The Discombobulation

I have a million topics and ideas flowing through my mind for my blog but none of them seem like the right thing to write about right now. I feel like I need to document my progress at the task at hand and let this be my night’s notion.

Ok first off… Mission sort of successful with not talking about babies as much. My friends at work keep flaunting their adorable babies at me so I just can’t help myself!! I just cave… But I don’t say anything about ME having babies per-say, I just talk about how cute their babies are. I’m being good about not threatening to steal them anymore. I think that made people think I was crazy. I do take part in baby topics and interesting things I’m learning form you all about birth and labor and babies and random facts I had no idea about (I feel another “things they don’t tell you” post coming on). All of a sudden I had been deemed the “obsession girl,” I corrected them though, and we settled for the term “intrigued.” I’m intrigued by all things baby right now. Plus, there’s another girl I work with who I think I’ve converted to wanting a kid, and she’s kind of starting to take my spot as the “obsessed one”–Mission nearly accomplished. Although I’m not the one who is pregnant or has a baby I’m finding myself always in the middle of conversations about random labor/pregnancy/ pre-pregnancy facts ie: Eating your placenta is good for you. Interesting– Yes. But will I or anyone I know do it–Umm, no, probably not. But it make for interesting conversation right? And who else would know that (or maybe just bring it up) but me? Although I’ve backed off from bringing the conversations up, I’m finding they’re coming to me now… And get this… I’m even getting to watch this little cutie a couple days a week soon once his mommy goes back to work, thanks to my known love for kiddos. So I guess my “intriguedness” is paying off.

Anyway, another one of my friends announced her pregnancy this week. This one wasn’t on my cool list… I actually haven’t known her long enough to put her on it, so she was kicked off before even getting on *sigh.*

In other news, I’ve decided I’m going to get my IUD taken out next month. Have I mentioned that yet? I may have said that I was thinking about it, but now I’m thinking I’m going to. We’re going to the doctor in a few weeks and I’m going to set an appointment then to get it taken out. This doesn’t mean I’m turning the Baby Making Machine “ON” it just means I’m warming it up. I’m hoping by taking it out it’ll give me time to get the hormones out of my system and track my… Ya know. They say you should be able to get pregnant right away once you get it taken out but I figure this will warm both of us up to the idea more, and put us a baby step closer to being ready. Some people have told me about a couple of books to get when you get to this stage. Remind me of them and a few more again! I will be stopping by yalls Amazon linky portal thingies!

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately… Being ready that is. I’ve been feeling pretty rock steady about my feelings on the matter lately, but I’m also praying for patients and understanding. I’ve applied for a few jobs for my husband and he has an interview for one on Monday (aren’t I awesome?) I feel like if he gets this job he’ll feel a lot better about money and whatnot… But I’m also not setting myself up for disappointment. I’m trying to be understanding and realistic.

Do you remember Pres. Monson’s talk last conference called “The Joy in the Journey”? That was part of the inspiration for this blog and I’ve been thinking about that talk a lot lately. He tells us to enjoy the messes on the floor when your kids are young because one day they’ll be all grown up.. etc etc. Well I’m thinking the same way about life now. I don’t want to spend all of my time worrying about “when” we’re taking the next step. I’m really going to try to enjoy where we’re at right now… Even if it’s just enjoying the quiet alone time we have now to cuddle and watch movies together every night… We won’t get much of that once we have kids. Enjoying the time we have picking up and going for a drive at a moments notice. Going on vacations. Out to a quiet dinner. Pigging out on junk food and staying up late talking about our future and goals we have. A lot of those things we’ll still get to do, but not as freely. I really am going to try to focus on enjoying what we do have now, and where we are, rather than taking away from what we’re experiencing NOW, because I’m too focused on the future.

Regardless of what happens in the near future, I’m so blessed to have what we have, and I’m SO excited for General Conference. I can’t help but feel like I’ll get it this time–Get something, we’ll see.

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  1. I’m glad your going to enjoy where your at now. Hubby and you deserve it. Being happy is a choice and having a baby won’t make you happy, it will just add to what you already have. So work on making that as strong as possible, because once the stress of the baby comes you’ll need that connection to hubby to be VERY STRONG. God bless…

  2. Hello, I happened to come over after seeing you comment at my blog. You have an excellent perspective of where youare and where you want to be – now and possibly the near future. I wish you great luck.

    People are always going to offer you plenty of advice – whether you want it or not. I guess the best free advice I can give you is to stay true to yourself and the relationship you have with your husband. Try not to let other people’s voices interfere with that – and I should know, I’ve been just where you are in my (not soooo distant past).

  3. Take a question (or three) to conference with you. Pray about them beforehand, ask for answers at conference, and you will get answers. (I always do!) They may not be answers that anyone else hears, but there will be some phrase or feeling at some point that will hit you just so, and you’ll know what the answer is to that question.

    If you’re wanting to be aware of your fertility (or lack thereof) on any given day, I highly recommend “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. It has sections on charting for birth control as well as for trying to conceive. It also is just SO informative about what parts and pieces you’ve got, and what they’re all doing and how they all work. Understanding the hormonal cycle helped me understand not just what was going on each month, but also how pregnancy tests work and that kind of thing.
    Whatever you do, “What to expect while you’re expecting” is NOT a helpful book. It is a “let’s see how much we can scare you into thinking you’re high risk by telling you the worst case scenario about everything” book. It makes me cry that it is SO widely recommended and used.
    Seriously, I got more help from friends and occasional brochures (eg, one on morning sickness) than from that book. There are other books that are better–I don’t remember any titles off the top of my head, but there was one which I think was called “your pregnancy week by week” or something like that, and it was a lot better.
    I also really like the book “A child is born” because it has photos (not just drawings) of babies in utero. It is so cool to see what the baby looks like at each stage! There are some show-all birthing photos, which bothers some people, but frankly I think it’s healthy to see how it all works, and trust me that when you are the one in labor you won’t care at all what things look like down there, you’ll just be ready to get the kiddo out. LOL!

  4. I re-read this talk the other day too. Isn’t it a great one? I agree with what Mommy Bee said about Conference; that is the best. Taking notes always helps me too.


    I thought “what to expect when you’re expecting” was a GREAT book, but that’s because I knew how to throw out outlyer situations, being an oldest child and having already asked a lot of questions. The reason I really liked it is because you have milestones to go by and useful info, but you can skip over parts you don’t like/want to read.

    I also really love It’s a great site! It has a fertility calculator on it that’s SPOT ON! And, you can search for anything you’re interested in and know it’s safe to read.

    “Being Born” is a book with pictures in-utero that is really neat too. My mom used this book to teach us all about the birds and the bees because she was most always pregnant when we asked her about it.

    Oh, and just to let you know, I’m writing two posts on my blog soon that are about what’s happening in my life right now with co-sleeping and baby names, in case you’re interested and want to read them

  5. Please don’t think I’m some crazy chick for mentioning this but the “Business of Being Born” is something I think every woman who wants to become pregnant or is pregnant should see. I myself am not anti-hospital or anti-homebirth. I just think it’s good to know both sides. This movie has helped me understand things better in the medical world.

  6. Ok so i know you are talking about me, the co-worker. But you are right i finally am thinking it’s time. I am going to be 27 years old and i know i am still young but I have done all the traveling and fun stuff that i feel like i need something else in my life. My husband has been ready for years but I finally think i am ready for the next step, or should i say the next adventure. Anyways I love that you have this blog cause i’m still in the research mode of it all and others comments really help assure me that i can go through the labor process. Really that’s the only thing that scares me.

  7. That is very nice of you to apply for jobs for your husband. I hope he does well at his interview. My husband is also looking for a better job. I’m sure there are a lot of people looking.

    Also good luck with the whole getting your IUD out. Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and for your compliment on our new look! It’s been a while since I’ve been to your site as well.

  8. I really enjoyed this post, It reminds me that sometimes I should just relax and not worry so much about the messy kitchen or making sure all of the clothes are neatly hung or folded and instead enjoy the time with my family. So often I get so wound up in focusing on the future that I can forget just how great the present really is.


  9. Awesome post. I mean, you always do, but I really did enjoy this one. President Monson is right, we do have to enjoy the “now” and it is so hard to remember that when you are thinking about the future. I do it too. “Man, it will be great when we are old and just hanging out all the time and don’t have to worry about the kids…” You know what I mean.
    But yeah, I’m excited for you to get your IUD out. Not to freak you out, but when we finally decided to get off birth control to let the hormones wear off…I got pregnant that same month. Yeah, it can happen, but I knew that all those feelings that I was feeling prior to it was a sign that it was time to have kids. I didn’t know that it was that literal.
    Oh and that little baby is so cute!

  10. Good luck on getting the IUD out.

    Books: I also reccommend Taking Charge of your fertility. It’s so cool to actually get to know your body! For baby sleeping, I like the No Cry Sleep Solution.

    I think it’s funny how people talking about everything changing when in reality it’s your attitude about it. I still watch tv shows and movies with my husband almost every night. We go for walks. Yes, the kids are in a stroller or we’ll go to the park while the kids play, we talk. We still go for hikes. We go on vacations. When my first was 1, we drove to Oregon (from Utah) and then down the coast to San Fransisco. We’ve gone to Disneyworld. One year we went to San Diego to the Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, and Lego Land (my dh is a bit obsessed with Legos) We’ve done vacations to Vegas, AZ and in June we’re off to San Diego and Anaheim. We play at the beach and seriously go everywhere! It’s great and we take the kids with us always. You may go on different vacations, but you’ll still vacation if that’s a priority to you and it is to us. We also like to show our kids our favorite places.

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