“If I was the parent making all the rules, I would probably say you could watch the iPad as long as you want and never have to do school!” My daughter proclaimed as we walked around the block. I’ll never get tired of hearing the thoughts that run through her little brain. My kids and I were taking turns answering a series of questions while we completed our workout.

Building a closer bond with your kids through exercise and conversation. Marathon Kids is a free program to help.

I don’t want to say that I hate working out. But it’s definitely not one of my favorite things. Exercising is my husband’s territory. A workout is one of his necessary tasks every day. I guess it’s endorphins and whatnot. I go in an out of spurts where I get in some physical fitness. Mostly out. But I was introduced to a fun summer program that I’m legitimately hooked on now. It’s called Walk and Talk and it’s a free program by Marathon Kids. I’ve partnered with this nonprofit to share a little more about this free program and how your family can get involved.

Like the title sounds, it’s about walking and talking with your children. A little every day adds up to a marathon–26.2 miles. I’d never dream of running an actual marathon, but completing one a little at a time is totally my speed.

Each day my kids and I have been going out to walk about a mile. While together I ask a series of questions for that day. Some are serious, some are silly. The conversation starters are different each day and all written out for you.

Building a closer bond with your kids through exercise and conversation. Marathon Kids is a free program to help.

Soon our walks will include pushing a stroller but we’re having so much fun, we’re planning to keep going and complete the marathon.

Here are 3 surprising things I’ve learned about my kids so far:

1. My daughter doesn’t think being invisible would be all that great.
“The good part would be my brother could stop following me. But the bad would be that any time I try to talk to someone they would be scared of me!”

2. My son knows we can’t stand when he gets on our bed.
When I asked him what he will tell his kids when he grows up he said “To get off my bed!” No idea where he learned that from.

3. My daughter is even more thoughtful than I realized. 

Her answers to questions like “What would you tell a friend who calls themselves fat?” blow me away. She brought up how one time one of her friends told her she was embarrassed by her hairy legs and though she didn’t really know the best thing to say she told her friend we are all animals and we have hair and that’s just normal.

Building a closer bond with your kids through exercise and conversation. Marathon Kids is a free program to help.Building a closer bond with your kids through exercise and conversation. Marathon Kids is a free program to help.

I tend to vote for to quality over quantity time. Since we started homeschooling I’ve been with my kids 24/7, but there are days when I feel like we’ve hardly connected. Committing to go on a walk with them for just 15-20 minutes a day isn’t a huge time commitment but it feels so good both physically and emotionally.  It’s meant the world to my kids, and it means the world to me.

Visit MarthonKids.org/WalkandTalk to register and get going with your kids this summer. It’s free and a lot of fun! Once you get going come back and let me know some of the interesting answers you get from your kids. I’d love to read!

Marathon Kids is a Cherish 365 sponsor. All opinions are my own. 

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kids says:

There are things in your kids’ heads that you didn’t put there. You only know that if you know them well enough that they can share that with you.

I love this idea! Spend quality times with kids and away from device. Thank you for sharing!! I hate exercise, too but this idea will make me stand up and go for a walk.

Karen Ching says:

Spending time with your kids in an emotional way I think is one of the things some parents are missing out nowadays. And I’m really glad you’re taking the time to have those kinds of moments with your kids. Love your insights! Cheers! 🙂

Ellis says:

I’m a beginner, I have an EOS rebel t6 there are features I’m trying to learn and the one I struggle with is night time shots. I need some suggestions.

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