The Easter Weekend Giveaway

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer the past few days. I’m beginning to feel a lot better. I’m excited for church tomorrow too… Easter programs are always so nice.

I’m going to try to make it up my poopyness to you today ok? I got two new sponsors, with unique prizes for giveaways that will be sure to get you excited!

First, you know those cute baby announcements you get when your friends are having babies? Maybe you even did some of your own! I love getting the cute little pictures in the mail with all the details of the new little bundle of joy. I love sending out cards and I think for sure this is something I’ll want to do whenever I have a baby. 5StarBaby has CUTE and WAY original designs in the theme of Movie Posters! How cute is that? My hubby and I are big into movies so I think something like this would be fitting for us.

Well 5starbaby is giving one of you your own announcement design. And what’s even better… You DON’T have to be a mommy to want to win!! Cause they do wedding/birthday party/anniversaries, ALL KINDS of announcements for any of life’s milestones! Woohoo! Ok… I’m not trying to sound like a commercial here or anything cause I’m not getting money or anything for this, but YOU CAN!… Just check out leave a comment here telling me what kind of announcement you’d like to use one of these for and I’ll draw a random number, and winner gets a digital file of their announcement! Cool no? It’s a $95 value 🙂

Ok, but my giveaway doesn’t end there… As you know I’m OBSESSED with cute baby bows… And all sorts of hair things for little girls. Well, I have some more to give away! But these are different… A few of my friends with little girls have told be it can be IMPOSSIBLE to keep cute little bows on your little girl’s hair. Well, MacyMae Clippies has a no-slip grip that WORKS (no really, I had a friend try it for me, it does!) It has a clear gel grip that keeps it put! The picture here is just on example of the cute designs she makes. Just head over to MacyMae Clippies and tell me in my comments section which kind you like best. If you win, she’ll send you your favorite design!

So there ya go! Check out those site and let me know what you think for your first entry. If anything else overwhelms you stop reading! If you want more entries, keep reading.

-Leave another comment if you follow me for another entry!
-Yet another if you tweet about the giveaway on Twitter or your blog or something of that sort (one entry for each)
-And finally, leave another comment with motherhood/pregnancy advice or a topic you’d like me to blog about for another entry.

Have fun and good luck! I’ll close this giveaway April 25th.

Tori says:

Ohmygoodness those are the CUTEST things I have ever seen! I have been so torn about what to do for a birth announcement for our son in June. I am SO glad I found your blog when I did! 🙂 I would love to do these, so please sign me up for your contest 🙂 Thanks!

Tori says:

Oh, and I re-tweeted your twitter announcement @ToriMichel 🙂

Tori says:

And I’m a blog follower too 🙂

Reiza says:

I’d go with a baby announcement and as for the hair clips, I like the Miss Pretty ones best.

~Sandy~ says:

stopping by from Twitter! I think the bows are just too stinkin’ adorable…the gel idea is awesome!! wish i would have known about these when my daughter was a baby. 5starBaby is such a awesome idea…i think it’s a unique way to send out announcements and invites. thanks so much for spotlighting these great websites :O)

cheekybowtique at hotmail dot com

twitter id colormemommy

Reiza says:

My favorite piece of motherhood advice is research, research, research and then trust your instincts. I have found that sometimes, we mistake what we’ve been told to do for what we think is right. For me at least, once I did my research, it opened up my eyes to a whole other world. When you see all sides, I think only then can you really follow your instincts and be the kind of parent you want to be and that you think is best.

Jenna says:

I love those clippies! The jewel in the center is precious. And the 5star Babies thing…too hilarious!

stinkle5 says:

the strawberry shortcake clips are too cute! and my son would love the wall-e boy poster. he’s obsessed with that movie! i follow you on twitter and retweeted your contest a few minutes ago!

my best advice for motherhood is to try not to stress so much when your baby cries. we were so worried all the time with our first and it was so draining! some times babies just cry. if they are fed, dry, and not tired, just hold them and let them get it out. i think it’s how they relieve their stress some times. 🙂

Nichole says:

I follow . . . I didn’t comment on your last few, because sometimes you need to just feel what you feel, no?

Anyhow, you didn’t need to “redeem” yourself, but this is a pretty cool way to do it!

Nichole says:

This is fantastic. You know how much I love movies!! I’d so pick one of the little girl ones: “Sleeping Beauty” or “Pretty in Pink” . . . .

LeNesha says:

OK, I’m not entering the giveaway, but wanted to let you know that I nominated you…check it out! Will you accept?

Heidi says:

I totally want to win – how cute are those bows…

Heidi says:

Oh yeah – and I’m a follower….

I am looking forward to following you on this pretty pink blog of yours and twitter!

We hope you had a fab Easter and thanks for visting our kookie blog!

christin says:

Awesome giveaway…both sites have adorable things for every baby:) Thanks so much for the chance!

Well the invites would be great for my brother’s wedding next year. They are still really young and I think this would help them out to save money and be a unique invitation for them! Perfect for their personalities!

The clips are adorable and although I only have boys… right now 🙂 They would be great for my young niece. I love the “Foxy” ones. I swear when I have a little girl it’s on with the pink!

I don’t see any blogs on Baby Sign Language. I’d love to see one! The benefits for babies is amazing, you can find more info about it on my blog or just ask!

Marly says:

I think my dh would love a birth announcement for our new baby boy. He would probably like one of the Star Wars one. We’re a bit obsessed in our home.

Gerri says:

Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 It has become a new favorite thing to do! 🙂 I love my family and my boy makes my day. 🙂 Thanks again.

Gerri says:

Yes, I understand. I have always wanted long hair. Now, I can say, “been there, done that” 🙂 Hey, it’s hair. It will grow back, if I want it to…

Ok those clips are adorable! I liked the ones you showed–Miss Dainty or Miss Diva. Wish me luck!

Amy Lynn says:

Cool stuff!

I would probably use birthday announcements. Our sons 2nd bday party will be in September, so that would come in handy. 🙂

And as for the clippies, I just LOVE the Miss Elegant. How adorable!!

SW says:

What a neat birth announcement idea!!! Ive never heard of such a thing! Would love this as a memento for Baby Chase!!! 🙂

I am a stationery addict!! Love these announcements. SOOOO original. Would appreciate having them for my baby girl.

Those are so cute!! I like the Miss Lovely ones. Baby Sister probably needs a little more hair before she can wear them but I would still love to have them. 🙂 She WILL get hair eventually, right?

Melissa says:

I have never seen those kind of announcements before…I LOVE THEM. I cannot believe that have so many different ones to choose from. Also, the clippies are adorable, you can never have to many! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Melissa says:

I also follow your blog!

TwinHappyJen says:

Oh, those movie poster announcements are the best! I would love to do one for my girls’ birthday or something like that…

And the bows… I always have SUCH a hard time getting bows to stay in my girls’ hair. That would be awesome, too!

TwinHappyJen says:

I follow your blog now (I’m surprised I wasn’t already!)

TwinHappyJen says:

Just tweeted your giveaway 🙂 (TwinHappyJen)

Kelly Thorpe says:

I love love love the chocolate baby trio! Too Cute!

Kelly Thorpe says:

If I won the announcement I would choose a birth/baby announcement for my friend Whit who just had a baby. I would do “The Story of Hunter”… these are very cute!

Kelly Thorpe says:

I tweeted your contest 🙂

Amy says:

OMG You are a pretty funny girl! I love just south of you in Corpus! I ran into your blog today and im very glad i found it! Thank you for your inspiring words! You sure do have a lot of good information from your blog! THank you!

Katrina says:

Great giveaway!!!! I love the look at those birth announcements, soooo unique!

I also love those clippies. I have a girl so I am always looking for more cute bows.

jceko77 says:

My fave invite would be “Anastacia is 6 going on 16”, and my fave hair accessory is the pink bloom:)

Anonymous says:

I like the pearl baby trio clips!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Carrie says:

I love BOTH Chocolate trios. The baby ones and the others. Way cute stuff.

Carrie says:

Advice… As you’re pregnant, every time you go shopping, pick up a package of diapers. Buy different sizes so you will always have some in stock at your house. It’ll save you the headache of running out in the middle of the night and having to go to the store.. 🙂 TRUST ME..

jules says:

I love the Miss Diva clippies!! These look adorable. Thanks

jules0910 at gmail dot com.

I love these announcements… I am due in the fall so I could use that… or for my daughters 2nd birthday… hmmmmmmmm

I love the hair bows, I make my own but love freebies.


Anne says:

I liked the Pearl Baby Trio the best! cute stuff.

I love the Miss Pretty clips! Simple and adorable.


mrandmrsryankolbe @

I’m a blog follower!! A newbie, but happy!


mrandmrsryankolbe @

Me again! I thought of a great piece of parenting advice: ignore AT LEAST 50% of all advice given to you. Ignore 100% of advice given to you by complete strangers.


mrandmrsryankolbe @

I like Miss Foxy! So cute!


babalisme says:

The poster is soooo creative! A good and fresh way to announce birth! I love hair clips, so I pick the Miss Pretty one.

babalisme says:

I still find nursing is not as easy as people say, please post about this, and about nursing in public too.

Amy says:

I am loving the Cotton Candy Baby Trio. Thanks!

Amy says:

I now follow your blog.

Sarah N says:

I’d love to have the “Sleeping Beauty” announcement!

Sarah N says:

I follow your blog.

Sarah N says:

My pregnancy advice is to take a “babymoon” with your hubby!

Valerie says:

Glad your extending this! I love the Mighty Marcus!

Valerie says:

Motherhood advice. Take the paci away at 3 months!

Valerie says:

I’ve been following you. I am so glad SITS had you as part of their Sunday Shout Outs!

I like the birthday princess poster for the announcements, and then the chocolate trio for the clips

newsaroundtheblogs at live dot com

tammy says:

I’d love to win to the announcement prize. I’d pick the boy announcement for my son and daughter in law. We about to be first time grandparents. 🙂

tammy says:

I’m now following.

Monica says:

Came over from SITS. I have been reading your blog for some time today and I love your material! I am also on the not yet baby plans, but my 2 sister-in-laws just had babies and I kinda got excited but not enough to start trying yet. I am right there with you. I start grad school in May and maybe after that!!! My biggest struggle is listening to everyone trying to convince me that I need them now!!! Good luck in your wait!

Liz says:

It makes me want to have a baby but I am too old

Ginny says:

I’m torn between Miss Pretty & Miss Dainty. I think I’d go with the Miss Dainty though just to get more use out of those gorgeous clips!

Meghan says:

Our baby is coming in July and we don’t know the sex but these are the coolest birth announcements! The site said that they can customize the announcements and my husband loves the movie North Shore (surfer thing) so I think we’d do a North Shore-themed announcement. Such a cool idea!

Anonymous says:

I would pick the baby annoucements and for the clips I would pick the Miss Pretty

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