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It’s a little late because I work Sundays and I just HAD to share my excitement about cooking, but better late than never right?

Sometimes I don’t think I’m ready for parenthood because I still act like a child myself. A perfect weekend for me would consist of watching at least one Disney movie and maybe a cartoon show or two. I love playing board games, and eating snacks like Mac and Cheese.

I often get nostalgic about the days when my sister and I would play with our Barbie dolls, dress them up and cut their hair. We even teased our little brother once and pulled off all of the heads on his power ranger action figured and switched them with the other super hero heads. It was mean, but it was fun.

One summer we got creative and turned our sleeping bags into sleds and drove them down the staircase. Karaoke and dress-up were commonly on our to-do-list. We loved to play! But you know what?–I still do.

It’s a lot easier to entertain myself with the Internet at my hands, but I miss the good ‘ol days of laughing at childish movies, and watching them over and over a million times.

I got a taste of this a couple of weeks ago. I watched Tarzan than Cinderella, then when my husband got home I made him watch Tarzan with me again cause he had never seen it before.

Have I mentioned I love Disney? I think I have… Once or twice. But really, I DO! I bought an entire DVD collection of EVERY Disney Classic (cartoon) movie from Snow White to Ratatouille (I just need Bolt and Wall-E). I can’t wait to have kids and be able to share all of those movies with them. They may not like them as much as I did, but I sure hope it’s a tradition I can pass on to my kiddos!

I love being around little kids cause I feel like it gives me an excuse to BE a kid again–An excuse to take me back. I don’t want to feel like an old fart already. Is this why people say children keep you young? I hope that means becoming a mom will take off a few years for me. If anything it’ll give me someone to watch those things with since right now getting my husband to watch them with me is like pulling teeth. And now that it’s Easter season I’m sad that I don’t have a little girl to dress up in a pretty dress, or a cute little boy to put in a suit.–Even worse, I don’t have someone to decorate eggs with… It’s not dying them alone (or with an unenthusiastic husband).

Same story at Halloween and Christmas time. I’m really looking forward to being young again through my children.–At the same time thought I’m hoping I’m not one of those crazy moms that tries to force my kids to do things I didn’t get to do. We’ll see how it works out.

What are other fun traditions you have with your kiddos? And do your kids keep you young, or make you feel old?

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  1. Oh, this is soo like me! I don’t have kids yet…but hopefully soon…but I still feel like a kid sometimes. I’m getting relying more and more on my husband to do things for me and I think, “I’ve got to grow up!” I guess I will when the situation forces me to. But for now, we ought to enjoy our somewhat “carefree and childlike” lifestyle! I’m glad I’m not alone in how I feel!

  2. I think you HAVE to love all those things to be able to watch them and enjoy them over and over and over…… with your kids. How can you understand why your kid enjoys playing games if you don’t enjoy them yourself? It’s ok to be an adult on the outside and a kid on the inside. I believe the saying “kids keep you young” is not because they make you younger at heart but because they remind you of all the things you loved at that age and never stopped loving. A year ago I could never have imagined how much fun it would be to sit on the floor and roll cars back and forth and play with letter blocks but now I simply love doing that with my daughter. Oh, and lets not forget about rolling around in the grass. That’s not something adults regularly do unless there is a kid present. Not unless you want to get hauled into the loony bin. I think kids just give us and excuse to still play.

  3. My family was WAY into traditions growing up. My hubby’s family wasn’t. So I have brought a lot of the family-game-Disney-watching-Disneyland-going to the family. I decorate for every holiday and I’ve encouraged him to join in on the traditions.

    Luckily my husband still loves to act 5 so we have a lot of fun together. Our favorite thing to do last summer was have a picnic in Provo canyon, play frisbee and then have a water fight.

    I plan on carrying down all the traditions I grew up with. Sunday games, Friday night Family movie night, Dreyers Peppermint Ice Cream at Christmastime… SO fun!

  4. That was one reason why I was glad that I had my sons at a fairly young age (was 19 when my older son was born; 22 when my second was born). I felt like I could really, really, really, really relate. Not much has changed. I’m still a kid at heart. Must be why I work in children’s ministry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I understand what your saying. Me and the hubby knew we were to selfish to be parents and one day after playing with our nieces and nephews my husband turned to me and said.

    “Lets have a baby” Shocked me.

    Two weeks before our wedding I found out I was pregnant. It changed my life from the moment I was told.

    All these things you talk about, will be wonderful to share with your children. You’ll wonder why it took you so long ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a lot late but still wanted to thank everyone for visiting me on my SITS day!

    xoxo~The RAmbler @ My Rambling Thoughts.

  6. We LOVE disney around here! I went on a disney vacation when I was 20 and came home with $700 worth of disney stuffed animals & figurines. At the time, I just put them in my bedroom. But now that I have kids, I love that I got all this stuff – they LOVE the animals and playing with the things I got.
    Yes, I think they do keep you young, we’re still pretty young ourselves though so I’m hoping this means we are always up on the times and can influence our kids to be savvy and up to date on the latest technology, etc. It doesn’t matter so much to me that they are always “in” or “cool” (I don’t want their self esteem based on this) but that they are intelligent and smart about current and up and coming things going on around them.

  7. Well my daughter has given me a grandson and another on the way. I thought I was too young to be a grandmother but it has been the best joy of my life. As a parent I did want my daughter to do things I didn’t get to. We didn’t have very much money so I didn’t get to participate in anything at school. Not so with my daughter if she wanted to do it she did. I never forced her to do anything but I did encourage her to at least try it once. She has told countless people that she had the best childhood so I did something right. Now for my grandson he has made me feel like I am 20 again. lol We have so much fun together. You sound like your going to be a great parent. Playing with your child and showing them new things is the best thing you can do. My daughter still loves to play games and watch Disney. She works but she still plays with her son a good portion of the day. He is the happiest child. I am rambling now so I’m going to quit. lol

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