The Fabulous Nurseries!

I love to dream. Especially about expensive baby decor. Ok… Not really. Actually after this incident, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting all of the furniture for first baby’s room off of Craigslist.

I don’t mind though. I’d rather make things myself… I think.

But Danielle invited me to not only participate, but HOST her Fabulous Friday over on her blog: Now That’s Just Fabulous.

The topic… None other than “Fabulous Nurseries.” So I decided to play a game. I pretended like I was given a gajillion dollars to plan a nursery of my dreams. The one above is just one example (of like 10 on my guest post).

Believe it or not I didn’t go over the top with my choices. I guess I’m kind of a Plain Jane kind of girl. ..Ok not really that either. I don’t know how to describe my taste. But if you’re been dying to know know my visions of baby decor head on over. Let me know what you think of my choices, and play along too! Pretend you got a gajillion dollars and share your favorite finds! Let me know the link so I can come see! Plus, I need more ideas (so what if it could be more than a year away!)

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  1. Just a word of advice on buying off of craigslist- When it comes to your baby you may want to buy new things. I bought a ton of stuff on craigslist (crib, dresser, toys etc) only to realize, I’d have no way of knowing if my baby’s things had been recalled. I think cl is good for small toys, clothes, high chairs, and the like. I love a good deal. But, I won’t buy anything important off of there anymore. Josiah’s crib broke while he was IN the crib, which scared me to my core. We just ordered a new crib and now I’m annoyed because, not only have we paid for a crib twice, but my baby was in danger in his old one.

    Obviously you can choose to ignore this advice, but it was something I hadn’t considered. Cribs and things of that nature are recalled so often for minor things, it’s worth the peace of mind to know you’ll be alerted (or know exactly what model etc you own) if there is a recall.

  2. Great choices! I loved the white furniture one… and I’ve always leaned towards dark wood, too.

    I love Project Nursery and Design{for}Baby for nursery ideas, if you haven’t checked those out already (though you probably have!)

  3. Great advice by JosiahsMommy! Car seats are another myst buy new item ( unless it’s a close family friend and you know it’s in great condition-a lot of car seats do “expire” too)
    I really LOVE your dream nursery!! Very cute…but what if you have a boy?!?! 😉
    We did not find out the genders of our children and went with an African Safari theme and painted the walls, blue, green, yellow and orange. We loved it!
    Just find what you love and stick with that. The nursery was one of my most favorite things to decorate!

  4. I loved your post. That’s something I do often when I’m bored. I would get PB kids magazine in the mail and I would plan out a baby room and see how much it would cost…expensive! I absolutely love the dark brown with green and pink for a girls room! For a little boy I would do pale yellows, oranges, blues, greens, etc. I honestly haven’t thought that much about a little boys room which I probably should since the chances of me having a boy are greater (hubby was supposed to have an older brother :(, he has a younger brother, his dad has 4 brothers…boys boys boys). But I love to look at nurseries. Cute post. Don’t worry too much about the cost right now, you can figure that out when it comes time to buy. Just figure out what you like!

  5. That is super-cute!

    Having a bed in the nursery is something I wish we could have done. Would have made those tiring nights a little easier at first.

    I also caution against buying used … we bought everything new but our crib still got recalled. You don’t want to mess with that. You can find really decently-priced items in stores. If you do buy used, make sure the previous owner gives you a user’s manual, etc. so you’ll be able to keep tabs on the furniture.

  6. For Christmas this year, I had David buy me a ceder chest and baby things to put in there. I’ve been getting all green and brown though since I’m not preg yet. But green and brown go with blue or pink. I think I’ll also steal your idea and post stuff on my blog later today….

  7. If I could do it all over again with all the a gajilion dollars I would go for that first picture. Simple, cozy, and comfortable. I so love the hot air balloons. Way too cute. I agree with Josiahsmommy. Some stuff you just may want to buy new. Even if it’s not recalled the amount of time spent breaking down the crib and putting it together can cause problems. We got our crib from my brother in-law. Pretty much brand new. But since we moved a few times we had to break it down and put it back together. I wouldn’t dare let someone else use it. I don’t think it’s sturdy anymore. My little man won’t sleep in it any more either. He prefers the playpen.

  8. Beautiful room. We got everything new for all daughter, mostly because I was paranoid about recalls. It wasn’t the most expensive or the most beautiful stuff but it was hers and with a little decorating her first room was cute and pretty!

  9. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    I love your nursery ideas. JosiahsMommy does raise a great point there – you definitely want to be mindful of crib bar spacing and the sturdiness of the structure, soundness of any latches etc. I spent lots of time dreaming up a nursery for my baby girl (following 6 years behind her 2 older brothers) and then you know what – we ended up with her crib in our room, and most nights she co-sleeps at least part of the night with me (still breastfeeding at 10 1/2 mths). For me – with the high pressure job I had and my need to minimize those “awake” hours in the middle of the night, a crib in the room and breastfeeding allowed me to get the best night’s sleep possible so that I could be cheerful enough to enjoy her the next day!


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