The False Symptoms

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The past few days I haven’t had much time to really think about blogging… I mean really, if you couldn’t tell, yesterday my post was kind of like “Wahm bam, thank you ma’am” I didn’t feel like adding more than my raw journal entry, and that’s what we got. To be honest, my eyes were drooping and my head nodding off by the time I hit “publish.”

When I woke up this morning I read it over again, praying I didn’t have spelling mistakes. I didn’t, just a sentence left half-written: “I almost bought a First Response early detection test but.”

….Yea, that’s how I left it. Oh dear. Yes, I’ve completed the sentence now in case you want to re-read the post.–I know you were dying to know the rest of that thought.

Oh well, that’s how it gets sometimes right?

I’m not going to lie, it has to do with the fact that I can’t stay up past 10 lately. In fact, I just woke up from a 3-hour nap. Part of the cause could be because my husband was watching golf–Perfect napping television… Or the fact that our couch is very comfortable… But every day this week?

I know chronic sleepiness is a pregnancy symptom, and I’m not implying that I’m pregnant, but instead wondering if it’s possible that when that time comes, these non-symptoms will intensify with the real symptoms.

For example… I get random cravings. I guess it’s normal for every woman every now and then to want a taste of chocolate RIGHT NOW…But sending my husband out for a late night run for hot dogs and donuts doesn’t sound like the “Average-Jane” situation to me… Or does it? What about oranges and funnel cake? Tacos and chocolate-covered strawberries? Fried chicken and watermelon… (Ok, maybe the last one isn’t so weird).

All of these random combinations are things I have craved recently and felt like I must eat it right then! It would be nice to at least have the excuse of pregnancy to want such things at such random times but I don’t.–And it only makes me worry my hungers will get weirder and intensify when I am pregnant.

And what about my sleepiness and strange intense dreams? Will getting pregnant automatically throw me into the realms of dreamless narcolepsy?

…Or perhaps I’ll get lucky and everything will turn around like the Mad Hatter table in Alice in Wonderland where all reason and logic–Normal things, are backwards–Once I’m pregnant I’ll never be sleepy and I’ll eat normal things.. Healthy things. Oh how that would be nice.

Did you have crazy cravings before you were even pregnant? Did they go away after you were? How about sleepiness? Am I crazy?


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  1. You are too much! I love reading your blog posts. So fabulous. Anyways, so in regards to above, I always have these cravings. My husband says that its because of our miscarriage (2006, twins, girls, yeah…), I was left with that empty feeling and strong desire to be a mother. I can’t be late for 1 day before I start speculating. Girl, I know how you feel, just take it one day at a time as you have.


  2. I think you and I are living the same life (with the naps, golf on TV, non-pregnant pregnancy issues). I have been so moody lately, and also sick in the morning. And so tired. And I’m not pregnant. I sincerely cannot imagine how I will be able to work once I am pregnant since I am barely in control now. I too hope that pregnancy will make me well instead of amplifying the issues. Loved to post…found you on SITS.

  3. I hear you, i often wonder how bad my pregnancy symptoms will be worse than what i experience month in and month out. I get accute cravings, pee a lot (not a UTI, i assure you lol), go on sleeping jags, go on appetite jags, get unexpected queasiness, etc. I just wonder if some of these symptoms are physiological (that we somehow create them with our mind or subconcious thinking), because ive seen women who are TTCing posting about how VERY VERY sure they are pregnant only for aunt flow to arrive the minute they hit submit. So i dunno. It will be interesting to find out the answer when we DO finally get pregnant, lol.

  4. Early pregnancy symptoms are often mistaken for PMS symptoms (and visa versa) because in both cases you’re going through a hormonal shift. The hormones are the same ones, though they are doing different things, and the changes often cause similar symptoms (tireness being a huge one).

    You just got your IUD out recently too right–wasn’t this the first month without it? Don’t most IUDs have a hormonal component? It could also be that your body is going through a ‘withdrawl’ phase of adjustment from that.

    I personally believe that true cravings (not just the ‘oo I saw that commercial and now I want ___’) are usually the result of a genuine nutritional need. For example, chocolate has magnesium in it, which is something many women are deficient in–thus (imo) the reason that so many women crave chocolate. If they start taking a magnesium supplement, they tend to lose the cravings (and 5 lbs, LOL!) Many pregnant women experience cravings for non-food items such as dirt–these are indications of nutritional deficiencies and OBs/midwives are familiar with which cravings indicate which deficiencies, and typically will ask you whether you’re having that sort of craving. Like I said though, I think that many of our unhealthy food cravings are really the same thing–our body telling us of a need–and often some OTHER food will satisfy the craving. For example, if you’re craving sweets, try eating something with some good saturated fat–most sweets come with saturated fat (ie, butter), and our culture is so consumed with avoiding saturated fats that many of us unbalance our fat intake with too many UNsaturated fats…nobody’s body ever really needs sugar, but it’s entirely possible that one’s body may need to re-balance their fat intake.
    Just FYI. 🙂

  5. Never been pregnant, but I do all those same things are different times of the month. I think its all hormonal, but definitely not cuz’ we are crazy! 🙂

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 When I was pg with my second, I craved a Thai dish that my dad made when I was little. He learned how to make it when he was stationed there with the AF. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was 16, so I had no way of knowing the recipe. Do you know how much THAT stunk??! With my oldest, I craved lots of fruit….

  7. Thanks so much for visiting me from SITS and for your lovely comment.
    You know, I had no real cravings while pregnant, and before, well, I just liked to eat. A lot, regardless. So when I got pregnant, I didn’t have any morning sickness at ALL! Lucky for me, the hardest part of pregnancy was just getting pregnant.

    I did develop a huge sweet tooth, so I was more interested in desserts (great!), which could be why I gained 45 plus pounds while pregnant!

    Thank goodness that didn’t stick around!

    LOVE your blog. You are a fab writer, and I look forward to following you on your path to baby 😉

  8. (Oops, sorry about previous comment. Hit submit before I was finished.)

    Unless you are really TTC, I’m guessing the symptoms are either the recent withdrawal from the IUD or PMS. The symptoms can really be strong though. I remember during one my pregnancies I was crawling into bed from exhaustion by 8:30.
    With another pregnancy, I ate Reuben sandwiches at least twice a week, on a good week, three times! The extra sleep will do you good so enjoy it while you can. 🙂

  9. I was always a pretty healthy eater and loved all kinds of whole food smoothies and salads. (I did, however, love my junk food, too–especially chocolate, ice cream, etc…) Since becoming pregnant, I’ve lost my taste for salads, and smoothies tend to give me heartburn. I’ve found that the most soothing things for my stomach are actually refined flours in the form of saltines, soft pretzels, breads, etc… And I still haven’t lost my desire for junk food! I’m trying to eat healthier, but I sometimes feel like I can’t choke the good stuff down. I haven’t had any cravings for weird combinations of foods, though. I already ate pretty weird combos anyway, so I can’t blame that on pregnancy!

  10. I don’t know, but what I can say in that as i was absolutism shattered every minute of every day for a few weeks in the early stages, so if you’re not feeling your normal self now, get to the Drs and get checked out, because making a baby takes a lot from anyone, and if you’re already feeling tired, i worry for you….. as for cravings etc, I have had none yet. Not a thing.


  11. You’re welcome and thanks for posting a comment at my blog. 😀

    Yeah, I’m so happy I found SITS too. It’s fun and I love learning about others. I’m having fun.

  12. I was having the same problems: cravings (I was a bean girl… weird, morning/all day sickness, I HAD to take 3 hr naps everyday, and I was soo emotional, AND I was so picky about my food! Let me tell you.. I am NOT a picky eater!! I was feeling pregnant… but wasn’t. I had just gone off BC and I was taking prenatal vitamins. Turns out… prenatal vitamins can make you sick! If you are feeling sick during the day… and you take your vitamins in the morning try taking them at night to see how you do. I stopped taking them and felt so much better. It was also PMS stuff as well… but I am trying the vitamin thing at night I am going to see how that goes! Anyway… thought I would let you know you are not alone!!! I hope this helps… and FEEL BETTER!

  13. Crazy? No not at all! Before I was pregnant AND now that I am no longer preggers, I STILL CRAVE things. I think it’s just our hormones. I love that you are truly preparing for this thing we can motherhood!

    Thanks for stopping by my WHAM BAM Thanks you MA’AM post!

  14. Crazy? No not at all! Before I was pregnant AND now that I am no longer preggers, I STILL CRAVE things. I think it’s just our hormones. I love that you are truly preparing for this thing we can motherhood!

    Thanks for stopping by my WHAM BAM Thanks you MA’AM post!

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