The Goodbye

No, of course not forever just for a week or so. I feel so sad leaving all of my new found blog readers and blog friends. I hope you’re still here when I get back! I’m off on my potentially life changing trip.

I’m not gonna lie though, it’s hardest saying goodbye to Snoop. I wanted to cry today when I left him staring at me at the top of the stairs. I have no idea how I’ll ever be able to have children feeling the way I do about my dog! I stress like a maniac about him! How do you women do it?!?!

In other news, I got a request from one of my friends on a topic of post she’d like to see me blog about. The request not only made me feel special but gave me an idea! If you have a question you’d like to ask me that I can blog about or a topic you’d like to hear my opinion on let me know! I’ll look them over when I get back and get right back to blogging.

I’ll miss you my blogging friends. But I shall return. In the mean time, enter my first contest! (It’s in the post below this one)

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  1. Just found ya from Mormon Mommy blogs – great site, lady! Looking forward to your return. Also would love to hear what you thought of Brazil! (Not to be confused with BrazilianS. As in waz. Read your post – pretty sure I’ll NEVER do it.)

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