The Eye’s on the Prize

I’ve been so busy, and mentally my mind is racing a million miles a minute. Some days I wonder how in the world I have time to blog–Ever! But I love it so much I just have to write something!

I was reading one of my journals the other day–One I kept right before and once I met my husband. It was funny reading what I thought about him when we first met. One thing I read that I thought was funny was how we were talking about “starting a family.” We were contemplating it not long after we got married. I was ok with the idea, but I still wanted to “finish school, start my career, go 4-wheeling, jet skiing, and visit another country.” I’ve done all of those things in the past year.

Next Tuesday we’ll have officially been married for four and a half years! It’s so crazy how time flies. Sometimes I still feel like a newlywed. One thing I’ve been thinking is I’m really going to kick up the notch with this Baby Bucket List of mine. I’m getting so much closer to turning my Baby Makin’ Machine on, I can taste it! I’ve got a sorta-deadline in mind to try to make a baby, and completed list or not–I’m getting busy!

Pertaining to the list and deadline–I have fun news and exciting things in store soon, and I can’t wait to put it all out here to share!

In other news, for the next little bit I’ve decided to spruce up some blog stuff around here. I know more of yall don’t visit my blog for the giveaways cause… Well, I don’t do many for one, and two… Frankly I think most of you like to help me out, give me advice and share your experiences rather than win a prize… Which is one reason I heart you!

One thing I want to do to show my gratitude I’m going to not only offer a feature the winner of the Mommy Moment contest, I’ll also give a prize to the winner! Yep! Right now I’m into necklaces so the July winner will win a necklace from Haber HeartWork’s Etsy Shop. I picked out this necklace for the winner:

It’s a scrabble tile measures approximately .75″ square. It’s sealed with an acid-free, non-toxic, clear gloss sealant for a brilliant shine. It’s handmade by the designer. The pendant includes free 18″ Nickel plated steel 2.4mm ball chain and connector-made in USA. And it arrives in cotton lined small gift box with heartwork sticker.

Not a mom, or want a different necklace? Pick out your favorite from her shop instead.

So, want a feature on my blog as well as a an adorable button and beautiful necklace? Enter my Mommy Moment contest. Let me know your favorite “mommy moment” post this month!– You don’t have to be a mom to have a “momish moment.” Don’t have a mommy moment this month? Share with me a past post about your/a labor story instead. All of the entries will be featured on my site with links to the entry posts.

Leave me the link in the comments section of this post, or my first announcement post or email me at babymakingmachine(at) I have entries coming in already, so let me know yours! My guest judge, Kari from Alas 3 Lads will be reviewing the posts and choosing a favorite after June 25th. So get them to me before then!

FYI: Pendant is WELL SEALED but is NOT waterproof Small parts-not intended for young/small children.


And I almost forgot! Thanks to RANDOM.ORG the winner of my 6-month blogiversary contest where I gave away the necklace from CarrieAnneJone’s Etsy Shop is commneter #28 Kathi! Who liked the same necklace I did! Congrats! And email me your info so I can get your prize shipped to you!

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  1. This is a great giveaway and what a sweetheart you are to do it.
    I have way too many mommy moments with having my 5 kiddos. I guess the first would be after 3 years of trying to get pregnant and going through all the testing the doctor told me to get a job I loved because I was trying too hard. So I did I became a school teacher and 3 months later as I thought I was dying due to vomiting from 3 in the morning till after 4 in the afternoon I was pregnant. A short time later I had my first child Coco. She was the blessing I had prayed and wanted. I fell in love with her before she was born and now we are best friends as she is married and a mommy now too. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. Hey thanks for coming to my blog and your sweet comment. 🙂 We are totally alike, huh? I have actually been following your blog for a while! Here’s to makin’ babies!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and complimenting my baby. 🙂 (I love what you wrote in your comment box above about no comment being too long, too).
    I have a labour story somewhere, not on my current blog but I’ll dig it out for you. Hope you have an easier one than I did when the time comes.

  4. Thank you for making a comment on my blog today. You are such a sweet person and your blog is fantastic! I love the baby bucket list. I was a bit of the same way and was able to do a lot of things before we had our son.

  5. Congrats on almost four and a half years!! I can’t wait to hear when your expecting because I know you will have great advice to pass along. Your blog is so much fun to read and I look forward to reading your posts:) Maybe soon we will be able to share a lot of advice!;)

  6. Just stopping by to thank you for commenting today! I don’t have kids, but think I might try submitting…I’m a proud Auntie and have two adorable nephews that don’t have to do much to bring a smile to my face! Love the blog!

  7. Hey there…Thanks for stopping by my blog..Just had to come in and check out your blog..which is Awesome!
    It’s been 28 yrs. since I had my Baby, but it’s a time I will remember forever!

    Good Luck on your journey!

  8. Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog! It’s so nice to get encouragement from more experienced bloggers. I’ll be happy to share my mommy advice and look forward to hearing more advice from you as well!

    This might sound crazy but my favorite mommy moment this month was figuring out a way to calm my son from his temper tantrums. He’s only 9 months old and I didn’t know they started this early! The first time I figured out how to calm him I felt like the most amazing mom in the world. Lol.

  9. My mommy moment is a story I heard from my sister.

    She was in the car recently with our 6-year-old niece (our other sister’s daughter). They were blasting the music and she asked Bella to dance with her.

    Bella: I don’t do that.
    Aunt Cricket: I’ll give you a dollar if you dance with me.
    Bella: Ok.

    So they danced. When they arrived to pick up Bella’s mommy, my sister asked Bella to show her mommy her new ‘moves’.

    Bella: I don’t do that.
    Aunt Cricket: What did I tell you earlier, Bella?
    Bella: Aunt Cricket said dancing for dollars is the easiest money I’ll ever make!

    Too funny!

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