The First Babysitting Adventure

A friend at work finally took me up on my babysitting offer. It was a last minute thing but I didn’t mind. His daughter is 2 and one of the cutest little things around. He and his wife got tickets to a concert that day and if I wasn’t available they wouldn’t have been able to go. I of course said I would and invited my husband along.

It was a Friday night… We usually don’t do much on Friday nights so we rented a red box and arrived at their house around 9:30.

J was ADORABLE! She wanted to show us all of her toys, color with her, watch different Disney movies, sing and read. We played the Fisher Price basketball hoop with her and she’s laugh and cheer every time of of us made a shot. My husband even helped her score a few dunks. It was really cute to say the least.

She had this one toy (I’m sure you mom’s know what I’m talking about) it’s like a modern day etch a sketch. She had a ball taking turns drawing each other’s hands.

We definitely started to get tired before she did though, so it was funny when we’d ask “do you want to go to bed?” And she’s shake her head back and forth feverishly as if we just asked her if she wanted to jump out of a plane. No way was she ready for bed yet! We thought her reaction was so funny we made a game of it. We’d keep asking “Are you ready for bed?” “Are you tired?” “Are you sleepy?” “Want to go to bed?” And she’d just keep shaking her head and playing, we couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny!… Mind you this is all after 10 o’clock. Her mom told us she didn’t have a nap that day so I kept expecting her to crash at any moment but it just didn’t happen.

Finally, a little after 11 I remembered her mom saying something about her sleeping with her sippy cup, so I got it out of the fridge, set it on the table in front of her and within minutes she was out cold.

The rest of the night was easy, we watched a movie and talked about what good parent’s we’ll be.

I talked to my J’s dad at work a couple of days ago. He told me J asked about me the other night. “Where’s my Jennifer?” She asked him. That made my heart melt.

Kirsty says:

Oh thats so sweet! Glad you had a good night:-)

Angela says:

Well you sound like your all ready to go. I can’t wait to hear to stories of you with baby.

Jessica says:

They are always better when you can play, play, play, then give them back to mom and dad. Glad you had fun!

Oh that is so sweet! Glad you had fun 🙂

Aw, see? Mommy material–yes, you! Yup!

I have two more for you to watch when you’re ready!!!

I’ve tagged you on my blog 🙂

WishTrish says:

Oh! How sweet! See now? You’ll be great parents! 🙂

Scribbit says:

She sure is cute!

There’s always a magical key to bedtime, a cup of water, a special snuggly stuffed animal. Glad to see you found out hers!

Stopping over from SITS

You are welcome to babysite my spawn anytime LOL What a cutie she is- glad you guys had fun!

Quiskaeya says:

Hi! Popping over from SITS – I’m new there too. Cute story and I’m sure you will make a wonderful Mama. Sounds like you already have the instinct. 🙂

Jenna says:

That’s great! 🙂

Tina says:

I love your welcome! I’m pretty much having the same dilema myself.. whether to have kids at this point in my life or not. Great read so far.. .i’m gonna check out your past posts.
Oh, and I saw ya on the SITS blogroll.

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