The Octuplets

I’d like to have eight kids at one time… NOT. By the title of my blog, people may confuse me with this woman but No… That’s not my style. I was asked what I thought about that woman and her situation. I am surprised a woman with six kids would chose to try to have six more! I am more surprised that the doctor actually went through with it!

But to be honest, I am kind of sick of hearing about her, talking about her and making her more famous is only fueling the fire so this is all I’m going to dedicate to this topic.

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  1. I tired of worrying about things I can’t do anything about. If it was not in the news it would have been none of my business. I’m not sure that changes just because the media gets a hold of it.

  2. I am tired of hearing about her too…I think it was selfish of her to have more when she was already struggling with the 6 she already had. But it’s not my place to stop people from making choices…isn’t that one of our gifts from Heavenly Father? (but really if I could I would shake her and ask her why she choose to be so selfish!)

  3. I think it’s morally irresponsible for a doctor to do IVF for a single mother who already has several kids. What do you bet it was on the taxpayers dime? You know that raising them all will be on our dime.
    I am not against IVF, and while I can’t comprehend *wanting* to be a *single* parent, I know there are people who chose it…but good grief, if the sperm are donated anyway, why can’t she foster or adopt? There are so many kids out there in need already, I’d rather take some in than add to the crowd.

  4. Please don’t become this woman whatever you do. I’m so sick of hearing about her. If she’s got herself so together why is she still living in her mother’s house. Don’t even get me started.

  5. This woman just makes me so mad. Her mother takes care of the six kids she already had, 3 of which are mentally disabled, and she decides to have more! And 8 at that!

    And I’m all for free agency, but come one… how come she can have 14 kids she doesn’t take care of and I can’t have 2! It just doesn’t seem right.

    But I read a story in US Weekly about her and they said she only does this for the attention. Nothing more. Which is true. Bad publicity is the best publicity you can get. I mean, she sold people pictures of her 8 babies! And they gave her over 100,000!!!

  6. I agree! Living out here in California I here about her story on the news nearly every day. I agree that she does need help. I think she has a mental illness or something. I feel so bad for the kids.

  7. I feel bad for the kids and I think she might be mentally unstable. I think it is sick she was even aloud to get pregnant again. Just sickening! Anyways off the tangent.
    I was just reading your post about what they don’t tell you about being pregnant.
    Don’t let all those things scare you. All those things don’t happen to everyone. Actually most of those things didn’t happen to me. So don’t worry too much!

  8. Did you know she’s on Dr. Phil tomorrow? The previews show him telling her how irresponsible she is and asking her if she can acknowledge the IVF was a mistake. As tired as I am of her, I am glad he is socking it to her.

  9. im so glad that the IVF is not readily available in Africa, otherwise we probably would have a similar situation but boy oh boy is that woman insane.
    Which makes me think that there are lots of people in this situation not 8 kids but lots of women who have given birth to more than enough kids they can afford and are living on church welfare. saying God said multiply… what happened to wisdom and being wise about decisions? hope a miracle comes around for the poor kids.its not right that they have to suffer because of poor judgment.

  10. Big family’s used to be the norm. They all functioned and took care of each other so I don’t see why she can’t make it work. I do find it a bit odd of course. And if I were her doctor I would have questioned her mental state.

  11. I wondered what you thought about this, and then decided that you would feel exactly that way. I am sick of it too. I have a family friend who raised thirteen children, but she did not have eight of them at once.

  12. Amen, sista! If one more person says to me “I bet you’re glad you don’t have 8!” after seeing me out with my triplets, someone is seriously going to get hurt!

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