The Gender Prediction Test– Intelligender

Do you want to know the gender of your baby before it’s born? If you couldn’t tell from some of my previous posts… I do. Not only that, but I’ve been reading up about sexual positions that will get me a girl first. I’m not one for surprises.

Yea, yea, when it comes down to it, I just want a healthy baby, but let’s be honest… I want a girl I can dress up in dresses and bows.

Some of my older colleges ask “what every happened to the surprise?…Nowadays there’s no real surprises in life, why not wait until the baby is born to find out the sex?” Good question… But to me, it’s a surprise in the ultrasound room, or in the delivery room, and in my book… The sooner I find out, the better.

When I heard about Intelligender from a CNN article I knew it was something I wanted to try out for myself… but not being able to wait until I was pregnant, and having an expecting best friend who hasn’t yet hit her 20-week mark, I decided she’d be my guinea pig.

She had a guess of what the gender would be since her mom is doing ultrasounds and at about 13 weeks she had a peek at the possible gender.–Although this test says it can predict as early as 10 weeks (with about a 70-85% accuracy rating).

I sent her the Intelligender test and had her promise me she’d call me before taking it. She had to use her first morning’s urine, and I had just woken up when she called to turn my computer on… So you’ll have to forgive my looks in this video. I tried to edit in as many pictures as I could so you wouldn’t have to stare at my ugly sleepy face. Ok, so check it out!

So are you a believer yet? If you want to try it yourself you can pick one up at Wallgreens, CVS, HEB, and a bunch of other places, they’re $40… But before you run off to buy one, see if you can just win my extra test and I’ll ship it your way so you or your friend can end the suspense and see what you’re having before your half-way mark! FYI… I can’t find an expiration date on it so if you’re not having a baby yet you could always save it *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

I’m going to try something a little different for this one… I’ve seen live giveaways before and I’ve always been intrigued by them, so we’ll try it for this. Commenter #414. Why? Well because I just reached 400 followers, and because 14 is my favorite number.

Rules: You must first Tweet or facebook: “Hey! @babymakinmachin is doing a LIVE Giveaway for a cool gender prediction kit! please RT!”

After that… You can comment as many times as you want but you must say a complete sentence. You can tell me why you want this, what you think of it, what you though of my video, your favorite food or leave some pre-mommy advice, whatever! Be creative! No spam though, I’ll delete spam. So good luck! I’m turning comment moderation on so you can be sneaky 🙂 But I’ll be publishing a bunch of comments every now and then! So comment away!! …a bunch!

Be nice and have fun!!

-4am update 7/2: I’m turning moderation off for a little while… I woke up to go to the bathroom and decided I won’t moderate while I sleep to rack up those numbers while you can see where you’re at!
-9:30am update 7/2: Leaving comment moderation off cause I’m going to be covering a fire a million miles away today. I’ll turn it back on with I get back. Ok, so get the party going! I want to see us in the 200s when I get back!

4:00pm update 7/2: Turning comment moderation back on… But adding prizes. Comments #100. #150 and #200 will win a prize… Not sure what yet, but I’ll make it cool!… Maybe one of my baby headbands and some candy, or a hoge poge of stuff, like a pregnancy test from the dollar store and a candle, we’ll see. I’ll think about it tonight and let you know! Haha!
-12:20 am update 7/3: contest is over but it was a huge success! I’ll FOR SURE be doing another very soon! Still let me know what you think of it–Any suggestions for next time and I’ll think of another one. Also, get ready for my 400th follower giveaway, I’ll be giving away at least 5 things a day Monday-Friday next week!!

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  1. I always wondered if these worked! I have my tubes tied so no more babies for me 🙁 good luck to those who enter! p.s. if I come acorss any preggo blogs I’ll send them this way!

  2. I wouldn’t trust this but would love to win it! They say that if you have had a boy before that it may affect the test *shrugs*

  3. Oh another with child thing most ppl dont talk about is yeast infections! You are much more prone to them when expecting & they suck! No one ever told me that & I have had at least 1 with each pregnancy! Diflucan (an rx pill) is GREAT for it no creams or inserts or anything!

  4. Damn I wish I knew about this months ago!! I wouldn’t take their word for it but it would be fun! I can’t wait to find out what she’s having for sure!

  5. I was one of those who didn’t want to find out the gender on my babies. 🙂 I think this is a GREAT giveaway, though…..nice choice, lady! I will comment simply to up the numbers. Good luck and have fun with this. (popping over from SITS roll call)

  6. I *may* be in need of one of these, but I would never enter drawing for pregnancy related items before formally announcing to blogiverse (or family!).

  7. How come hardly anyone is blogging? wierd, It wasn’t this slow last year during the summer time… stupid economy.
    thanks for entering my Nintendo Wii giveaway.. You rock woman. Have fun with your giveaway. I hope someone who is preggos gets it!

  8. I’ll play – thought I’m way too early for the giveaway.

    I’m happy to not be pregnant nowadays with it so hot and the economy and stress and all! That’s my mommy moment of the day!

  9. woohoo were going for a walk its so hot inside but nice out plus the boys need to wind down so yall keep chatting ill be back soon 😉

  10. Awww I just found out my really good friend started bleeding at 11 weeks preggo & baby has no heartbeat! I am crushed for her :,(

  11. I don’t really want the test but I figured I’d comment. One of the funniest things I find about what others say is that it is their experience with being pregnant and not necessarily what is going to happen to you 🙂 My advice, take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt 🙂

  12. oh yea, I really liked the video. It’s kind of fun to see you and what you’re really like. you know, cuz just pictures don’t seem to tell the whole story 🙂

  13. i am not expecting, but i think that this is an awesome test:) i want to know some of the things that you know on how to get a specific gender:)

  14. Me, well I stayed up & watched days of our lives then R woke up so I changed & fed him put him back down & fell asleep watching 48 hours! Sounds like fun huh

  15. I really need to get the house in order since L’s dear mother informed me yesterday that I am hosting the 4th of July! >:(

  16. And commenting again because I want to win! I’ll be back with more comments. I’m very intrigued by this. But not pregnant. So thank heavens for the no expiration date!

  17. I’d use one of these the next time around if it was free. I’d take the results with a grain of salt though. It ran about 60% correct with the ladies who took it on my due date board.

  18. I found that guys do like playing the baby shower games IF they find them interesting and they do not find the typical girly shower games interesting!

  19. Sun screen is the worst part of summer. The teeniest little bit touches my little girls hair and she is a grease ball for the rest of the day. Anyone have any cool suggestions for one that isn’t so greasy????

  20. Coming back to help boost the comments. Here’s a blog suggestion, change your comments so they come up in a pop up window. That way we don’t have to scroll down through 414 comments.

  21. I don’t believe none of this stuff. Everyone was so certain I was having a girl. I had a precious little boy. I really didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl, but now I’m so happy I have a boy. You’ll never be 100% sure until the day of labor.

  22. You really want a girl? Have you actually looked into timing. If you conceive very close to ovulation you are more likely to have a boy, if you conceive several days before ovulation you are more likely to have a girl. This is due to the fact that the sperm that carries the Y chromosome is smaller and faster and doesn’t live as long as the sperm that carries the X chromosome, which survives longer in the body…or so the theory goes….just thought I’d share.

  23. Two words for you to investigate if you want a boy but not a girl: sperm counting. Illegal in New Zealand but not in USA or Australia.

    I got luckcy and had a girl after two boys though and now approaching the puberty stage of my mothering adventure!

  24. I think the coolest thing about being pregnant is the oneness and closeness you feel with your child…and it is only you who gets to feel that. No one else gets to spend every moment of the very first nine months with him, getting to know him. Truly amazing.

  25. We had left over rice so I browned some ground beef through cream of mushroom soup in it with some sour cream & threw it on top of the rice mm mm good

  26. Even when it was tough {being pregnant} it was wonderful…the little movements and kicks…something about the beautiful roundness of the belly {and yes for me the butt}…I loved every moment of it!!

  27. I LOVED my first pregnancy but it all went downhill from there! But my last pg even with the pre eclampsia & bedrest I still enjoyed it :p

  28. I am happy to see more people saying they enjoyed their pregnancy…it is such a short amount of time and so special, but I guess I have never been on bed rest! LOL!

  29. She is refusing to pay for anything as well which is super annoying as well. She says he can take care of him on his own. Oh & she asked if I was out here yet? Uh why is it her business? Grr

  30. Love your baby bucket list….no need 2 shape up though, as you’ll gain quite a few pounds, so indulge now and call it pre-baby weight;)

  31. Jess…I swear next baby I am going to give cloth diapers a better chance. with baby #1 I was too uneducated, with baby #2 I was too busy with a job that required too much time, baby #3 will be different

  32. neighbor dude wears the same overalls every single day (or maybe he owns more than 1 pair) he also wears a red shirt under it every day!

  33. One of my blog readers sent me here because I poasted about the Intelligender a week or two ago. I want to do it!!! I’m 9 weeks along and dying to know!
    But even if I can’t win, so glad to have found your blog!

  34. My DS needs one too….we have his hair in a short mohawk….you wouldnt belive the people that ask me if his hair grows that way!
    “here’s your sign”

  35. I have this cloth diaper to review & I really dont like it it reminds me of nylon pants :-/ I havent even prepped it cuz im scared of it lol

  36. And so what if they were, they’d still be your children! And maybe you weren’t ready to discuss it. People are ignorant!
    You’re not preggo again are you?

  37. Z is teething up a storm…actually drooling at the age of 20 months! Silly looking.all 4 teeth at once! He slept in till 11:45 this morning!

  38. one of my boys did all 4 teeth at once! R has 2 coming in right now & its the first time hes turned into a monster with them!

  39. don’t know if i want to win one, because i’m afraid that if i do that i’ll end up preggo right off the bat again!

  40. i think @4boys4now needs this more than anyone else, because she needs to have a girl, so she can be @4boysnagirl4now or @5kids4now

  41. jess- the smartipant looks so cheaply made! the stitching is all over the place….but I forget to change DD alot (bad mommy, I know) and she wore one for 7 hours! And I had no clue! I guess that os a testament to the dipe, right? and its my first purple dipe. much trimmer than the rumparooz, IMO

  42. I dont know why I forget to change her, probably because she cried ALL day long, so A cry doesnt alert me to do anything special….not to mention shes on the tata all day if shes not crying! ugh

  43. of course you’re going to have a winner tonight at this rate. lets face it, some of us used to work for the psychic network and like to know things NOW!

  44. usually I only enter GA’s for my family but I think my friend will LOVE this. she’s gonna have 2 12 months apart! EEK. I thought my 14 months apart was close.

  45. EVERYONE… THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR PLAYING… This was my first LIVE giveaway and so much fun! A big thanks especially to the four girls who I know were at this ALL DAY LONG!! You ROCK! And don’t worry… I’m giving away more than 25 prizes next week for my 400 follower giveaway… 5 prizes a day, random number drawings!! … maybe one live giveaway is you thought it was fun 🙂

  46. I was the same with my two! Everyone said we should wait but we just NEEDED to know it that ultrasound room! As for postitions, I’m not sure, but after we had our daughter, my mother-in-law used to tease that “if you had a girl it means you were having a lot of sex” Interestingly enough, I later read that this might be partially true (I wish I could remember where exactly for you…I think it was in a parenting mag though) Apparently, “female” sperm are slower, but live longer on average than their y counterparts. “Male” sperm are faster but last for a shorter time. Therefore, to optimize your chances of having a girl you might want to try having a lot of sex BEFORE (but not on the day of) ovulation, that way you have a bunch of sperm waiting at the fallopian tubes and the girls will most likely last longer. At least this is what I read. I’m pretty sure it matches up with when my kids were conceived too, so you never know! It might work!

  47. Durn! I missed it! SHUCKS!

    But I saw that you visited my blog! (THANKS!)
    You asked about the bruises on my tummy… they are from twice daily heparin injections for blood clotting disorders. (MTHFR and protein S) This clotting this is likely why I miscarried twice before.

    You said you are nervous about TTC.. but I don’t think you have anything to worry about! In my opinion the people that think they won’t have any problem, do. (me) and those that worry they might get knocked up right away! (barring any pre-existing conditions they already knew about)

    Can’t wait to follow your journey!

  48. jenn, seriously, i need to send you a lil more flattering pictures than the one’s u keep using! i know, i’m so vain, i tried to watch the video here at work, but we don’t have any volume so that doesn’t do me much good, so i’ll try when i get home. hey, while i’m sending you a pic of the test i’ll go on and attach some preapproved pics u can use in the future : ) i liked your post though! ~shannon

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