The Mom Moment Awards

Who needs an Emmy when you can get one of these?:
Common, you know you want one! As I’ve been blog stocking people I’ve been trying to remember the coolest mom moments I read during the month so I can feature them here on this blog! These are moments I may want to remember once I’m a mom… Whether it’s something that makes me laugh, something that’ll keep me grounded, or something that may just help me feel a little better about myself ;o)

Since I’ve been so busy this month I haven’t had as much time to find a cool January post, so I need your help with nominations! I plan on doing a better job featuring them from now on. Instead of just a small commentary and re-post I’ll do a more detailed commentary and small feature of the blog itself too!

Remember, It doesn’t have to be an actual MOTHER (as in birthed a human being) to be nominated. I’m not even a mom myself so I don’t discriminate. I welcome posts from potential, future and maybe-one-day mothers as well!

If you have a nomination please send it my way in a comment! And don’t be shy, if you have a post you’ve written that you like please, have no shame nominate yourself! (I’d do it!)

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