The Jealous Factor

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Some of my friends here in Austin don’t believe I have lots of friends who are married with kids but I dedicate this blog to the proof. And they make me sick! Ok… Not really but look…

Take Exhibit A for example. This is my friend Kristen and her family. Her little boy is 2 years old and such a cutie! Don’t they look like they’re living a life of bliss.
Exhibit A
Now let’s look below to Exhibit B. Tanya and I have been friends since high school. She moved into my ward a long long time ago and we’ve keep in touch since. Now mostly through blogging. I remember when she told me she was pregnant with this little one and now #2 is cooking. Young, beautiful, mom.
Exhibit B
Just when you think it couldn’t get any better we’re brought to Exhibit C. The Cooks. I worked with Jamie while attending BYU. She was the cutest pregnant TV show host you’d ever see! I was one of her successors but I don’t think my belly ever looked as adorable as hers.Exhibit C

Mind you all of these women are 25 or younger! So my Austin friends, you can stop makin’ me feel like I’m the only young person in the world crazy for getting married young and contemplating spawning.
Oh and trust me, there’s more where that came from, here’s a few more:

And really, it doesn’t end! I’ll just stop now so I don’t seem like a complete picture stalker psycho.

Is it just me or does youthful spawning automatically give you a gorgeous aura?

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  1. I love being a young mom. I’m 25 and expecting my second baby any day now. I think it doesn’t matter how old you are it just depends how long you’ve been married. I got married at 19 so my husband and I had a couple of years to ourselves. I think that’s so important. I reccomend every couple spend 2-5 years before having children. But like I said I love being a young mom. Plus I figure by the time my kids move out my hubby and I will still be young and able to travel the world. Definately something we couldn’t afford as newly weds!

  2. There was a son already in place when I got married…so none of the ‘time to ourselves’ stuff…in an ideal world I think a year or so is nice, but wait, it takes a year to grow a baby!
    I’m of the opinion that the “having time for just the two of us” is one of those “selfish” reasons that we’ve been told are inappropriate reasons to put off childbearing.
    I think I am so passionate about this because I learned the hard way that it is naive to assume that you will be able to plan when your children come. I started at 22, and it took me 3 years of trying to get a baby (with a few false starts), and now that he’s 2 and we’ve been ttc for a while again but still nuthin… I am hyper-aware of my fertility cycles–charting and all that–and we’ve got the right timing and so on so I should be pregnant…but just this week was another BFN (big fat negative pg test). I’m still only 27, so it’s not like this should be hard yet, you know?

    I am terribly jealous of all the people I know who get pregnant (and carry to term) with comparable ease. I hate pregnant people at the same time that I covet their condition. I want to smack people who say “oh, well, we didn’t mean to get pregnant quite this soon” or worse “I wasn’t sure I wanted a baby right now” because they don’t realize what a gift they have.

    *whew* sorry, I totally hijacked your post and went off on my own tangent. I’m glad you realize that there’s something beautiful about young motherhood–I agree with you about that gorgeous aura–there is something about joining with God in creating a body for one of His spirits that just can’t be matched by any other kind of success. Like president Kimball said “no other success can compensate for failure in the home”…I’ll be daring and paraphrase that to “no other achievement can compare to motherhood.”

  3. You want my family pic to add!?!? LOL. I know we don’t know each other, but I totally feel the same way. A lot of people around here thing that I’m WAY too young to be married with a kid already. I agree though, young moms are gorgeous! 😀

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