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I guess I should have written something all nice for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day… Perhaps a tribute to my parents or Hubby’s parents. I love them–They know I do. Instead I had fun reading everyone else’s tributes to their husbands and wives.

I wasn’t planning on writing anything tonight, but then I was thinking–What if this is our LAST Father’s Day as non-parents?! Some things couldn’t go unsaid.

I felt a twinge of jealousy at times–When we were out around proud parents, enjoying their special day. But I pulled through it–Smiling knowing my time’s not far behind (I hope).

I did feel a little guilty accepting the flower at church, given to all of the women for Mother’s Day… But not so bad about eating my husband’s cookies he got for Father’s Day. Cause those were yummy!

Hubs tells me every year on this day he use to watch the US Open with his dad. This year he watched it with Snoop.

I almost got him a card, from me and Snoop but I couldn’t find the right one and opted against it.

Looking at all of the parents at my church made me think about how the meaning for the day must be so different for them. Sometimes I envy them, but right now I’m happy to be enjoying where I’m at.

We haven’t been trying to become parents our entire marriage, and now that we’re thinking about it–Planning to try to take the next step, my perception is changing once again.

…Maybe next year we’ll be “real” parents (see big (to me) announcement post below). But for now… We’ll take Snoop. He IS our child for-now after all.

Baby 2010… That’s the goal.

But for now, I’m very grateful to have my dads… The one who raised me and another who’s taken me as his own child through marrying his son. And grateful for the one Father we all have in common.–My dear Father in Heaven.

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  1. I’m sure being in church on Mothers/Fathers Day is bittersweet for me. So far for me, it’s been nothing but sweet. I do feel for those who have lost their moms/dads and those who have lost children or are struggling with infertility. The whole world seems all about being parents. It’s a blessing, for sure; one I know you will know soon 🙂

  2. First of all you are SO beautiful wow & you & your husband make a beautiful couple, you MUST have atleast 10 babies, please? theheheh you are such a good writer & I am proudly following your blog! xoxo

  3. Your dog is ADORABLE! I love him and I don’t even “know” him. Lol. I hope this time next year you are enjoying your parents days as parents of a new baby. There’s nothing quite like that feeling!

  4. Thanks for visiting my wee Northern Ireland blog.

    I always try to be aware of those for whom Mothers Day and Fathers Day can be difficult for a number of reasons. So glad you are able to enjoy “where you are at” 🙂

  5. I’ve been stalking your blog for about 3 weeks now–ever since I met the mom bloggers at Disney and heard your blog mentioned–LOL! I think it’s so awesome that you’re blogging about your pre-mommy days. What a special gift for your future children; they’ll know that they were wanted even long before they came to be!

  6. I loved this post! Thanks for visiing me, and following me…I think you and your hubby make a fabulous looking couple!

    I can’t wait to get to know you better!

  7. found you on sits….enjoy your time as just a couple. i (along with many others) wish we had waited longer. there is so much to see and do and it is so hard with kids. love your blog!

  8. Have you seen “the business of being born”? It’s a documentary that I think EVERYONE should see. All about labor and the history of it and how it is treated today. So good!

  9. I pledge my eternal readership to you, Jen, now that I know your dog’s name is Snoop. Totally made me laugh.

    Oh, and your time will come for you and your hubs before you know it. And when it does, you’ll wonder how you can find the time to buy the damn card. 🙂

    2010 sounds like a VERY good plan.


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    About the cute baby thing, we left that up to God;-) But really, if that is a pic of you and your hubby at the top of this post, you guys will have BEAUTIFUL children. You’re both really cute, yourselves, and I have found that biracial babies are gorgeous! My nephew and one of my dear friends children have parents of different races and they are some good looking kids:-)

  11. What a great post! And a cute puppy. I am blessed to have incredible parents but I didn’t grasp just how lucky until I had kids. Then mothers/fathers day took on a whole new meaning. Not just to watch the love just leap from my husband towards our children, but to understand just a smidge how my parents really felt about us. It always sounds so cliche, but once you have kids you “get” your parents on a different level. Enjoy the journey!

  12. Good luck on your “goal”!!! Of course, the practicing is fun too, lol! Just relax and enjoy each other. The rest falls into place as it’s supposed to.

    So nice to *meet* a new bloggy friend!

  13. Good Luck on that goal! I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am about to click to follow you as well. Have a great week.

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