The Crying Baby

It’s such a simple sound that appears to strike up a different emotions in each woman in the chapel.

An anxious look crosses the face of a new mother–She rushes to hush her baby, afraid to disturb others, or over-frustrate her child.

There’s the tenured mom, who keeps smiling as she listens to the speaker–As if she hears no other sound. Has she learned to tune it out?

Just an isle in front of me there’s the expectant mother, pregnant with her first child. She smiles in awe at the piercing sound–The look on her face says she’s listening to a beautiful song.

There’s the married woman, not yet pregnant and not yet trying who forces a smile on her face, perhaps covering up slight annoyance as she watches the anxious mother leave the room with her wailing baby. She sits, watches and smiles–Probably thinking ‘I’m so glad that’s not me,’ or wondering how soon she’ll be on that end of the spectrum, and how she’ll be different.

Then there’s me, somewhat indifferent, studying the room of women and their response to the crying baby. I feel like I connect with each of the women on different levels. Compassion. Respect. Envy. Understanding.

One day I’ll have experienced every vantage point. Witnessed the beauty from every angle. But for today, I’m enjoying the view from my window.

No matter you’re style: crunchy, chewy, soggy, cloth/disposable, boob/bottle, Current Mommy/Future Mommy, you are an amazing woman and have great worth!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. I wonder if mothers ever really “tune out” the cry of a baby? Perhaps it is selective hearing? Anyway, thanks for wishing a happy mother’s day to the women of the world. You will be there soon enough, too! And, OH, how exciting will it be for you!

  2. Jen, love the site, love the post girl! Nice to hear a fresh voice, keep blogging and when that day comes I can’t wait to hear all about it:) Hillary:)

  3. Interesting post. I have 4 boys, and I can honestly tell you that the sounds of their voices, their cries, etc. have different affects on me on different days, hours, minutes. It will for you, too.

    Stopping over from SITS. My husband reads my blog every now and then, sometimes he laughs. Other times he argues with me about the way something “really” happened.

    Sorry. It’s my blog. My recollection of events reigns supreme!

  4. I am the paranoid mom in church. Worried that eveyone is giving me the evil eye because my boys are out of control. It always seems like all the other children are so well behaved… then there’s mine bouncing off the pews on a false sugar high.

    Glad to know there are people out there who don’t think what I am thinking they are thinking πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Jen, just stopping over from SITS! My husbands reads my blog and smiles. He bought me a new MacBook Pro for Mother’s Day. I thinks that’s his way of saying he supports me, and knows how much blogging means to me.

  6. I’m still the mom whose “let down” goes nuts when I hear a baby cry! I yearn to pick him/her up and make them feel better. Thank goodness for breast pads:) Sorry if TMI:)

  7. I remember going through each of those phases. Even today with two little boys, I still go through different phases. Sometimes it’s a sweet sound. Other times you’ll want to hide your head under the pillow. Take it all in stride, it’s still the most wonderful adventure!

  8. Popping in from SITS.

    I think the more years I’ve been a mom, I see my reaction changing. I certainly don’t mind it now. I don’t tune it out, just “been there, done that” and I ain’t going to judge anyone for a crying baby!

  9. I think – for me anyway – that smile is one of remembering when my own little ones were that age. Yes, they do cry (and you feel like everyone hates you) but the joys of having a tiny one outweigh the negatives.

  10. I’ve been the mom in church with twin babies crying and a 3 year old jumping up and down. I would be the mom going back and forth. I missed a lot of messages at my church back then because they didn’t have a nursery. This was a great post, makes me reflect on my own behavior to crying babies, now that mine are grown:) I will check myself on that!

  11. lol, great post!

    Its funny how much sympathy/empathy u have for moms once u become one yourself. I totally used to be the “annoyed” lady on the plane/restaurant/any public place where a baby cried. As soon as i became an aunt my perspective started to change…. and once i was preggers i totally had converted.

    Now im this mom: “An anxious look crosses the face of a new mother–She rushes to hush her baby, afraid to disturb others, or over-frustrate her child.” LOL!!! Loved that description

  12. i like your site and this post exspecially i can say i im a mother of two and i always wonder what people are thinking when my youngest is crying in public although it is a part of life and is quite normal it is quite embarrassing when they all stop and stare exspecially the ones with the fake smiles lol
    but o well lets give them something to smile about right hehe hope you will check out my site too its

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