The F Word

I wanted to scream it out tonight. Don’t you hate it when you are trying your best, maybe even being better than you normally are, then life throws a wrench in your plans?

Things were looking up and now they’re looking down. I guess it’s just the Lord’s way of reminding me who’s boss.

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  1. Im sorry,k but I totally know how you feel…. Im feeling the same way right now! And HECK YES I use those baby wipes! I just do the solution and use washcloths, but I also use cloth diapers to save money, so its no different for me! I LOVE washcloths too because they are bumpy and actually clean with one cloth. (You dont know yet, but you will, that sometimes with wipes, you need to count on 4-5 a change!!! It adds up quick!)

    Keep your head up- it can only get better right?!?

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