The Last 32 Hours– Blogher Road Trip

I’m not sure why but I sorta feel bad that I didn’t update the past couple of days. I had a REALLY bad night the other night while I was packing for this trip. We really wanted Stromboli, and my husband was craving it all day, so I made enough for us to eat the night before my trip, and so he could eat some the next day as well. Considering the fact that I wanted to pack, and get other things organized before I left… I was in a hurry to make dinner. Well my hurried dinner turned into a ruined dinner because I turned the temperature up an extra 100 degrees and this was the outcome:I was devastated!–And burst into hysterical tears. No really, I couldn’t stop. And my poor husband was mad too but as usual, my tears turn him into a consoler. So he scraped off the blackness and ate two pieces, all the while telling me it tasted great.–Great guy I know.

I decided to move on to something else and make my shirt for Blogher. Nothing special, just a shirt with my Twitter name on it to wear around one day. The front of my first shirt went on first and it looked great. I moved on to the same task on my second shirt… a black one, cute style, and what did I do?–I burnt it… And started crying again.

When I finally got the courage to finish the back of my first shirt, I accidentally ruined that too by burning off one of the letters and cried through the whole process. I know my poor husband must have been wondering what in the world was wrong with me, and about ready to start consoling and start yelling or something, but instead he laughed at me. I couldn’t laugh then…And I still can’t laugh, but I’m sure I will be able to one day. For a second I began to wonder if I was with-spawn, I mean seriously… I cry a lot, but not so much over little stuff.

I stayed up late packing, and almost overslept my alarm. I had to leave my house at 4am in order for me to make my 6:15 flight in San Antonio, and I made it perfect timing. Once I made it on the plane things started to get better.

My BFF greeted me and brought her cooking baby along with her. I LOVED seeing her tummy, and it’s feeling more real now seeing it myself. We had a blast going to the mall, Babies R’ Us, and visiting my favorite news station.Last night we went to The Blogrollers bon voyage party, and I met the people I’ve been blog stalking for months. They were as great as they are online, and just as fun in real life.

Last night I stayed up late organizing my stuff before crashing to sleep. Now… I’m on the road, blogging from the car now.
I’ve already been asking them a lot of questions about careers, and a little bit about raising kids.One thing I’ve learned from today: Pregnancy kills braincells… It’s called “Momnesia.” I’m not sure what my emotional breakdown was about earlier this week, but I’m doing much better now, and can’t wait to learn more!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad day!
    )))late cyber hug(((
    I’m glad that it’s been getting better! Stress will do that to ya over and over. Too bad us women couldn’t figure out how to NOT over schedule our days!

  2. Aw. We’ve all been there. I actually thought it looked pretty good and I’d have eaten it too! I love your new blog pic and it was great watching your vlog. xx

  3. You are tired and overwhelmed and over-worked. Who isn’t?! When that happens to me, I’ll cry at anything. It will get better 🙂

  4. You’re a mess! My husband pretends that dinner is good ALL THE TIME. I’m not a great cook and he still encourages me to keep on trying. Gotta love our hubbies! Have fun in Chicago!

  5. Aww, sounds like you had a rough day. I get that way too (crying at the drop of a hat) when Im super busy, overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. You just had a lot going on with you, that’s all. I bet the final shirt came out cute, and i cant wait to see it.

    Oh yes, girly, momnesia (aka “pregnancy brain”) is REAL. And it doesnt go completely once baby comes (lol). Im still scatter-brained to this day! (Though im sure DH would argue that this didnt just begin with the pregnancy, i know otherwise, hehe)

    Awww, you’re gonna have such a ball on the trip, and you’re going with such a GREAT group of ladies! Have fun and enjoy!!!!! Cant wait for pics, video, and stories about the trip!!!

  6. I’m so sorry you had such a hard day. I don’t know if you could be with child because I was pregnant for a month and had no clue, nothing changed. But I do know when I’m stressed or I don’t get enough sleep it’s very easy for little things to make me cry. Hopefully you are well rested and feeling better. Stay calm!

  7. i can testify that momnesia really happens, i’ve never been so ditzy and forgetful. and my face has gotten fat. it’s not cool. that’s why i’ve avoided pictures like the one on this post : ) but it sounds like u had fun! i didn’t hear from u monday about stopping by again, but i guess it worked out anyway cuz i had to work, but gimme a call sometime and lets talk! love ya girlie!
    ~ shannon

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