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…Yea another one. Are we noticing a trend here? I dream a lot. Every night usually. And most of the time I remember my dreams. In the morning when I wake up I tell my husband about my crazy dream and he just sits, listens, and I imagine he wonders who the heck he married.

This dream was really weird though so if you still think I’m normal and want to keep it that way you don’t have to read on.

Last night I had a dream I was pregnant. This felt soooo real. I must have been like 9 months pregnant cause I was HUGE. I was at work and my water broke. (Interpretation: A friend of mine told me about her water breaking experience not long ago and I think her telling me this contributed this next part to my dream.)

I went into the bathroom and the water/stuff just kept coming out… I kept reaching down to see if I could feel the baby’s head too and was thinking the baby would come out at any moment cause it just felt weird (interpretation: I watched a Discovery health show where a lady birthed her baby into a toilet so I think that’s contributed too). I was trying to get paper towels and towels and pads and everything to soak it up but it just kept coming out!

I was on the toilet when the weather guy at my job came up to me and told me I would be excused if I left work to go have my baby (good thing right? Cause normally we’d just birth them there?). But nonetheless, I felt relieved that I could go and I texted my mother-in-law that it was time to fly into town cause the baby was on its way!

I was stressed cause I was thinking that we only have one guest room in our new place and with two sets of parents coming where would everyone sleep? (Interpretation: I was talking to my husband last night about not having a 3rd bedroom for a nursery… He thinks “we are fine”).

I don’t remember the labor part of the dream but when my child was born it had an adult head that looked EXACTLY like a guy that I work with (interpretation: NO CLUE!).

What a strange dream. I usually have lots of dreams in one night but last night this dream just seemed to go on and on! And dream interpreters out there? And stabs at what this all means?

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  1. I don’t know Jenn, but I’m thinking you want babies more than you are letting on…no more waiting until you’re 30! You want one now, you just don’t know how to do it so early because you never planned for it so soon! 🙂

  2. Hmm, I have had a few very lucid birth dreams–in all cases I was completely unassisted (DH was in another room, midwife was in another room, etc) in all cases though it was a very cool experience. Three of them were before I ever actually birthed a baby (two before I was even pregnant with him!)…I’ve only had one since (fairly recently) so maybe that means I’m close to having a baby on the way again! Oo that would be great!

    If it’s any comfort, something like 80% of the time the water doesn’t break until the end of labor as the baby is actually being born–those labors that start with a splash are the exception not the rule (I was always a little nervous that I’d suddenly start gushing in the middle of the grocery store, LOL)

    Also, the people who give birth on toilets are usually people who didn’t know they were pregnant…the muscles involved in birth and, um, toileting are all connected, and yes, giving birth feels an awful lot like a really big bowel movement. More than a few women have said that in those final moments before delivery they felt like they needed to *go*.
    OK, I should say that people who accidentally give birth on toilets…a lot of homebirthers find they like to labor on the toilet (or on a birth stool–which is a stool with a cutout like a toilet) because it helps them keep their pelvis relaxed. Honestly, aside from the cold water, a clean toilet isn’t a bad landing for a baby–not dangerous at least. 🙂

    As for bedrooms, well, I am pretty heartily against having a separate nursery for a child under a year–at LEAST for 6m I think they need to be in the same room with their mother. Psychologically they don’t develop object permanence until 6-8m, so that means if they can’t actually see you then they are not aware that you still exist…I can’t imagine waking up alone in the night and not even knowing that mommy still exists…so I keep my baby with me. I kept him in my bed, but even as he’s moved into his own bed it’s still in my room. I just think it’s a gentler transition from womb to mommy’s arms to mommy’s room and THEN to his own room. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, I have crazy dreams all the time ! The other night I dreamnt I was really big but it wasn’t me delivering my baby, I was doing the delivery for the Pioneer Woman ! hahaha

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