The Dream Was a Premonition

When I heard the trailer to New Moon was going to be released during the MTV Movie awards I knew I had to set my DVR. Luckily I was able to catch it before I left work, and my friend and I watched it not once, but three-times! Woohoo Jacob is lookin’ good. I was an Edward fan but seeing these characters in life-form is turning me over to Team Jacob’s side… I mean NOW I understand why Bella had such a hard time choosing! …Anyway, I watched the preview for a fourth time once I got home, with my husband, and watched a little more of the awards. Ok people. Twilight was ok but I don’t think it deserved ALL of those awards.

I think all that award-watching set me up for my dream last night. I was in the audience at the MTV Movie Awards, and they had just gotten done announcing the last award. But after the show was off of TV Christie and Lorraine of The Blogrollers had one last award to give out. The Blog Roller 4th Wheel winner.

I sat in my seat, anxious, waiting for them to announce the winner. They stood up at the podium holding the popcorn trophy and said “And the winner is….” “BABY MAKIN’ MACHINE!!”

I was so excited, I was going to go to BlogHer ’09 with The Blogrollers!

This morning I woke up and checked out their website first thing to see if they had posted the winner yet.– They hadn’t. I checked their Twitter page to see if there was any hint of the announcement–There wasn’t yet. So I tweeted for a little bit that morning before I got ready to go out to see “Up,” right before I closed my computer I checked my @ replies on Twitter one more time and saw a few people had told me what I had been hoping to hear somehow “The Blogrollers just announced you’re the 4th Wheel, Congrats!!” I was so excited… But wait, was this some sick joke? How did they know?

That’s when I realized Chatterbox had announced it live on her blog radio show, I tuned in to hear the end, debated calling in, but decided not to. But sure enough, they told me I had won! I was so excited! You can read the post here. I re-listened to the show so I could hear when the announced the winner, it was really cool. I know it must have been such a hard decision for the judges but I’m SO glad they picked me and I won’t let them, or any of you down!!

So the announcement wasn’t MTV awards and golden-popcorn trophies but it was close… and I dreamt it the night before! So doing some side-by-side comparisons, and if my dreams are accurate, and in fact premonitions–and I had a dream about winning the Blogrollers contest the night before it happened, and a dream about being pregnant with twins the night before aunt flow missed her appointment, then maybe…. Nah. I’m still thinking no. But we’ll see. There are ups and downs with this theory. See, ups… No more debating, it’s taken care of. Downs… I didn’t get a baby-makin’moon, and the fertility yoga I was about to start would pretty much be pointless. So to be honest, I’d be happy either way… I think.

Hubby is up to speed, we’re playing the waiting game. I took another test yesterday… correctly and it was negative. That gave me a little piece of mind but still no visitor, and she’s never gone this long without stopping by, pre or post hormones. Pre-hormones I was 28 days, during I was 28 days and since (for 2 months) it’s been 26 days, and today is day 29. So…. Yea, we’ll see.

My mom said with all of us her tests didn’t show up positive for three months so I’m wondering if there could be some genetic thing possibly? Either now or down the line. I dunno. I think I’m just running a little behind… Which would also be annoying cause that would mean from now on my cycle could be all screwy and different, when I’m use to it being dead on!… Confusing!

I’m trying to think if I feel any different and I really don’t. I have been more sleepy, and taking more naps lately but that’s the only thing that seems like a symptom. I am peeing a little more, but I think that’s because I keep checking for my friend. My boobs don’t hurt. I’m not sure what else I should notice but I feel fine.

So was that a premonition? I guess we’ll see.


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  1. Congrats!! So glad you are the 4th wheel! That is so awesome! I am sure you will have a ton of fun.
    I was always regular my whole life, and then we started trying for our first child. I was a little late, took a test, nothing.. finally about five days late I started. This went on for about 7 months, each month getting a little longer with the longest gap being 58 days. Yep
    I hope for you if you are ready and want to be you are, but I think I was worried and wanting it so much that I messed up my cycle somehow.
    Good luck and again congrats!

  2. My daughter was almost 6 months along before we found out she was pregnant with her first. She was still taking the birth control pill, Aunt Flo was still visiting. We were noticing that her breasts were looking bigger. She has always had small ones and all of the other women in our family are well endowed. So we thought she must be blossoming. lol Well she was a week late when she went to the doctor. We found out in one day that she was pregnant, it was a boy and she was due on October 18. This was on July 11th. lol With her second baby she was still on the pill but Aunt Flo was late and we found out when she was about 6 weeks along. Another boy due in September. lol

  3. Congrats on your win!! I bet that is gonna be a trip to remember. I hope you have a great time… and good luck either way with the arrival or non-arrival or you know who.

  4. Congrats on your win! I’m so jealous..I mean happy for you ;)Your blog really is great.

    Fertility yoga does sound fun but prenatal yoga was a blast! Nothing beats ending a yoga session with group kegels and braxton hicks.

  5. Yeah! You deserved to win 4th wheel! Enjoy your trip to BlogHer!

    p.s. your late visitor might be psychosomatic like Emmy said. Fretting about it could be holding her up. Then again, genetics does play a role. My pregnancy is like a carbon copy of my mom’s first even to the point that I am having a girl too!

  6. Congrats on the win! That’s exciting! Take lots of pictures!

    If you’re really worried/anxious, I would say try different tests. That First Response type really does work earlier than other brands (I found out 4 days before AF was due that I was preggers). Remember, coming off any hormonal BC messes with your system too, so that could be it. Good luck!

  7. Yay!!! Congratulations. I know you’ll have a blast and will learn lots.

    Now, the dream thing is super exciting. What was hubby’s response when you brought him up to speed on the possibility?

  8. Congratulations on your win.

    But more importantly….how exciting this time of uncertain limbo! Are you? Are you not? Are you? Yikes! I can hardly contain myself! lol

  9. Ok, the dream premonitions are freaky! Congrats!!!

    Even when I have been pregnant the ONLY test that shows that I’m pregnant is first response brand.

    Congrats-first sits commenter today!

  10. You won! Hooray! It is going to be one wild ride in that Chevy.

    I see from your comments that you were number 1 at SITS. Good for you. You have stamina that I believe that I lost somewhere. 🙂


  11. Congratulations! That will be so fun for you. 🙂

    My sister-in-law said she didn’t get a positive test with one of her babies. She got pregnant when her first was 5 months old and just thought she hadn’t lost the baby weight. Her period was absent, but she was still breastfeeding. She took several tests but none of them came up positive. She didn’t know until she felt movement, went in for an ultrasound and they said, “You’re measuring at 22 weeks; you’re having a girl!”

    So, it can happen. If you start hurling next week, you’ll know.

  12. I have been looking back at my pictures from my last pregnancy–I’m much fatter (earlier) than I was that time. I know two people who are expecting twins right now and I keep telling myself that the reason I keep thinking about twins is because of them…but seriously I don’t know! I will finally get in for a prenatal appointment next week (because huzzah we’ll finally be in a CITY that has such things!!) so then we’ll see if there are multiple heartbeats or if my pre-stretched tummy is just stretching faster this time (which is also common).
    I had several premonition-type dreams before Bear was born, so now I’m thinking twice about all my dreams now, you know? (One reason I’m really wondering on the twin thing–I’ve dreamed it twice). I dreamed of giving birth to a boy twice before even conceiving him, and again during the pregnancy before I’d had ultrasound confirmation of his gender. The actual birthing experience was not really that much like the dreams, but one thing I will say for having dreamed it a few times is that it helped settle any apprehensions I may have had (along with studying about the whole process of course), because it didn’t totally feel like it was the first time, you know?

  13. I’ve always loved Jacob more. He sounds like he’d be more fun and (frankly) a better kisser. 🙂 Who wants to curl up next to a block of granite? Honestly.

  14. Destabilised by recent rains, a river of black coal sludge, water and boulders bore down on Aberfan. It steamrollered over a tiny cottage halfway down the slope, thundered through Pantglas Junior School, obliterated a further 20 houses – then finally came to rest.

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