The List- Update 1

Yep, another one bites the dust. I leave you guys for a week, come back, and half of yall are knocked up again ;o)

Yes I’m back from my trip and it was AmAzInG! I’ll update soon… But probably have to break it up into a few parts.

Well it’s time to update the list. Remember my cute friend Mrs. Cook? Well, #2 is cooking for her too! Congrats Jamie, (also my first mommy of the month selection).

Jessica F. found out she’s pregnant too! Oh but it doesn’t stop there. My friend Jessica I, who was on my short, ever-so-shrinking list of friends without kids is also expecting! She apparently had to take 4 test to believe it. Congrats Jessica and Reece–Yall are no longer in my cool club.

So I have 4 friends (so far who are out of the closet) due in August. For 2 it’s their first and for 2 it’s their second. I wasn’t predicting Jessica and Reece to be next but I am sure excited for them!

Chow and Russ
Cody and Marco
Becky and Ryan
Gina and Cody
Heidi and William
Heather and Bryce
Hilary and Cory
Kim and Clay
Jana and Dave
Jen and John
Jessica and Reece-Due 08/09
Megan and Claudy
Randi and Chad
Sarah and Dave
Shannon and John
Sharyl and Sonny
Stephanie and Patrick
Stacey and Spencer

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  1. Don’t worry Jenn, I didn’t think we would be the next to get off the cool list either. I’m still kind of in shock. Your cruise pics are amazing! You look great!

  2. You might be coming off the list too after your “AmAzInG” trip! You did say before you left that it would be “life-changing.” It may be more than you had imagined. 🙂

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