I feel that way after eating really fast.

  13. Good story. But it can get much worse. When my oldest was just 3 months old I was feeding her in the middle of the night. Of course her diaper was soaked so I had to change her. Unfortunatly I picked the wrong time to do it. I heard a quick little fart and all of a sudden I had poop all over my face and neck. It was quite fun going and waking up my husband to go finish dealing with the baby so I could go shower off.

  14. There’s a scene in Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood where the main character’s three little girls all get sick at once–one vomits while the other is being sprayed off in the tub, etc. in a vicious circle. I read it out loud to my mom and forlornly asked, “This really happens, doesn’t it?” She replied that if you have more than one kid, the odds are pretty good that they’ll all get sick at the same time at least once. As I have no kids yet, and have been fortunate enough to not be baby-sitting during these moments, I haven’t had any of these experiences yet.

    My husband and I were baby-sitting some friends’ kids once, though, and the youngest was potty-training… We’d had a long, playful day with his whole family, and when we got back to the house, his parents put him right to bed. When he woke up around midnight because he had to go to the bathroom, I realized I knew nothing about potty-training little boys. I had to get my husband to handle the situation while I observed from the doorway.

    By the way, I’d like B. I have some pregnant friends/family, and I’d love to be able to gift one of them with it. (I know my mom used old cloth diapers as burp diapers for us–big and absorbant!–but they’re not as cute as these.)

  15. I think I’d have to go with B… and I have had many a situation like the one you write about. They always seem to know when you are least prepared!

  16. Funny but eww.. I don’t know why but I can handle poop so much easier than vomit! Maybe it is from living on a farm, poop, pee, placentas… none of that stuff bothers me, but vomit..yucky!

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