The January Mommy Moment of the Month

I had to make a second post today because it’s award time!!

Well getting nominations for this actually made my job a little bit more difficult than easier. I loved reading the posts you suggested well as posts I randomly came across and suggestions that were emailed to me. I hate having to choose a “winner” myself BUT I’m excited to follow all of your blogs and keep them in mind for the next few months!!

The February Mommy Moment of the Month: Heather’s post “I’ve been thinking…” She starts with a a poem about sticking to things. To be honest what won be over was the line:

“To be honest, being a mom really sucks sometimes. It is easy to get down or
frustrated or indifferent when you are still in your pj’s at 4pm cleaning the
13th poopy diaper of the day and watching Elmo in Grouchland for the 3 millionth

I loved her blunt honesty and how she expressed the ups and DOWNS of the precious calling, but most of all shares her love for motherhood. The Team Williams blog features Heather, her husband and her adorable little children who she’s constantly educating about things such as Chinese New year. She shares a Flashback Friday picture every week which sometimes gives us a glimpse at what her life was like before motherhood.

I chose this post because it really hit the nail on the head with feeling like crap since being back from my vacation and getting back in the grove of LIFE… *sigh* but STICKING TO IT! :o)
It’s a great little boost for anyone so be sure to check it out! I’m sure I’ll look back at it in many years to come… especially once I’ve got my OWN rug rats!

So go on over and say hello to the Williams family! And if you see or write a post you like in February, be sure to nominate!
Ok I can’t do it! I can’t go without mentioning these other wonderful posts which were nominated:

Shayla was called a “wonder woman” and I COMPLETELY agree! She has 6 kids, her family is GORGEOUS! I don’t know how she does it! But what I love most: She’s keepin’ it real! Check out this post, where she sets her daughter straight after throwing a temper tantrum…. My parents didn’t play that either and after busting my butt they’d do this.

And did I mention I’m obsessed with twins? Well I am. And the Rosenthal Family is living my fantasy with two BEAUTIFUL boy/girl twins. Oh they also have adorable puppies who look like twins too which I think makes their family even more adorable. Their twin babies just turned one! Mrs. Rosenthal wrote a beautiful poem for them on their birthday that brought tears to my eyes. Check it out here.

So there it is! And here is your award!
Congrats! And keep the nominations coming!

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  1. Thanks so much for the sweet comments about April Rosenthal and her babies. She’s my daughter and believe me–she deserves an award. She is amazing!
    This is just so sweet of you.
    Oh, and thanks for entering my contest.

    you rock…


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