The June Mommy Moment Feature

I always love reading your blogs and reading about cute mommy moments that I felt like I’ve already felt, or experiences that I can’t wait to experience, and am for now–Enjoying them through you. Share your “Mommy Moment” with a link to your post in the comments section for a chance to win!

Check out my interview with J, our winner of the June Mommy Moment Contest! She had a beautiful post about her daughter, and won a beautiful necklace from Haber Heartworth’s Etsy shop.

Name? J

Blog Name? Babies and Battlefields

How many kids do you have? Two.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? The quiet cuddly moments. But dancing around the house singing showtunes is pretty great too!

What is the hardest part about being a mom? Feeling like I don’t have enough time to spend with my husband and, of course, being patient.

What is your blog about? A little bit of everything really. I talk about my kids, my relationship, social awkwardness, and the craziness that is my life!

How did you start blogging? I’ve been home with my kids for three years now and I had a lot of pent-up writing in my brain. I needed an outlet!How long have you had your blog? Since the end of May.

What are some tips for new bloggers?Hmmm, well I’m still a newbie myself but I like to just write what I feel and try not to censor myself for the most part.

Your 3 favorite posts you’ve written? Ten Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Me, Why I should live on Mars, and Baby Cuteness

Spread the love: 3 other blogs you love? That is a really difficult one, because I am obsessed with a lot of blogs right now. I guess if I narrow it down to Mommy Blogs, it seems like I’m always reading i come to the garden, My Life…or is it? and The Mahogany Way. And that’s not including this blog of course! I can’t wait to hear that Future Mama is pregnant!!!

You can see the list of last months’ entries here. Well, it’s that time of month again where you nominate your favorite post from this month. Your favorite “Mommy Moment” post that is! It can be anything relating to you, your child, your future child, or thoughts of your future children.–Be creative! I’m sure you post these all of the time… I know, I read them! Luckily I don’t have to choose the winner though… Raquel, aka Quel, from Homegirl will have the difficult task of choosing her favorite!
The winner for July will get a beautiful necklace of your choice From iGotSquares Etsy! You can choose whichever one you like but I especially like this one cause it’s a personal one of a picture of your choice… I’d put a picture of me, hubby and Snoop on mine, but you can choose whichever necklace you want!

So nominate away!! I’ll take submissions until July 25th! if you don’t want to post the link in the comments section you can email your favorite post you wrote to babymakinmachine{at}

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  1. I don’t blog yet…But I have a great Mommy Moment to share–does that count?

    Is it the beginning of the end? The other night my daughter, Jillian (age 6 1/2–going on 13!), came across the helicopter that I purchased for the “Bibi Fairy” to bring to my 3 year old son, when he FINALLY gives up his pacifier!

    So Jillian asks me if I am the “Bibi Fairy”–at first I think–“NO”—then I tell her “Yes, I am.”…..she looks at me and then asks “what about the tooth fairy?”–I said “why no…”

    She says okay….then a few minutes later….”why are you the “Bibi Fairy”?”….

    Okay gotta come up with something quick before Santa and the Easter Bunny come up!

    I told her that I came up with the “Bibi Fairy” to help her give up her pacifiers…and planned on doing it for her brother too. I told her that since not all kids have pacifiers…some use their thumbs…and we can’t have a “thumb fairy”….that I just figured this would be a great way to help Timothy give up his Bibi.

    She said okay…can I help? Things seem to be going okay now…she has not said anything else about the Tooth Fairy or Santa or the Easter Bunny. Now all she wants to do is talk her brother into giving up his pacifiers! And she thinks the “Bibi Fairy” should bring her something too!

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