Backup & print all of your iphone (and android) photos fast and cheap!

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I was nine months pregnant with my daughter, eager to meet her, and excited to capture our many moments together. Little did I know this would be the beginning of a photo addiction I can’t contain. My iPhone 3 didn’t have video capabilities built in, so I used an app called Qik to capture some of her first moments on video. It quickly filled up, and began to run slow. Before I knew it, it was time to upgrade because my phone was running out of space for my photo-load. Fast forward two years, several phones, hundreds of videos, and thousands of photos later. The iPhone is still my favorite phone for photo and video capturing. Each time I got a new one, my photos automatically appeared in my new camera roll like they had been there all along. It was fantastic. But eventually I ran into a problem.

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

I didn’t like having to physically connect my phone. And ever since my computer AND backup harddrive crash of 2012, I’m extremely picky about how I organize and backup my photos. I import and save my images by year -> month -> event and beyond.  So I don’t connect my phone to my computer anymore, and I no longer use iPhoto.

But after hoarding all of my images and video on my phone, I got the dreaded message “Usage Full.” I couldn’t take another picture, and if you know me, you know we can’t have that.

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve run into a similar problem. So many pictures, all on my phone. It’s sad but I had never printed an image from my iPhone. I only collected them in my digital space. I wanted to find a way to easily backup my photos, as well as a way to have a physical copies of the images with me.

I did a lot of research and I think I’ve found the best way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos. Back up, easily for free, and print them out for pennies.

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

Backing up virtually

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

Google Plus (Update 10/22/15: Now called Google Photos). It’s an underrated social media site, sure, but I LOVE it for cloud storage. I hear a lot of buzz about Dropbox, and I have it too, but I keep coming back to Google Plus, and here’s why:
1. It’s free, and you get 15GB (Update- Unlimited backups of high res (not full-sized) files  of storage. Dropbox only gives you a few GBs to start and I have over 4GB worth of pictures/ videos on my phone today (this is after deleting 1800 photos). I also tend to reserve Dropbox for temporary large file sharing and professional work since I don’t pay for the premium service. Google Plus is a great value.
2. It automatically backs up ALL of my photos, whether or not the app is open, if I’m connected to wifi or 3G. Other apps either need to be opened while it’s trying to upload, or I have to physically select which photos I want. I don’t want that extra step. Out of sight, out of mind, done and done.
3. All of my photos are organized in my mobile album, by date. The other day BabyCenter asked to use a photo I had posted on Instagram in a banner, but they needed the original (non-square) version. It was easy to scroll down my album to the time frame I took the photo, pinpoint, and download it.
4. You can delete off your phone, it stays in you online album. Some cloud services copy your drive exactly, so if you delete the original, it deletes the copy. Google Plus doesn’t do that.
5. Automatically backs up video as well.

A couple other nice things to note: You can set your albums privacy settings. And if you want to download several or all of your files at once, to save to your computer or an external drive, you can easily do that with a few clicks.

One other quirky thing I just realized… If you’re like me and take a burst of photos (5 or more) in a series, and don’t have the heart to delete any of them, Google Plus automatically makes an extra moving gif image and saves it to your album. Like this:

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

AND (one more sorta-creepy fact) it automatically edits photos together so if you have a series of people smiling and not smiling, it “photoshops” them together to make a “best of smiles” photo. I just noticed this today!

I had 2400 photos on my phone, I backed them all up to Google Plus, and I have a zipped copy saved to an external hard drive. It’s easy to continue to select the ones I want from Google Plus and download them to my computer all at once for an additional copy on my local drive.

Now I wanted to have an additional hard copy of the images to enjoy in-hand. This brings me to my next phase of backup.

Printing my images.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.
Figuring this out was a serious pain in the rear, but hopefully my trial and errors will help make the process easier for you.

Most of my 2400 photos were similar photos taken 5 or 6 different ways. If I want to print one of each of those, that’s 400 prints.

I’m not sure if you’ve looked lately, but that’s not cheap. These are iPhone photos I sometimes take in the dark, or with the help of a mirror. They’re not edited or anything I’m dying to display. I just wanted decent prints taken from my phone I could throw in a box so the kids and I can thumb through for fun.

I downloaded a Shutterfly app and saw a sale for 50% off 4×6 prints. So instead of their regular price of $.14/ picture they were $.07/ picture. Sweet! And after spending $30 you get free shipping. I hand-selected about 400 photos to print then added them to my cart. ERROR. I can only upload 250 from the mobile app. This meant no free shipping for me as I couldn’t hit the $30 mark. By placing two orders I’d have to pay a $11 shipping fee twice and it would have cost me about $50 total.

Online, I could fit all of the items in my cart (no limit), but the 50% off rate didn’t apply! GAH! I was so frustrated. Back to the drawing board.

I decided the easiest way to figure out the best deal was to add in the cost of photos plus shipping and divide it out too see how much it costs per photo.

I ran into similar issues with other cheap printing companies, price per picture from $.19 up to $.27! Not a lot for a few photos, but a bid deal when you’re purging nearly 400!

I turned to Twitter in my haste and a friend told me she uses GrooveBook. I did some background research and decided this is exactly what I was looking for. Here’s why:
1. Solely for iPhone photos. That’s what I’m looking for. But you can save other photos to your iPhone and print those too.
2. Cheap. For $2.99 you get 100 photos shipped to you for free. Or 100 free photos shipped to you for $2.99… However you want to look at it. And I got my first book free by using a coupon. (They’ve since sent me a coupon code you can use to get one for free: ‘BABYMAKINGGROOVE’)
3. No limit. If you want an extra book before your month is up you can order another one, still for just $2.99. So I ordered 3, 100-page books for $6 (cause I got my first book free). That’s less than $.02 a photo.
4. The photos are organized neatly in a simple flip photo book with perforated pages, so you can pull them out to hang on the fridge, frame, scrapbook, whatever.
5. Each page has a date stamp on the perforated tab left behind. Cool if you want to remember when it was taken for journaling or whatnot.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

A couple other things to note. The photo quality isn’t terrible like I expected. They’re all on glossy photo paper, and some of the high-quality images I had saved to my camera roll (not taken on my iPhone) came out very nicely. Ones taken with my frontal camera are definitely more grainy, but I think that has to do with pixels. It is a subscription model, so you have to sign up and it’ll automatically bill you $2.99/month, but you can cancel it at any time.

If you take tons of photos on your phone, like I do, it’s perfect because throughout the month I upload the photos I want next, and on my deadline it orders it to print and automatically mails it to me. If you upload less than 100 photos, you’ll get duplicates to give you an even 100 number. Eventually, I’ll probably use this to print extra cheap copies of my pregnancy journal and 365 images that the kids can thumb through. I’m more delicate with my expensive books.

It doesn’t hurt to try, especially since you can get the first one free. Use code ‘BABYMAKINGGROOVE’.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

Finally, I have photos that were trapped on my phone for years. My daughter giggled looking through my first Groovebook. “Mommy, look, there’s Baby Ty!”

“No sweetie, that’s you!”

Saving, printing, and de-hoarding my phone has been three years in the making. Now we can finally enjoy them together. Better late than never!

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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    1. In the photo upload settings page scroll the bottom and click “upload all photos”. Sometimes it gets “stuck” and I had to push it through a few times during the initial upload cause I had over 2400 photos/videos.

  1. I LOVE the new Auto Upload feature on Google+! We took an old phone on vacation recently so that we could use it in a foreign country and not have to worry too much about losing it while we were out adventuring. When I got home, I connected it to wifi, logged into my Google account, and poof…the photos/videos started uploading. Groovebook looks really neat, especially for making books for the kids!

  2. I love Shutterfly, I’ve been using them faithfully since my daughter (now 5) was born. They always have coupon codes available online, too. I need to try out Google plus to backup my pictures, because I use iPhoto now and I’ve had I crash and delete everything twice now! Ugh. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. I’m excited to take advantage of shutterfly. I hear they often have free 100 print coupons. Thanks for the tip! I think I’ll use them for some of the nicer snapshots I want to print.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! It was so helpful and I’ve already signed up for Google + and Groovebook. Hurray!

  4. All I can say is that you have awesome pictures. Your entire family is so photogenic and your pictures are so clear and crisp. Even your phone pics look professional 🙂

  5. Thanks for this info! I lost my iPhone before without back up and it was traumatic, even though it was eventually returned to us 🙂 traumatic for a few days! One question, I downloaded google+ and I guess it is a social media site. Are your photos 100% private or are they accessible to strangers? I just need so ethi g to back up my photos but do not want to share the vast majority of them! Thanks!

    1. Great question! I only share a select few. Key word “select”. The album is set to private but I can go back and share specific ones when I want. So you can keep your mobile album private for your eyes only.

  6. I just ordered my first book. I am so excited to finally have a place to download my pictures with my phone. Than you so much for the information.

  7. I love that Google+ automatically edits pictures! I’ll definitely be taking more advantage of it because my laptop crashed during our move and I lost some photos that I had saved on there from my old Android phone before I switched to iPhone. 🙁 And thanks for sharing about Groovebook! I have almost 1100 pics in my iPhone now that I need to print out so I can delete them.

  8. Thanks for posting this!! I am definitely going to try GrooveBook when I can get caught up with my pics!

    I was backing up with Dropbox and switched to Google+ because if this post, but is there an easy way to download onto my computer? Google+ seems to organize by date/place and I don’t want to select each one. Dropbox just keeps the files in a folder and I use Lightroom to import onto my computer…

  9. THANKS so much for this Jennifer! WOW this is going to be incredible! Like you my phone is ram-packed with photos, now I’ve got a way to print and save YEAH! I aspire to be the great photographer you are!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Never fully utilized Goggle+, so it’s a good time to give it a try. To back up photos, I use My Shoebox. Unlimited storage, backs up from your phone and organizes photos by date, place, camera, etc…2 downsides, doesn’t back up video and if you opt for the free package, it doesn’t save hi-res files. It’s great as a back-up of a back-up though. And it’s wonderful to flip through:)

  11. At this point, I can’t backup my iPhone (no computer and I can’t find steady wifi). Can I do Google plus and the groove book, etc., totally with my iPhone 4S? Thank you!

  12. How do I transfer pics from photostream that I got off my computer into the camera roll with the new iphone software? I no longer see that option on my iphone once I select a specific pic. The Groovebook website tutorial on this is out of date for the new iphone software

  13. Your blog mentions: “And if you want to download several or all of your files at once, to save to your computer or an external drive, you can easily do that with a few clicks. I backed them all up to Google Plus, and I have a zipped copy saved to an external hard drive. It’s easy to continue to select the ones I want from Google Plus and download them to my computer all at once for an additional copy on my local drive.” What are the few clicks to copy from G+ to an external hard drive please (without saving each individual pic). My SD card “error-ed” and windows finds no pics now on my phone. Luckily my google acct automatically copied (hopefully all) my phone photos/videos.. Thanks! very helpful site.

    1. Did you figure this out yet? Sorry for the slow reply. Answering here for anyone else who is wondering… From your computer in google plus you can hover over the folder/date of photos you want to download, and “download” will be an option. It’ll automatically start as a zip file on your computer.

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  17. I saw this on pinterste and got here and said, “hey! i know her!” I remember turning off the feature on google + to automatically get my phone photos, and now can’t remember why. How do I turn it back on? I opened up google + and pulled up my camera roll, but looks like i need to tap/check each one I want to go there?

      1. ok–weird, it says that it was already on, but my google photo album doesn’t have anything from recently. Need to do some investigation….thanks for the quick response!

        1. Sometimes it gets “stuck” it happened to me when I was away from internet connection for a bit. So you click on the “on” tab, once it’s opened make sure autobackup is switched on (I backup full size) then make sure it’s over wifi or mobile network (if you have unlimited data) and last but not least, at the very bottom you can click “backup all photos and videos” and it’ll get it kickstarted again. I don’t believe it’ll backup duplicates, but it’ll process them all and take a bit.

  18. I am trying Google+ to backup my pics (they are taking up all my storage and I really need my camera!). When I open the app on my phone, I can go to photos and see the pics that are already on my phone, but when I go to the website on my computer they are not there. So I don’t know if I actually have them backed up, and I really need to start deleting! 🙂

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  20. My mother in law told me about the groove books! She saw them on SharkTank I think. THANKS for the post on this! I have an embarrassing amount of 1400+ photos on my phone right now. Eep.

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  22. I’m interested in groove book but my phone deleted my photos. Thankfully I’d backed up to google plus. Will groove book allow you to print from the google plus gallery on your phone?

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  26. Thanks for this great post! I would love to know more about how you archive photos digitally (you mentioned that you don’t use iPhoto anymore). I’m desperately looking for a new system for seemingly similar reason–I tend to hoard photos!!

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  42. OMG! thank you! I dont have kids but I have plenty of cats, they are like my kids, and I take tons of pictures of them everyday… and I was tired of trying to upload the pictures to dropbox, because you need to unblock your iphone every minute to upload them… reading your post I found out that I can upload them to g+…

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  44. I like LOVE YOU WOMAN! I have 4 very goofy, musically and physically talented children; you can imagine the photos and videos I go through! I filled a terabyte harddrive to capacity with them and now my camera roll is full again and I had no clue what to do! This subscription service is just the ticket!! Now, any ideas on easy video hard copy back ups that would be universally viewable? Lol

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    My kids are 15 and 18. I’ve purged my iPhone Photos a couple of times on my desktop computer. I have thousands of pictures and hundreds of files organized only by date. Can I put these back on my phone and use the app ? Does that make the most sense to you?

  52. Hi Barb, you do not need to place them back onto your phone. You can directly upload the folder into the Google Photos app via your desktop computer! You just need a gmail account.

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