The July Mommy Momment Feature!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly, winner of July’s Mommy Moment Contest. Be sure to check out her blogs and show her LOTS of comment love! 🙂 Oooh ooh… Especially cause she JUST had her 2nd baby on Friday!!! Yay!

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Blog Name? Original was ‘Amelia Takes on The World’ but transitioning to ‘Dyar GirlsTake on Their Parents’ since #2 will be here soon; I also have a wine review blog that is somewhat on hold since I’m pregnant and a photography blog as I learn about our DSLR camera.
How many kids do you have? Amelia just turned 2 and baby girl #2 will be here sometime in the next two weeks.
What is your favorite thing about being a mom? How much love is in your heart for this little person, and how much it just keeps growing over time, especially when they start saying ‘I love you’ and look to you for comfort.
What is the hardest part about being a mom? Balancing being the best mom you can be while also retaining time for yourself and your husband which I believe are also keys to being a good mom; it’s really hard to find time for all three things so it is a balancing act that is never perfect but you try your best.
What is your blog about? Mostly about Amelia and her growing up; I don’t often write about issues of motherhood or marriage itself,although I’ve considered starting a separate page or blog where I would do that; I wanted her blog to be about her so it would be something I could print and save for her when she is older.
How did you start blogging? I actually started it because we started a wine review blog ( with our friends – and when I was talking to a co-worker they said it would be funny if I also had a baby food review blog. That started when Amelia was around 5 months old and just grew into a journal of her life. I’ve gone back and added a few posts for those first 5 months just to have some documentation.
How long have you had your blog? Just over a year and a half since the first two started.
What are some tips for new bloggers? Write from your heart and just keep in mind, it will evolve. What I have now is not what I started with – and I never would’ve considered myself a good writer but I’m constantly having friends and family telling me a post makes them cry or just how they love my style of writing. I just go with my heart,very little editing involved, and I think that is the best advice I can give.
Your 3 favorite posts you’ve written ? The one I submitted here, Bunnies Eat Cereal, is one of my favorites. I also love my monthly updates where I write a letter to Amelia about her accomplishments – here was her 2 year letter. One of the few posts that I’ve written that isn’t necessarily about Amelia was about my experience with the 3-day Breast Cancer Walk and it is also one of my favorite posts; while its not really about her, she is one of the reasons I participated. I hope to see the day when our girls don’t have to worry about breast cancer.

Spread the love: 3 other blogs you love?
Besides Baby Making Machine of course – the first three blogs I followed on a regular basis back when I started blogging myself are still three of my favorites. All three get checked daily during the week – I tend to be more relaxed about getting on the computer on the weekend to spend more time with Amelia.
Dooce – while I don’t always agree with her politics, her writing about being a mother and family resonate with me; her letters to her daughter Leta were my inspiration for my letters to Amelia even though I take a different perspective on them.
Wouldashoulda– Mir cracks me up and can make me cry – she is just so real and I feel like she could be one of my best friends,things I look for in a blog
Motherhood Uncensored– At first I found Kristen a little too frank for me, but overtime I kept coming back and now I check daily for posts and follow her tweets (I follow all three on twitter actually). She is just refreshingly honest about motherhood.

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