The Delivery: Lil’ J’s Birth Story Part 3

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I felt another contraction and wasn’t sure if it was as strong as the last few, or if the epidural was kicking in. I kept saying a silent prayer that I wouldn’t be one of those fluke cases of people who are immune to the proclaimed glorious drug.

As that contraction fizzled out I waited for the next but it never came. Well, it did but I didn’t feel it. I was in heaven.

I always thought it was so funny watching a Baby Story and seeing the 180 women did after having an epidural. The dreamy smiles they had on their faces and praises seemed a little overboard to me. Now that I was experiencing this for myself I knew EXACTLY how they felt, and they were not playing!

I had to tell every person who came into the room how wonderful the epidural was.

“Ooh mom, it’s working, this is great! I’m so glad it worked.” I told her.

“This is great, I’m so glad I got the epidural,” I told my nurse Elizabeth.

“This is amazing,” I told my OB and anyone else who would listen.

“Ep-i-DUR-al” I tried to coach my 5-year-old sister to remember the word for a couple of decades.

“I love you,” I said past my husband and to the bag of liquid gold dripping down through my IV.

The epidural man looked even sexier than before when he came back to check on me. Are all anesthesiologists hot? Everything was working great.

Now I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the last few hours. I joked with my sisters, took a nap, watched TV, and played “guess what she’ll look like,” with my husband.

My OB checked on me, at about 3:30 and I was 8cm dilated, 100% effaced, and a 0 station. Woohooo!! I was on my way to having this baby, and no epidural was slowing me down!

Just an hour later I started to feel pressure in my booty. I didn’t tell anyone, but I knew she was squeezing her little self downward.

I was checked again around 6:30 or so, and fully dilated. My doctor explained since I had a lot of meconium in my amniotic fluid, NICU nurses and doctors would be on standby when my daughter was born. She said if she came out crying, we could continue as planned. She’d hand the baby to me right away, and my husband could cut the cord. But if she wasn’t crying right away, she’d need to be whisked to the people standing by, so they could check on her.

She went to finish something else up but she told the nurses we could start pushing and she’d be back. Sadly, that’s when Elizabeth’s shift was ending. So another nurse came in for the fun part.

There was quite a bit of down time before we got the pushing started. I took that to my advantage and decided to do what?—Take my hair down. My mom helped me unravel a couple dozen rollers from my hair, and get it in place for pictures after the pushing.

Elizabeth did get to see my hair out of rollers right before she left, and was impressed with my preparedness.

I asked for a mirror before she left (not for my hair, but to watch my baby come out) and they brought one out from the back room. I was back and forth on wanting to see but I figured if I had the mirror there I could always choose to look away.

My new nurse sat down beside me and said we could start pushing while we waited and see how much progress I could make.

My husband started to freak out a little, in shock mostly that we were actually about to have our baby. I told him to keep his eyes above my waist, and he had no problem obeying. Our nurse told him to warn her if he was going to pass out.

I didn’t feel a huge urge to push but I did feel pressure when I was having a contraction, and could feel the muscles I needed to use to push down. I pushed them on my own a little while I was waiting cause I could have sworn it felt like a baby was about to fall out of my vagina.

Once I could tell things were about to get going I told my mom I’d have my husband come get her once our baby was born. She and my sisters left to anticipate our daughter in the waiting room.

During a contraction the nurse asked me to push but immediately told me to stop.

“The baby’s head is right there,” she pointed in the mirror. “Can you see that?”

I could! And just as I had hoped, this said head had hair!

My nurse asked me not to push as she called my OB.

“She said you were going to be a great pusher,” my nurse told me. I wondered how anyone could have guessed that, but tried to take it as some sort of compliment.

So this isn’t going to take two hours. I thought to myself. I had heard pushing could easily take an hour, two or three, and get tiring. I was happy to hear it wasn’t going to take me that long.

My doctor asked the nurse to shut off the pitocin while we waited for her to get back. I was curious if it would do anything to stop my contractions or if they had picked up on their own. I had written in my plan to try to labor without pitocin after my contractions had picked up a set pattern and see if they could be self-sustainable. I never asked to try it because 1. I was afraid they’d stop and we’d have to start all over and 2. After getting the epidural I didn’t care.

As we waited I could see on the monitor that my contractions were dying down, not coming as often or as strong. I guess that’s why I was on pitocin in the first place. That moment re-confirmed my decision to be induced.

When my OB came back she came with a team of people, all dressed up in scrubs from head to toe. She reminded me of the different scenarios that would play out depending if my baby cried or not. I hoped she would cry so I’d know immediately that she was ok, and so that I could hold her right away.

She asked for olive oil to help ease the baby’s head out—She doesn’t do episiotomies. I tried not to watch the stretching but I was curious to see my progress at the same time.

We waited for a contraction, they asked if I could feel it, and even if I didn’t, I tried to just push when I felt like pushing. I imitated what I saw on TV, took a deep breath and PUUUSHED.

It didn’t hurt, though I imagine it would have if I didn’t have an epidural.

I pushed three times and they told me her head was about to come out. We had to wait awhile between contractions and I was anxious to meet her, so I didn’t want to stop pushing.

After a few more contractions they told me one more push and she’d be out. I thought they were joking—Or just telling me that as some sort of ploy to keep me motivated, and that they’d tell me “one more time” about five more times. But sure enough after the next push they told me my baby’s head was out, and with another little push she slid right out, and cried.

My doctor instantly handed her to me, slimy and all, and I kissed her little face and introduced myself to her as her mommy. I was happy she didn’t have a cone head, surprised as how chubby she looked, and at her strength. We lied chest to chest but she lifted her little head up to look at me. Newborns don’t do that. I thought. I was impressed already.

My husband, who was by my side all along had a permanent smile on his face.

He took the scissor-like tool from my doctor’s hand and cut our cord.

We sat together as a new family of three in our own little world for some time. I was in disbelief. I couldn’t—and still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that this was the same little faceless child that was in my womb for 9+ months.

When they finally took her away and weighed her they told us she was a big and healthy 9 pounds 9 ounces. All were impressed.

I did need a few stitches since I tore a little in the process, but I didn’t feel that either—Until later. Luckily there were pain meds for that too.

The experience is one I’ll remember forever. I went into this birth fearing the worst yet hoping for the best, and came out wondering why I had ever worried in the first place. I’ve learned to stick with my mother’s intuition and feel confidant in my choices, even if they differ from popular belief, or even my caregiver.

This story could have gone a million different ways, but in the end I got exactly what I wanted—My beautiful healthy little girl (and cute first family pictures).interracial familyinterracial familyinterracial family

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  1. That head of hair Lil J has is exceptionally cute. She’s a pretty little thing and you do look amazing post birth. Shout out to the people who make hair rollers! Lol.

    Loved your birth story.

  2. Wow! You guys are such a beautiful family! Congratulations- again – on your little blessing! I have really enjoyed following you through your pregnancy and reading your birth experience. Thank you for sharing from your heart! God bless!

  3. What a beautiful story! I LOLed at the part of the hubby staying above the waist – that’s exactly how I coached my hubby for our upcoming daughter’s birth. I can’t believe how clean your gown was post-birth (or did you change?). Lovely family =)

  4. I’m a little late to the congratulations party soooo congratulations! She is beautiful and you three make a very cute family!

  5. wonderful story, jenn – and beautiful pictures! i’m happy for your family 🙂

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

    ((ps – can I complain again that my epidural guy was AN OLD MAN?! lol))

  6. Love your blog!! thank you so much for sharing with us… I’m 31 weeks and thinking about my delivery since day one… not too frightened but anxious about not knowing….
    You’re awesome and congratulations for your beautiful baby girl!!
    God bless your family!!

  7. Found your blog a little while ago and LOVE reading! Congrats on your beautiful little girl I can only hope my child has half as much hair! What a beautiful family!

  8. I LOVED reading your story, thanks for sharing with us! I keep telling my husband that I am ready for another one and reading your story just reminded me so much of that awesome feeling of holding in your arms the child that you held and nurtured inside your body for so long, and the realization that it is a million times better than you could ever imagine it to be! I think it’s time to work a little harder to sell my husband on the idea. haha

    And I just have to add, my anesthesiologist was not hot in the least bit but there was a REALLY hot medical resident who came in a few times!

  9. My babies always try to pick up their heads immediately too. My mom says her kids all did that as well–we joke about the kids in our family all being “stiff-necked” LOL!

    Congratulations again Jennifer. I’m so glad you took the time to do your research, and then to make the choices that felt best to you–and I’m glad that everything worked out well. No matter what way you go there is some potential for complications, and it sounds like you beat the odds pretty well. I had a few stitches with my first baby too, and they (in the subsequent days/weeks) were worse than the unmedicated delivery had been. *shrug*

  10. Thank you for sharing your story! I loved hearing all the details! My epidural man was rather good looking too, it might have been because I was sooo grateful to see him at 3am and sooo grateful he got out of bed to come rescue me!

    I have had so much fun reading about your journey. Thanks again for sharing.
    Domestica @

  11. I can’t get over all that hair! So much of it! It took me close to three hours to get all three of my kids out, so whenever I hear people that had their kids out in less than 30 minutes, I’m always love your after birth pictures too. Seriously, recommending the curlers to friends! congrats again on your beautiful little girl!

  12. Congrats again.
    2 things.
    I have NEVER EVER seen a woman look this amazing post birth and
    Lil J aint so little she looks like a 3 month old!
    Beautiful baby and family.

  13. Thank you for posting this beautiful story! I loved every word you wrote! Congratulations to you and the hubbs, and I am so happy for Lil’ J to have been blessed with such a beautiful and caring mommy!

  14. Hey Jenny, well done you had such a wonderful birth, im glad all went well> i pray that your journey as a mother goes that way too smooth and that you enjoy your new addition. Ps you guys made one beautiful baby. congrats again.

  15. Wow, wow, incredible, she looked up at you, you are right newborns are not supposed to do that, but Lil J. looks very healthy.

    I thinks she looks super cute and she has your eyes. You make a fab family :)!

    xxx, MsBabyPlan.

  16. I’m tearful, and it’s true, you look like a fake family posed for pictures for a magazine. You in no way look like you just gave birth! What an amazing creature you are, and I have never seen anyone go through so much education and preparation for a birth! wow!

  17. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I know you’ll treasure them for the rest of your lives. It amazes me how much she is a perfect combination of the two of you. Congratulations!

  18. I -love- the part when you said you kissed your little girl, even though she was covered in birth fluids. I remember that moment when my son was born. It really is such an emotional time!!

    Congratulations! She is a cutie (so chunky, and lovely hair)!

  19. amazing! lol at your “hot anestheguy” comments – mine was a girl. not that i even know what she looked like (too much pain). . .

    i think that’s my only advice about labor and delivery: get informed so you can make informed decisions. that always leads to the “perfect” birth.

    i’m soooo happy that everything turned out so well for you and that you have that sweet little face forever!

  20. I am so glad you shared your birth story with us. It was like reading a chapter out of my favorite book. I seriously think you should look into writing your own book series. I’m glad that you fought for what you believed in and made your labor and delivery your own.

  21. I loved following your birth story – congrats to you guys & many many wishes & prayers that your family continues to thrive & grow. Congrats!!!

  22. I can’t get over how perfect she came out! So alert, too. She is truly one gorgeous little girl. So happy for you and your hubby, Jen!


  23. Congratulations! Mommy and Baby could not look more fabulous!
    I love your writing style. You have inspired me to finally put both my birth stories in writing. God knows I’ve relayed them a million times! 😀 But I must say pics right after giving birth is very daring of you… and you looked amazing! I didn’t look half as good as you did. Guess that’s the downside of giving birth to one at 12:12am and the other at 6:30am (exactly 2 years later!)!

  24. You seriously look amazing! Loved your story. Sounds a bit like mine, only your pushing part was waaaay better (thank goodness). I felt like I had “earned” my epidural, too. I did NOT want a mirror and I’m so glad I didn’t see what happened during pushing — Dillon said my labia were as big as grapefruits! Yoikes.

  25. Congratulations!! You tell a great birth story! I would tell you to come and check me out but I know you’re hands are so wonderfully full that might take a while. Enjoy every single second, it goes by so fast.

    (I’m a breast feeding whiz, should you ever have questions, by the by ;-D)

  26. Had to read back through the past couple weeks of your posts, since I missed your big event while I was busy busy busy here. Congratulations! What a truly wonderful first family photo! So cute! All the photos are so beautiful, what treasured keepsakes they will be.

    Enjoy every minute of this new life. Look to God on everything. And don’t ever forget to give lots of hugs and praise to that little one. The years will go by faster than you think. (I know, ’cause I’m a gramma watching my grandkids grow oh-so-fast now!)


  27. i am loving hearing all about your birth story. i teared up while reading and am getting so excited about getting pregnant. thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  28. I don’t know what else to say other than WOW! I think I learned more from your posts than I ever did in health class. And WOW again to how amazing you and she both look! She is PERFECT, and you are beautiful! I’m so happy/proud/excited for you and this new adventure called motherhood. xoxoxo

  29. Absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats to you and your hubby… She is here!!! Finally!!! =) Loved reading your birth story… thank you for sharing it …… I know your enjoying your little one…. there is nothing like it in the world…. a mothers love knows no bounds.


  30. i’m so happy for you =) what a beautiful birth story and what beautiful first family photos!!!!! so glad i stopped by, it’s been so long i have been swamped taking photos of new babies and new families around here =) what a beautiful season, congratulations and enjoy your babymoon.

  31. WOW! Congratulations (a bit belated, I know… but still)! It was a beautiful birth story and you have a beautiful daughter! I’m completely “wow”ed by it!

  32. Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks

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