‘The Loud House Movie’ Review: What Parents Need to Know

The Loud House Movie is a cute musical adventure that pulls a bit at the heartstrings. It’s worth noting that I’m completely new to this Nickelodeon franchise. I went in without ever seeing an episode of the television series. I am a sucker for animated musicals, though usually the Disney kind. So this was different for me, but I didn’t hate it.

The Loud House Movie is a feature-length musical based on the The Loud House TV series with catchy songs and strong themes. Lincoln Loud, the only brother to 10 sisters, convinces the family to travel to Scotland to discover where they came from and finds out they’re descendants of royalty. Lincoln, feeling trapped in his sisters’ shadows, learns that he comes from a family exactly like his own. One of his great-cousins (from 400 years prior) was in a similar situation and became duke of the town. Lincoln tries to follow in those footsteps to seek attention and praise from the townspeople, but he soon realizes there’s more to being a duke than just fame and fortune.

A Parent’s Review

Lincoln Loud takes a personal journey to find himself and get out from behind his sisters’ shadows. Along the way, he makes a friend who shows him what it truly means to be a leader. Though the animation style is not my cup of tea, the comedy, catchy music, and positive messages make it a film great for its intended audience and one families can share together.

The protagonist is a relatable character who wants to be appreciated. With a very busy, very loud and talented family, he’s the one who keeps the ship running. But he’s brushed aside and stuck in the shadow of his ten Loud sisters, who are the talk of the town. Instead of taking out his frustrations on his sisters, he looks for ways to find his own talents. With some encouragement from his best friend (who is a talented baker), Lincoln decides to convince his family to take an international vacation to learn more about their family. Along the way Lincoln is tricked into trouble. But when chaos ensues, his family has his back to pick up the pieces and help rebuild. 

Some flashback scenes with fiery dragons and a witch-like villain may be scary for younger or more sensitive viewers. Expect some name-calling like “loser” and “stinkin’ Lincoln,” but overall this is a funny, heartwarming story that the whole family can enjoy.

The Loud Family Movie is now playing on Netflix.

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