The Next One Bites the Dust

This is one that I’ve been waiting a little while to cross off. I had to keep the secret for a little while but now the cat’s out of the bag! I blogged about the shock of this one earlier. I remember a specific conversation Heidi and I had at work. I was saying how I couldn’t wait to have kids one day… Maybe soon. And she expressed how she had big plans and babies weren’t in the near future. Boy were we both surprised about her news! But we’re all happy! I did tell her right away that she couldn’t stay on my cool list though. Nope, no Heidi you are kicked off of this one.

The funny thing is I thought for sure she’d be one of the last ones off… Perhaps THE last couple. Now that they’re gone anyone’s game.

Another very close friend of mine may be getting crossed off the list very soon too. I told her once she found out she could tell her husband, but then she’d have to tell me :o) We’ll see if she keeps her promise. I won’t be sad if not, but I’ll get to kick her off the cool list either way.

Chow and Russ
Cody and Marco
Becky and Ryan
Evette and David
Gina and Cody
Heidi and William-Due 10/09
Heather and Bryce
Hilary and Cory
Kailee and Trent
Kim and Clay
Jana and Dave
Jen and John
Jessica and Reece-Due 08/09
Megan and Claudy
Randi and Chad
Sarah and Dave
Sophia and Jacob
Shannon and John
Sharyl and Sonny
Stephanie and Patrick
Stacey and Spencer

Yes, I’m still jealous but you know what, it’s subdued a lot over the past week or so. I now feel like I’m sincerely happy for my friends. It used to feel like they were living the life I deep down wanted and I was jealous of their experiences. I think part of it was the shock of some of the announcements I was hearing, from people I didn’t expect to hear it from. That in turn made me feel like I was letting my destiny pass me by. But now… Today, I’m feeling more like I’m happy where I’m at. I feel like I’m on to something… Something big in my life is coming (I love change) but I’m not sure if that’ll be in the form of a human spawn yet. But we’ll see! Until then, I’m really happy for my friends. I’m over the shock of some of the news, sharing their joys and I’m ready for anything. So Chow, Cody, Becky, Gina, Heather, Hillary, Kim, Jen, Megan, Randi, Sarah, Shannon, Sharyl, Stacey, Bring it on! (Not you Stephanie cause I have to have the first grandchild!)

OH. MY. WORD. I had no Idea Jessica and Reese were having a baby! YAY, YAY, YAY!!! 🙂 We are still on the list, we will not be the next ones you cross off, that’s for sure. …did I just jinx myself? haha!

don’t put it off too long, I had this grand plan and then when we were ready it took us 3 years w/ fertility treatment. Those people that said it happend by accident always made me mad!

Goldibug says:

I also finally got comfortable with the fact the my next baby might not come as soon as I wanted. Something big is coming my way too. I guess we’ll just have to blog about it when it happens eh?

Ha Ha, you wont be crossing my name off that list any time soon. But it should be fun to see whats coming for you!

Stacy says:

haha, i like the list. i’ll let you know when you can cross us off the list, but who knows when that will be!

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